Sunday, November 13, 2005

I have been very busy creating socks. I never planned to fall into this area of creativity, but now I am here, I am truly enjoying myself. I never realized how much work went into making these little creations until I had decided to learn for myself.

To tackle these beauties, I chose to learn the two circular needle method. The only part I had a problem with was the gusset. Once I figured that out, the rest was clear sailing. I had a problem figuring out how to place two socks on the needles together, but have since figured that out as well.

I had one sock made for a friend, and learned she really did not want them, so they were frogged and are now happily on their way to being a pair for yours truly. I hope to have pics to post soon.

I have also discovered KnitPicks on line and have fallen in love with the yarns available there.