Sunday, April 10, 2016

More Sock Knitting, a Hat and A Prize

March was a continuation of my YOSSRATS2016 sock knitting with two pairs finished.  I loved working with the Julianna's Fibre yarn.  The pops of color  in the gray background kept the project interesting.  The other pair is knit in super old stash (2008) DkKnits  Technicolor Smoosh Toes in "Shower Salts and Bath Bubbles". The Dragonfly pattern was a lot of fun and easy to memorize.  My other project for last month was a Baa-ble Hat. 

Last week while I was watching DragonflyFibers Podcast, my name was drawn and I won an e-book copy of "Coffee With C.C."  There are six sock patterns and a shawl, all coffee inspired.   

I'm currently knitting my April Socks in Haute Knit Yarn in the "Chatham" colorway I got on last year's knitting retreat.  My second pair is in the same base in the "Spring Has Sprung" colorway.  


Two more skeins of the natural CVM fleece are finished.  It's spun supported long draw and is super poofy and light.