Sunday, July 31, 2005

Knit, knit, knit.....

That is what I have been doing lately. Why is it the last portion of something always takes so long to get done? The last inch needed before I make the side splits near the bottom of my sweater just seems to not end. Once that part is done, I can knit the side split portion and start on the sleeves.

I am knitting so furiously, one side of my circulars is now flat instead of round. It still slides the yarn o.k. so I will keep using them anyway.

For some unknown reason, the body appeared to be using more yarn than the pattern called for. To play it safe, I picked up two extra skeins at my local LYS. They were having a buy one-get one half off sale. I exercised my self-control and only bought the two skeins I needed and got out of the store really fast before temptation called me back. If I don't need them, they can go back to the store later.

The seascape is progressing as well and hopefully will be completed soon. I need to finish my hummingbird and blossom window soon too. I hit the stained glass store sale yesterday and stocked up on red glass -- needed that for future projects. Now I need to plan something with it.

I found a nice fireplace screen today at a flea market and snatched it up cheap,cheap. It called to me and I had to buy it. I am one of those people who can go to the flea markets and not buy anything usually. I think I will pick something with flowers for the theme of that. My husband thought I planned to use it as is with the screen in place. When I told him my plans for it, he thought it was a good idea. I hope he likes the finished product.

The crochet is on hold with me trying to finish the knitting right now. Plan to get back to that soon.

All 4-legged children are behaving and not fighting. I am so thankful for that. Maybe it's too hot for them to be bothered to move much.

Well, back to work tomorrow ---- yuck. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and I will ramble some more soon.

Saturday, July 23, 2005


What a crazy week this has been!

First, I still have pain and bruising from the klutz monster incident last week. Second, I got a nasty cold and had to stay out of work for three days. (That part was not too bad--got a lot of knitting done).

The good part of the week is that the seascape is redone and about half way together. It is looking gorgeous and I can't wait to display it in my livingroom window. It is a one of a kind piece. I plan to take pics when it is finished and post them here.

My sweater from the neck down is moving along fast now, thanks to being home this week sick. I just sat on the sofa and knit, knit, knit all day--especially yesterday. My hubby kept getting me cold drinks and I just rested, took my medicine, coughed alot and blew my nose. I think the knitting is a form of medicine because if I had not been working on something, I would have been doing more around the house and not resting. I still made supper and did laundry in between when I took a knitting break.
Like I said, the sweater is working up fast. I am past the armholes and working on a simple stockinette stitch for the body. I am using a size 6 circular needle which is kind of small. Hopefully I can finish the body by next weekend. The reason I give myself another whole week is that I am a plus size princess and it takes a bit longer to get around one row than it would with a small size. I will post pics of this as soon as I take some.

The animals even know I don't feel up to par. They are behaving and just hanging around my feet or near me on the sofa. It is funny how they can sense things and offer their own form of comfort and sympathy when you need it. At least no one has climbed up on my lap and added any personal fiber to the sweater yet.

Have a great weekend and try to stay out of the heat as much as possible. :)

Friday, July 15, 2005

The klutz monster strikes

Tragedy struck my house last night. When I came home from stained glass class, I went to put my seascape, extra glass sheets, and tools away in my craft room. The klutz monster came out and I tripped over the gate. I should have opened the gate instead of climbing over the dumb thing. One of my cats live in this room because one of the others beats up on her. The big bully. The water bowl splashed all over me and the dry food flew in every direction. There I was belly-down covered in kitty kibble and soaking wet with glass fragments all around and under me. The seascape was totally destroyed along with the three full sheets of glass I had just bought before class. Luckily, I was not impaled by any of the pieces. I just hurt my knee, leg, have a couple of small cuts on one hand, and wounded my pride for being so stupid to do this in the first place.
Thanks to my dear, sweet husband, the mess got cleaned up fast. Now I need to start over with the seascape this weekend. Maybe it will be even better.

After all this commotion, I had to knit a while to calm me down. Whoever said knitting is relaxing knows what they are talking about. I just sat with the ice pack on my leg and knit away.

Since the weekend is suppose to be lousy weather-wise, I am setting my goal at 20 rows on the sweater and ribbing on the socks. I intend to make it no matter what.

I hope you have a great weekend.

Thursday, July 14, 2005


Hello everyone. Just a quick update on the knitting. I managed to put the three rows back in plus another five. I stuck a movie in and just kept knitting away. It was a good movie too.

I am heading out to stained glass class to see if I can work on the seascape a bit tonight. I hope to get all the pieces cut and ready for the soldering. Have to wait and see how far I get.

I hope everyone had a good day and did not have to work too hard in the heat. It was really muggy here in New England and tempers were very short. Several people were cranky from the weather.

Well, I gotta get moving or I will be late. See ya later. :))

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Hello and welcome to my blog.

This site is dedicated to my foolish ramblings and notations. I have a great love for cats as you can tell from my name. I am owned by four such creatures at the present time.

I also enjoy knitting, crochet, painting ceramics, and working with stained glass. I also love to read romance books. Especially the historical ones lately.

At the present time I have several projects going on at the same time. I am in the middle of a stained glass window which I need to re-do partly. I made some pieces too short and can't frame it properly. This means taking about a third of the window apart and starting over. Oh well, dumb mistake on my part. I thought it would still work -- wrong. Also started a seascape of a whale with her baby. It's developing a bit differently than I had pictured it in my mind, but it will be beautiful when finished thanks to much help from my instructor, Laurie. Awesome teacher and lady.

As for the crochet, I am working on a lacy smock. It is coming along nicely. The back is finished and the front is about a quarter of the way done.

Ahhh, now the knitting. I am trying to make a sweater in the round from the neck down. It is not as difficult as it sounds. Instead of a lot of decreasing, you have a lot of increasing. I am just at the chest area and found a mistake so had to rip out three rounds. I could have left the mistake, since it was so small. But, I would have known it was there and it would have drove me batty. I plan to put the three rounds back tonight and hopefully a few more as well. I am also attempting to make socks. This is not going very well. So far I have the yarn, needles, and pattern in a bag together. That's it. I think they will stay there until this weekend.

I have not been working on any ceramic painting at the present time. I have a beautiful angel to do up before Christmas, but have plenty of time to get to that. I also have a few gifts to finish before the holidays.

I have been trying to go to water aerobics twice a week, but usually make it only once. Need to improve on that. Also need to start walking again now the weather is nice. After working all day --sometimes late, I come home and take care of housework and spend some time with my dear husband, 4 cats and 2 dogs. I need more hours in the day to get to everything!!

Well thanks for visiting my blog. As I said at the beginning, this is just my spot to ramble a bit. Please come back again soon!!