Monday, December 31, 2007

Magazine Arrivals....Visiting WEBS.....Spin Group Meet up

First, my back issues of Interweave Knits arrived along with my new issue of Spin Off. Lots of good pleasure reading ahead of me.

Second, On Saturday, I went with Marva and Jean to RI Handspun, owned by Sue DiNola, in Chepachet, RI. There were several other members of the guild as well as a few people I didn't know also there. Sue is a very nice person who makes you feel like you've always been visiting here for years. Of course, the fiber called to me. I bought two 6 ounce balls in two colors. One is a purple blend merino and the other is a Colonial wool in a blue blend. These are to have for the Spinning Retreat in February. The girls laughed and told me I definitely need more than that for 3 days. Along with the fiber, I bought some pencil roving and sock yarn, both for spinning. Sandi and Marva had a dye session earlier this week and showed us their finished products. When Sandi gets ready for the next dye session, I'll be there. She was nice enough to take my dye products with her so I won't lose them at home. Could happen in this fiber pile. lol
I can't wait to go back next month, hopefully with permission from the doctor to spin.

After the sit and spin session, which I was told was the largest to date, (about 15 people), Sandi, Emily, Jean, Marva and myself all headed up the road to Wright's Chicken Farm for supper. OOOOOOOOh it was so tasty. I hadn't been there in about 22 years and it was still just as good as I remembered.

Third, Sunday, yesterday, I went to the yarn mecca of Massachusetts, and possibly New England. WEBS. I didn't think I was going because I waited for a friend to call me regarding the trip. Then Pat was busy with the car and then we had to run an errand. We got back around 1:30 so I figured that's it, no trip. He said get ready so we could go. Around 2:30 we left and arrived there about 4:15 leaving me 45 minutes to shop. He napped in the car while I was inside. I scanned the store to get my bearings and an idea of what I wanted to head for first. The back room. I only walked through and looked this time. I decided to save this for the next trip here.

I really was good. I bought some Merino roving, 3 color blend balls at a pound each. Cranberry, Baltic Blue, and Rose Quartz. Also I did buy some Lorna's Laces and ShiBu, and artyarns for socks. I went for lace weight cones and to check out the drum carders. The drum carders were out of stock and I decided to save the cones for the next visit when I looked in my basket. I didn't want to scare my husband when I came back to the car with my goodies. I left the fiber in the car with the ones from Saturday. These will travel with me in a few weeks to the retreat along with some of my Romney fleece, hand carders, and wheel. I'm already planning to go back for more yarns, fibers and goodies in the near future.

A very fun, fibery weekend, indeed......

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Pooh All Grown Up...Sort Of

Pooh One Year Old
Pooh at 1 year old. He never stops running around. He's a bundle of energy and very loud with his demands for constant attention at times. What can I say. He's spoiled.

Pooh  and his new toy
Here's Pooh with his new toy a few days before Christmas. He punctured the old one, so got this one a bit early. He loves this thing. If I say "bippie" he runs and gets it for me to play with him.
My Special Bear.....

This is the bear I received from my friend, Bella, as a retirement gift. She knows I'm a knitter and have cats. I think its adorable.

My Clapotis is At It's New Home.....

This is my first Clapotis which was given to Aunt Barbara as a Christmas gift. She loves pink, so this was perfect for her. The yarn is Cascade 220Heather in Pink.. I had enough left over to make matching mittens. As soon as my wrist is healed, and I have permission to knit again,the thumbs will be finished.

Clapotis 1

Clapotis 2

Saturday, December 22, 2007

I've Got Progress Bars!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Casey at Ravelry I now have progress bars for this blog. Thanks to Kimberly, they are installed. I just couldn't figure out how to get them to work.

I just got home from a great day spent at Sakonnet Purls in Tiverton where I met SlothKnits and her MIL. Also, Katrinkles, her mom, Beetsie, and her dad were there. It was nice to see them again. Since I can't knit, I shopped. There was a new sock yarn from Reynolds that was so nice, I had to buy 4 colorways. Well, in all honesty, as soon as the wrist heals, I will be knitting and spinning much more than before now I'm a lady of leisure. Upon leaving Sakonnet Purls, Kimberly and I stopped at Panera for a relaxing lunch by the fire. My turkey sandwich and French Onion Soup were delicious.

I stopped by the Post Office, but they already closed. This means I have to wait until Monday morning to pick up the 2 packages waiting for me. I didn't realize they close at 12 on Saturdays at this particular branch. Maybe Santa will be nice and deliver my other packages from Amazon on Monday too. I ordered an ottoman which came with a free small one. The big one is also able to be used for storage, most likely for yarn or my collection of books near the desk. Either way, it will de-clutter the desk area quite a bit. Then there is the rest of my book order yet to arrive..........

Off to the store to finsh gift shopping for the DH........

Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Retirement to Me!!!! .... Yarn Arrivals.....

O.K. The clock is on the final countdown to Midnight. I have about a half hour until it's official. I am retired after 28 years on the job!!. Yippee!! Don't get me wrong. I loved my job as far as the patients and most staff were concerned. You know the old adage "It only takes one to spoil it". Well, this was very true. I worked with several people who were very nice and great to be around. And then there were the ones who played favorites and kissed ass to get their way. Sorry I don't kiss ass for any one. My feelings are everyone should be treated with respect and courtesy in their workplace ~ not snapped and screamed at by the boss like I was the last few weeks of my job. I think that was partly due to other situations, such as lay offs, that have been going on. These people have my heartfelt sympathy. Part of it also could have been jealousy that I am in the position to leave now and not worry about my future and she's not. I hope some day she realizes the world doesn't center around her. I truly won't miss the stress from work, just some of the people.

My blood pressure, blood sugar, and weight are all down in the three weeks I've been home with the wrist. Also I only had a small headache tonight. That was because I hadn't eaten enough and it was getting late. No stress ..... that's why everything is better.

The doctor said still no knitting or spinning until at least the next visit on Jan. 3rd. Earlier tonight, I managed to tip my chair over with me in it. It was so stupid. I had taken my shoes and socks off. When I bent over to pick up the socks so Tiger wouldn't attack them (they're hand knit and he has a yarn fetish), the chair rolled out from under me. I landed belly down with the wrist against my chest so I don't think I did any more damage to it than it already had. Hope not.

Now for the good news............ Yarn arrivals today! There are three skeins from DkKnits and I love the colors. One, "Whoozle's Whiskers",looks like my cat, Megan, with the orange, white, black and brown. Another, "Kaleigh's Kalico Komet", looks like my other cat, Tiffany, who went to kitty heaven a few years ago. It's white, gray, and a soft, creamy orange-rust color of her fur. The third is "Mauvic Monday" in a nice Mauve shade..... She always has such nice colors and the yarn smells so yummy too. Hmmm ~ makes me want candy.

The other item was one of the packages from Miss Violet's de-stash sale. It has a skein of Fleece Artist yarn called "stone" and several batts of fiber in greens/blues and some in pink for my spinning pleasure.

Last night, I went to Lace Wings to give my friend her gift. She loved the custom dyed yarns from Skein Queen. I'm so glad. She gave me Brooks Farms yarn is a delicious colorway. I snuggled it for a while last night. And yes, Tiger tried to confiscate it. lol While at the shop, I also bought one skein of boot sock yarn just to calm the yarn/knitting craving a bit.......... Yeah. Right.

Tomorrow, I'm going to Sakonnet Purls in Tiverton. Even though I can't knit I can touch fiber and enjoy watching others knit. Several others are going to be there, so it will be fun.

O.K. Time for bed. Good night all.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Yippee!!!!...Interweave Press Called and My Magazine is Coming!!

I've been on a search for a couple of patterns ~ Swallowtail Shawl and Flower Basket Shawl ~ for quite a while now. Yesterday, I ordered the Fall 2006 issue from the back issues section of their website. In the comments section I asked if Fall 2004 was still available or if there was a chance the Flower Basket Shawl would be re-issued as a separate pattern.

I just got off the phone with a very nice person from Interweave Press who informed me they have only 2 or 3 copies of Fall 2004 available and wanted to know if I wanted to purchase one. Yes!! Yes!!

It is to be shipped with the other magazine. Yippee!!
Still No Knitting or Spinning Allowed.....Shopping........

My wrist still hurts and my thumb feels "funny" sometimes - gets numb every now and then. I need to tell the doctor that on Thursday when I see him. The brace is much better than the cast, though. I'm not having anxiety attacks and am sleeping much better now.

Just because I can't play with fiber/yarn, doesn't mean I can't shop for it.

Saturday was the sale/party at Yarns at Lace Wings in Warwick. I went, enjoyed it, and only bought 2 skeins of yarn. One was another skein of Tofutsies in a blue colorway and the other was a skein of Lamb's Pride in cream. Recently, when I saw Kimberly, she was wearing a cute hat she had felted. I found the pattern online and plan to use a skein of LP in pink I already have along with the cream to make it.

Ravelry is great for shopping. Several people are de-stashing yarns and fiber. Some fiber called my name and is now on it's way to me as well as the second order of yarns from the first person. is another shopping spot I have found I like. I just bought some spinning and knitting books there as well.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ravelry meet up, Yarn fun, and Retirement......

Last Sunday was the brunch for Ravelry members and "want to be's" which was held at Eva's Yarn Shop in Fairhaven, MA. It was great to see some familiar people and meet new ones as well. Much chatting, eating, shopping, and knitting was going on. This is a very nice shop with a diversified choice of yarns. There's a nice sitting area in the front near the door, as well as a table with chairs for relaxing, knitting, and visiting. The owner, Eva, is very helpful and friendly. The other ladies who work there also were nice and polite. There's a coffee pot which makes individual cups, so you can choose to partake of a coffee, tea, or chocolate of your choice. I was good and only bought one skein of J.Knits yarn in the color "Tampa" to make socks with eventually.

I've also been busy buying yarns from someone on Ravelry. This person, has decided to downsize her stash and the end result is some great buys for everyone else. For the first order, I picked up some Misty Mountain Jubilee in "Mossy Hollow", Apple Lane in "English Garden", and, Claudia in "Walk in the Woods". The second order was for a skein of Cherry Tree Merino in "Monet", Cherry Tree Potluck in "Water" and "Paradise", and Gypsy Girl Creations in "Watermelon" and "Crocus Way". This was two orders because she is constantly updating her de-stash. With all this great stuff she's getting rid of, I wonder what she's keeping.

My gift package arrived so now I can put the rest of it together. I hope my friend likes it as much I do.....

On Friday I couldn't take the cast anymore and had to go back to the doctor's. He wasn't there, but the person who puts casts on, Jose, was. He explained my problem was because I'm claustrophobic, I was having issues with the cast. He took me out of it to check my hand. After I saw how easy it was to remove, I felt better. Of course, since the doctor was not there, he had to put a new one back on me. After, I had an appointment to come back yesterday, Tuesday. As soon as my doc was told about my issues, he took me out of the cast, did a new X-ray, and put me in a brace instead. He told me I should have told him I was claustrophobic, but who knew a cast would cause so much anxiety???

So now I have a nice new brace, and another appointment on December 20. Hopefully I will be healed soon and can get back to knitting and spinning. Not to mention typing with two hands better than I have been lately.

As far as retirement, I've noticed my blood pressure is better as well as my blood sugar levels. Being home has no stress, obviously. Even with the wrist problem, I love being home now......

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Meet ups, yarn shopping, and broken bones......

I hope everyone had a great Turkey day. Mine was the usual quiet one at home day. The exception was Pooh barking all day at my brother-in-law.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving was a great day for meeting new people. I went to Mystic River Yarns in Mystic, CT. There were 7 of us present for the get together. The shop owner was very nice and helpful, and, gave us each a mug with the shop logo as we left. I definitely plan to visit this shop again. The layout is easy to navigate, yarns arranged in a pleasant display and very easy to locate by weight or desired project. Selection is good in most weights I looked at. I did end up with some alpaca I hadn't planned on. Just couldn't resist. I also found the Tofutsies I need for a test knit pattern.

Last Wednesday evening was Craft Night at Panera and it was fun to see everyone there again.

Most of my Christmas shopping is done. I just need to get a couple of more items. One gift is not in yet, but should be arriving at the post office soon.

Unfortunately, I can't finish my mittens to accompany the Clapotis because I broke my wrist last Thursday night. Originally, I thought it was sprained. After having it checked out at the treatment center, I was shocked it was broke. The doctor put me in a brace and sent me on my way.

I decided to call my orthopedic doctor because it's my hand. I stopped by Jonne's and he told me not to even think of spinning or knitting because it will not heal properly. This would lead to me not being able to spin properly or possibly at all. My visit to the ortho resulted in a pretty light blue cast instead of the brace. It's my first one in my life and I am having issues with it. My hand is constantly sweaty. I'm claustrophobic and don't like the confinement feeling. My follow up appointment is on the 19Th, but I think I will try to get in early to get it off ahead of time. Maybe next Wednesday, which would be half way between when it was put on and my follow up. Don't mean to be whiny, but, I really don't like the way the hand feels in the cast. The good thing about this is, Retirement starts NOW!!!!!

Saturday was the Spinning Guild meeting and Christmas party. Even though I couldn't spin, I went and had a great time. Everyone brought an ornament and we exchanged them by drawing numbers and matching them to the ornaments.

Last night I went to Border's and met Sarah and Kimberly, who were knitting.

On Ravelry, I started a group for Peke lovers. Other dog breeds had groups, but I couldn't find anything for my little ones, so started one.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Clapotis 1 is Finished and Yarn is Arriving......

Tonight, I finished the Clapotis for Aunt Barbara for Christmas. I have enough yarn left over to make a pair of mittens to go with it. If I can finish them, I will give them with the Clappie, if not, I may keep them. It did come out longer than I thought it would, but should be o.k. I will wash it in Eucalan this weekend and pack it up. Clappie 2 is inching along. I can devote more time to that one now.

My custom dyed yarns from Skein Queen arrived and oh my goodness!! All I can say is.....breathtaking......gorgeous......snuggly. I plan to make my Mystic Waters with the blue one, and am undecided about the cool jewel tones ones. Also, My three LnV skeins are in and calling me to make more socks. The rovings I ordered arrived the same day as the LnV........lots of fiber to play with.......

Friday, November 02, 2007

Justification of Yarn and Fiber Purchases

O.K. I'm going to be in so much trouble if my husband figures out what I just did....... I used his Paypal account for an Etsy shopping extravaganza. He has given me permission to use it if I want as long as I pay it off. I only spent about $200. ;)

It could have been much worse........ The justification? It's going to be winter soon and cold, I'm retiring next month, if he figures it out, it can count as a Christmas present...... sounds good to me.........

What did I buy you may ask? Just some sock yarns and some rovings to spin......

I do need to visit Yarnia for that other skein of yarn too........

Thursday, November 01, 2007

White Fleece Progress.....Getting Lost in My Own State.....

On Saturday, I originally was suppose to do some stuff with my husband, but our plans were changed, leaving me with a few hours to myself. Instead of doing the housework, I played hooky. I decided to meet up with Marva from my Spinning Guild at Sue Di Nola's Sit and Spin in Oakland. Well, I got lost for over 2 hours, riding around in circles and never found the place. After all this time, I decided to head over to Woonsocket to Yarnia and meet up with Kimberly and Jen. Joseph was the perfect host and his mom, Linda, was great to spend time with also. I did cave in and buy some Claudia Silk Lace weight for a shawl in a beautiful light blue variegated. I also plan to head back there this weekend for that other skein of Claudia and maybe the Cherry Tree lace weight in bright yellow, red, and orange which was calling to me, begging to come home with me.

The white fleece is drying in the shed as I type. It's been there since Sunday. Hopefully, it will be ready for me to bag up the Saturday. With the temps being a bit cooler, it's taken a little longer to dry completely.

I took some of the gray to be checked by Jonne. It seems we were a little aggressive and pushed it under the water a bit too fast, resulting in a slight felting in some of it. Also he found dandruff in some of the locks. The recommendation is to toss that part because I will not be able to get it out properly. Besides, who wants that in their yarns? Yuck.

I am part of a Fiber Prep group on Ravelry. The founder is holding a blend-a-long, which I signed up for. I picked up some orange Merino and white silk. These are the fibers she wants us to use for this. I think the orange reminds me of pumpkins, with it's spice shade. The blended item will look like pumpkin mousse with whip cream worked in, or a dark cremesicle. I love the orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream treats. "No Pudge" used to make a great sugar free version. Unfortunately, I haven't seen them for quite a while.

Yesterday, I was checking e-mail and found the latest issue of my Knitting and Crochet Guild Newsletter. It was cool to see my interview published in it. Of course, I hated my picture, but, I did make good use of it. I printed it out and now it's my reminder to stay on track with the food issues. Weight Watchers suggests doing this anyway. I had a picture before, but it "mysteriously" disappeared. Hmmmmmmm.

O.K. It's time to get back to work on Clapotis 1. I'm about to start section 4. Hopefully, I can get this finished by next weekend. I need to also finish the MS3 by December 10Th in order to have a couple of days for blocking. My Christmas Party is on the 14Th and I really want to wear it for that.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Making New Fiber Friends.........

Last Thursday was the monthly knitting guild meeting. I went and had a great time working on the miniature version of Anne R.'s pi shawl. I had hurt my right wrist earlier in the evening, but, I really wanted to visit with the ladies and get that pattern. In actuality it hurt to much to knit very much. I ended up staying home Friday to rest it. Saturday was my first spinning guild meeting. This was also a lot of fun with much learning involved. I had previously met four of the people present and everyone made you feel very comfortable. Sunday, was fleece washing in the back yard again. I only have the big dark fleece with a lot of gray in it, and the white ram fleece left to wash this weekend. Plans are to try to get both done. I'm not sure about that since these are the biggest two.

Retro socks are finally finished. I'm working the seventh drop stitch part of Clapotis1 and Clapotis2 is still the same. I also am about to start Clue 4 of MS3. This is the longest part of that, plus, I'm making it longer so it will fit my fluffiness better. I still need to find a yarn I like better for Chrysopolis so I can recast that project. Twinkle Toes is to be cast on tomorrow for my Holiday KAL participation on and I'm also trying to work on Lacy Cuffs for the Socktoberfest KAL. My goal is to finish that pair of socks this month, but I don't think so. At least I managed to complete the other two pairs that had been languishing here.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Fleece Number 2 Washing, a Day at Slater Mill's Event, Spinning, and Knitting

Saturday morning was really hot here. I had already planned to wash at least one more fleece and this was a perfect day for it. I pulled it out of the bag and found there was almost no VM to clean. My doctor had skirted this one nicely. I pulled the edges away from the "blanket" part so I could do that part separately. It all fit in 4 mesh bags and took very little work or time to prep for the buckets.

My DH hooked up a rubber pipe to the kitchen sink for the hose to run from. We stuck the hose through the window and it was so much easier than lugging buckets of hot water through the yard. Yesterday was cooler around here, so the fleece were still damp. He flipped them over on the screen for me so the under side can dry better and evenly. The fleece looks nice and fluffy now, as it dries in the shed away from the possible showers we might have tonight.

Sunday also was the end of the National Spinning and Weaving Week. Slater Mill in Pawtucket, RI had an all day event I really wanted to go to. We arrived around 12:30 and stayed until around 2. As we were leaving, I called Kimberly to let her know and she begged me to stay til she got there. How could I not? I waited for her and we finally left around 3:30.

I had a great time with the spinning guild, which I just signed up to join. After spending some time with them, I feel very comfortable and know I will enjoy the meetings. Several ladies also told me about some processing mills if I don't want to do my fleeces myself. I might use one if DH doesn't want to help me, but for right now, he seems to like doing it.

There was a roving where everyone could trying dyeing some of it. This was a community project and next year it will be a community spinning project. So cool.

Also, I learned how to use a hackle and a drum carder, both of which are now on my wish list. Jonne spoke on the proper cleaning of your wheel. I didn't realize you were suppose to clean the oiled parts after spinning for an hour. I came home and immediately cleaned everything on mine.

There were quilting, spinning, weaving and great wheel demos all happening. Hot chocolate was available, but I had a drink in the car so didn't get any.

Last night, I was heading into the bedroom, when I heard Pat ask me "You going to spin on your wheel for a while or what?" He just knew what I had planned. I plied the two bobbins waiting for me, spun a bit of my alpaca just to see what it felt like, and then did a bit of my natural colored roving before I quit. In all about 3 hours of spinning. I felt quite happy with that amount accomplished. Might do a bit more of the roving tonight.....

As for the knitting, it's all progressing at a snail's pace. I need to focus on one project and just finish that before moving on to another.
And since this is Socktoberfest, I must complete the socks first. All my Retro Socks need is the toe kitchenered. Meida needs 2 more repeats of the pattern and the decreases for the toe. The Lacy Anklets haven't been touched. My toe ups are crying for attention.

MS3 is almost to Clue 4, Clapotis 1 is on dropped stitch 5, Clapotis 2 is in the increase part. I cast on Secret of Chrysopolis, but frogged it because I didn't like my yarn color choice. I saw it in red and loved it. Now I need red lace weight yarn.......
My stained glass alpaca pattern is numbered and taped, waiting for me to cut up one copy and start with the glass.......

That's all my projects for now.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fleeces are Here!!!!!!!

I picked up my fleeces last week after a visit to the foot doctor for a sore toe. (The toe is fine now.) There are 4 black ones from the ewes and 1 white one from the ram. I have had enormous amounts of help from Ravelry members on how to prepare them, especially the ram's. Also, Jonne helped me a great deal with some advise. I also ordered some supplies for carding my new fiber.

Today, my husband, Pat, and I did the first one. It's so soft and fluffy. Since these are Romney sheep they don't have as much lanolin as some other breeds. It was a lot of work, but, it's drying in the back yard now. I have to check it soon and see how it's doing. I went with the mesh bag in the buckets method. Then dried it on screens covered with a shear curtain, which was held down by bricks to prevent losing it to the wind or any stray varmits.....a/k/a squirrels and birds. I read on the Yarn Harlot's blog about her dilemma with that pesky fiber stealing creature and tried to protect myself accordingly.

The knitting has progress slowly due to added cast ons. I have made a few charity hats from Sheelagh's stash and am in a few KAL now. The Second Clapotis KAL has started as well as the secret of chrysopolis, and next week the secret of the stole starts.

I've been back to Fabric Place a couple of times and found a few more items to buy. Discount is now at 25%.

Well, gotta go check the fleece and run to the store...........

Friday, September 21, 2007

Knitting, Beads, Meetings......

I've been knitting on several projects this week. The Retro Socks are waiting for me to teach my friend, Bella, how to decrease the toe and work the Kitchener stitch. She did very well with the heel flap and heel turn. The Meida Socks have been quietly waiting for me to finish them. I only need to spend about 2 hours to do this. The MS3 is now into Clue 3. My first Clapotis is about to have the straight rows started. My Lacy Anklets are stagnant right now. I managed to complete 3 charity hats so far from Sheelagh's stash.

Thanks to Ravelry, I found out about the Clapotis Second KAL. Also, I signed up for the Holiday Sock KAL at and plan to make a toe up sock in some of the yarn I bought from EJ Yarns when they were closing.

Today, I added another book to my library, "The Best of Interweave Knits" The Forest Path Stole, Icarus, and about four other items are already calling to me.

Last Wednesday, I stayed late at work with Robin and Sana. We made jewelry together. I find it very interesting to work the wire. I already work with wire when I am making a stained glass project, but, in a different way. Of course, the first thing I think of is ......stitch markers..... Well, on Tuesday of this week it's off to the store I go to buy myself some goodies. I now have a small collection of beads in blue, pink, purple, red, yellow shades as well as several findings, supplies, and tools.

Also, last Thursday I joined the Knitters Guild in RI thanks to Kimberly. I had a wonderful time meeting the ladies and talking with them. The items shown during show and tell made my head spin with the beauty of them all. Now I want to knit some of these items even more than I did when I only saw pics of them. lol

Friday, September 07, 2007

Happy and Sad Happenings......

It's been a week of good, happy events accompanied by a couple of sad ones.

One of the good things is more yarny accumulation. I have been breaking the yarn diet left and right. Since Fabric Place will close it's only store in RI in a few months, I have been visiting it - often - this week. I ended up buying 7 skeins of Cascade 220 Wool for the Tilted Duster pattern from Interweave Knits. After re-checking the pattern, I discovered I was a bit short on yardage. I went back yesterday and looked for the color, only to find I had bought the only skeins they had. This meant I could make the sweater and hope to squeak out just enough to finish, or, buy enough of another color to make it. I chose a lovely medium gray and bought 10 skeins. I know I don't need that much, but, the color will also make a nice pair of mittens or gloves to go with a couple of my coats.

On these two visits, I also picked up several skeins of Wash Day by Reynolds to make into solid color socks. The colors are a bright red, medium gray, and a shade that reminds me of watermelon. On the way to the register, I saw a copy of the Summer Interweave Knits I hadn't bought. I was undecided about that issue until recently when I found a couple of the patterns mentioned on line. Now I plan to make a couple of them. Also, there were pins with bigger, colored heads that will work for blocking. One box of these found their way into my basket.

All these items were 20% off at the present time. The only reason I didn't wait for a better discount is the supplies are limited. All the yarn is on the shelves for the most part and what you see is it. I didn't want to try to match dye lots and get frustrated to save a couple of extra pennies by waiting.

The other acquisition involved a lady named Margo. DH and I went to our usual flea market in CT on Sunday. As usual, I mentioned the alpaca farm, Safe Haven Alpacas, and my desire to visit it some day. Well, the sign was out for an alpaca store as well. He pulled right into the drive and headed for the buildings. The store is in a beautiful chalet style dwelling and is the whole first floor.

After browsing the yarns and finished goods for sale, I spotted a display of a blanket with a huge pile of fiber under it. This led me to ask if they had fiber for sale. I was directed to a basket in the corner and had a hard time choosing a shade. I loved the cinnamon, rusty brown shade as well as the natural, creamy shade. I ended up with the cream shade. There was about 7 ounces in the bag, so I just bought the whole thing. "Margo" was written on the plastic bag, which caused me to ask if the fiber was from her fleece. After learning it was, DH and I headed out to the barn to meet her and her cria, as well as about 2 dozen other alpaca mamas and babies. They are all so sweet and adorable.

Now, no more yarn or fiber additions are planned to come in the house at this time. Ooops. I forgot to mention the message from my podiatrist regarding the fleeces he mentioned last year. Both sheep and both Llama fleeces are waiting for me..........

This Wednesday was the Border's meetup with somebunnyslove, Kimberly. We had a great time, as usual.

The sad news is my car got sick and conked out on the highway last night. Fortunately AAA towed me home and DH checked it out. I need a new water pump and timing belt. He had just changed both of these things about 4 months ago. He thinks the water pump seized and this messed up the belt. Plans are to fix it tomorrow. Meanwhile, I'm using the spare car........

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Another Happy Meet Up....More Yarn Goodies....Fiber Yummies......Kitty Antics........

Saturday was a busy day here. I had an appointment first thing in the morning, so I had to miss out on the breakfast get together with some local Ravelry members, Kimberly, Carine, and Nancy. I met them, along with Jen, at EJ Yarns in Pawtucket. Sadly, the store is closing for good this Friday. It was my first time there, and, I fell in love with a few yarns. Somehow, I ended up acquiring enough Berroco Pleasure yarn for a sweater. It just felt so soft in my hands.....I couldn't leave it behind. The color is a nice deep red and I also picked up the four skeins of white next to it in the basket. Just in case I'm a bit short on the red. I plan to knit the sweater from the top down and if I'm short, the ribbing will be done in the white.

Also, finding it's way into my basket (with some encouragement from Kimberly) was enough Lana Borgosesia in a lilac shade for a pair of socks. Along with that was Baruffa in navy and white for one pair, and a burgundy with cream for a second pair. These yarns are solids which my stash really needed. Since I bought more than 10 skeins, I saved an additional 10% for a total of 60% off. (Total was $110 from about $275)

I ran by Manmade By Jonne for some of his hand dyed roving. I have been looking at it longingly for a while and just went for it. I had told him on Friday I would be back when I stopped by and ended up with some yummy wool, alpaca blended roving and a complementary color for my other roving I had at home.

Since I had to go to Stop & Shop, I decided to go to the Rte.2 store. Co-incidentally, Fabric Place just happens to be in the same plaza. I used my last $7 of the credit slip, plus $30 more. Enough said there.........

By the way, these yarn and fiber purchases are completely justified. After the computer trauma earlier in the week, I needed "sympathy shopping". That's my story and I'm sticking to it - no matter what.

Pooh had his stitches out today. No problems from the neutering. He was very good in the car for me. I was nervous to take him alone, but Pat was busy and not home. Now, I can take Pooh for car rides by myself and not worry. The cats are being their usual selves and cavorting all over the house.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Computer Woes..............Shortened Knit time............

Last night was a horrible night. I came home from work, turned on the computer, got ready to read my mail, and........wham!......My computer would not work. After trying to start the darn thing six times without success, I gave up.

I went to Weight Watchers and stayed for the meeting. I didn't lose or gain this week. That's o.k. New week started today, and hopefully, I will have a loss next week.

When I left there, I headed to Circuit City for help. The guys in the Firedog section of the computer area were great. They explained it sounded like my harddrive had crashed. It should not have been a surprise according to them, since my poor PC is about seven years old. I ended up with a new computer tower, which came with a new keyboard and mouse.

I came home and took the old PC cover off, blew it out with canned air, let it sit a bit, plugged it back in, hooked it up and prayed. No good..........It's still the same. My DH came home from PC is connected. Now the darn thing won't recognize any of my other equipment.

After work today, I'm back to Circuit City with the old PC so they can try to save my files. Especially my pictures, favorites, and knitting stuff. Also, the guy tonight told me to call tech support for my LAN connection. Finally, the modem is working, and, after 3 hours, I have drivers installed for the other equipment. Also, some of my favorites are saved again.

I do like this PC, but need to adjust to the differences between XP and Vista.

Thanks to my computer woes, knitting time suffered greatly today. I only worked on the sock for half an hour at lunchtime. I plan to make up for it tomorrow............

Time for bed........It's been an extremely long day..............

Sunday, August 19, 2007

"Accidental" Yarn Find and Purchase.....

My DH and I went to the indoor flea market in Woonsocket today. We try to stop by there about once a month or so. I've gotten some good deals from the owner. Once, I found a pile of vintage knitting needles and he let me purchase the whole pile for $2 . Another time, he had some great plastic drawer containers that roll. I had found these at Walmart previously for around $30. I got the tall one and big 3 drawer one for $8 total. Other finds have been just as good.
Today, however, he was not there. Instead, a woman I don't know was working. As I walked around the shop, I didn't think I would find anything worthwhile.

Suddenly, there it was....just sitting on the floor. It was a bag of yarn. Now, this is older yarn that obviously was some one's stash at one time. Inside the bag I found another bag with 10 skeins of a dark heathered purple wool, mohair, viscose blend. Also, several cotton skeins, a few other small hanks, and a skein of lace weight natural in need of re-winding. I ended up with all except the cotton.

I turned the corner, and peaking out from under the bottom shelf was another bag of yarn. It had a one Pounder skein of bright red poking it's way out and caught my attention. Inside the bag was a fair isle sweater someone had started. I have never done fair isle, but, the yarn drew me in. I ended up with about 10 small skeins of DK weight in various colors and 6 small skeins of the same yarn in a evergreen shade. I don't usually wear green, but, this will make a nice pair of socks, possibly. I left the big skein of red and a few others. The small skeins might work up as striped socks, if there is enough.

As I pass the table on the way to pay for this splurge, I see.....another bag of yarn. This time it's all alpaca - purple again. There's a partially knitted sweater front and back as well as 6 more skeins. After frogging the knitted part, there should be about 9 skeins to work with. The sales slip was in the bag and the person had paid about $70 just for this portion.

Now, I don't see anymore bags, so I'm heading to the woman to pay. I'm expecting to pay a considerable amount, since I have two good size bags now. Hold on now. The grand total.......... $4 ........... Yep......You read correctly ....... Four dollars for the whole thing!

It's still in the car until I get ready to wash it prior to introducing it to the resident stash........

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Oh No!...........More yarn.........

I decided to stop by Fabric Place and use my credit slip. There was a SnB being held, also. Since it was technically free thanks to the credit slip, Cascade 220 is now in my stash and entered into my Ravelry stash. It will become a Clapotis soon........

I refuse to acquire any more yarn or books.......That does not rule out fiber for spinning.......Hmmm..........Jonne's open late tomorrow night.........
Yarn Acquisitions, Knitting, and Library Thing.........

Sunday, at Sakonnet Purls, I met up with some Ravelry folks, Kimberly, Laura, Pam, and her friend, Kelly. We knit, talked, laughed, and had a great time together. Of course, it goes without mentioning some stash enhancement was also happening. I will only speak for myself on this. I bought a lot......I'm in love with the Malabrigo Lace yarns. I bought one skein of "Blue Surf," but plan to get a second one for the shawl I want to make with it. Also, I bought two skeins of "Floral". It matches my Maple leaf socks done in jessicaarts' Wildflower yarn! Also finding it's way into my hands was four more skeins of Claudia for socks. I went for "Oops" and "Freesia". I'm trying to veer from my usual purples, pinks, blues, and reds. The "Oops" is in that category.

When I came home, I had to check out Knit Picks sale. The book sale ends this week and I really wanted to add to my library. I placed an order for books only. No yarn. Yesterday, Monday, Knit Picks tempted me again. I ordered just books...and one skein of Bare lace weight. I might decide to play with a bit of dyeing or leave it natural. Don't know yet. Last night.....temptation struck again.......another order. This time, it's yarn and one more book.

New Hampshire and shopping will be on hold until later in the fall.........I told my husband I wanted to wait for the leaves to turn so I could see the foliage at the same time. In actuality, I need to pay the cards down a bit. They both had quite a work out this week ......... (He's paying for the yarn on that trip, but, I might find something else I want to buy)

I also finally entered several of my books into Library Thing. I think I have about half of them in now.......It's an ongoing project.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Yarn Shopping.......and Visiting Angel View Pet Cemetery

Whenever we go to Grafton, MA to the flea market we always pass a yarn store and I always tell my husband, one of these days I'm going to take a ride to check it out. Well, today he took me to it. It's called Knitting Pointers, but she doesn't have a web site. The owner Linda, is very pleasant and helpful.

I ended up with 2 skeins each of Claudia Handpainted yarn in "Passion Fruit" and "Just Plum". Now, I need to pick out the patterns for them. I also picked up Fiber Trends pattern for the Felt Clogs. I have been wanting to make these for a while. Now I have the pattern, I can check my stash for yarns and make myself a pair for winter. I plan to put the puffy paint on the bottom to prevent slipping. I have only hard wood and tile floors in my house. I am also thinking of making a pair for a friend. She is older and I don't know what to buy for her most of the time.

Also, Linda had a skein of "Dream In Color" yarn. This is a favorite of the Yarn Harlot. Let me say...........I want this yarn!!! This skein was her own personal one. She has a shipment due in soon. The colors are so vibrant and flow together so nicely..........And it's sock weight!!

Tomorrow........Sakonnet Purls trip.............

The Pet Cemetery visit was to gather info for the interment of our Babs. She's really slowing down now. When she gets up for laying on the floor or her blanket, she is limping. We think her hip is bothering her. She still gets around and perks up for food. Her vision is worse, too. I can tell because she doesn't come as close to get the food as she used to. Her perception seems to be off and she thinks she is closer than she actually is. I hope we have a bit more time, but, I fear the end is very near. My husband is going to have a hard time when it comes.............

Monday, August 06, 2007

Frog Pond Visitation.....and...Yarn Delivery!!

My Meida sock has been was way too small. I spent a good portion of the weekend working on them only to have them not fit over my foot past the arch. They looked a bit small, but, I figured my eyes were playing tricks on me (land of denial here). When DH tried to fit test them for me, he asked if I had someone else in mind for them. Yes, I suffer from fluid retention, and my feet swell. This is why I usually fit test them in the evenings. If they are o.k. when my feet are puffy, they will be perfect the rest of the time. Anyway, I have re-knit up to the fourth repeat of the pattern and plan to get the heel flap, heel turn, and gussets done tonight.

I was going to work on the MS3, but, I really want to finish one of these socks first. My Retro Rib sock is also waiting for completion. I'm at the gussets on that and after working them, I just need to finish the foot.

When I got home from work, there was a box sitting on my desk chair for me. It's my Lime n Violet order. Inside was two skeins of sock yarn. One skein is yummy shades of green with a bit of a purply blue mixed in. The other one is soft shades of pink with a hint of a smoky purple. I snuggled them a bit and put them on the desk in front of me just for gazing at. They're still there.......will put them away....soon.....

Off to knit now...........

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Knitting Socks, Meetings, Picking Blueberries.....

I cast on the Mieda Socks this past Wednesday in the Walnut colorway from LnV's store. At first I wasn't happy with the way the color was pooling. All the pink was on one side of the sock and the green on the other. After completing on repeat of the pattern, magically, the colors seemed to switch. Apparently, it's going to do this after each repeat. I'm on the fourth one and it's happened each time so far. It's very pretty now. This yarn is dyed in very soft colors and looks wonderful in this pattern. Very dainty.....kind of hard to be in my big feet - size 10s.

I'm also still working on the Retro Rib pattern I modified. That one's a bit boring to me right now, so I keep switching between the two socks.

Besides that, the MS3 is getting a little bit of attention. Clue 5 came out yesterday. I'm not going to say anything, so as not to spoil the mystery for others. The theme was also released. I'm still on Clue 2.........slow progress here........

Wednesday night was the meetup at Border's with Kimberly, Katy, and Susan. We had a lot of fun and plan to meet in two weeks again.

Today was blueberry picking at Rocky Point Blueberry Farm in Warwick. I got more than enough to last a while. It was so hot in the field I had to stop early because the heat was getting to me. Donna and I got there about 8:30 and the place was already busy. Many berries are still not ready, so there should be a few more weeks of picking this season. Maybe I will go back and get some more to freeze..........

Now, I'm just cooling down in the living room, and then need to make a potato salad and fruit salad for tomorrow's meal.......too hot to cook major items........

Friday, July 27, 2007

Ravelry Invite........

I forgot to mention I had received my invitation from Ravelry the same day last week as the meetup, Wednesday. I've been busy learning how to enter items, looking up projects, joining groups, and just enabling myself to extend my fiber "addiction". (At least it's a safe addiction - causes no harm to anyone except my wallet and time - lol)

I had viewed several projects in on line, in catalog, books, and magazines over time. However, seeing them as items here, has me adding several new ones to my queue.

I think I'm in love with this site.............
Tired, Sleep Deprived Due to Cats and Puppy, and I Still Want to Knit...........

Thanks to my cat, Megan, I haven't been sleeping well all week. She has acquired the nasty habit of sitting outside the bedroom door and meowing until I come out to her. I wouldn't mind, but I have to get up for work. She keeps coming back when I shoo her away from the door. None of the animals come in the bedroom. It's the only spot off limits to them. One of the kittens, Tipper, also meows and paws at the door once Megan is finally away from it. I don't understand the sudden fascination with coming in the bedroom with us. All I know is I am taking a nap almost every afternoon for about 30 minutes just to make it through the day. It's funny that the little furball, Megan, leaves me alone then. Tipper is usually squawking anyway.

The puppy, Pooh, has even gotten into the act. After I leave for work, he started yipping and barking. This means my husband gets about 5 to 6 hours of sleep if he's lucky.

I don't know if the recent humidity and warm weather is affecting them or what. I think I need to call the vet for some meds to calm their behinds down..........Little brats.........

The stole is still at Clue 2. I don't trust myself not to make mistakes because of the tiredness. My second sock is progressing nicely. I'll probably turn the heel this weekend.

Gotta go to the market, then do laundry and housework, then bed with my knitting for a while til I can sleep............If the brats let me.........

Friday, July 20, 2007

Knitting, Meeting People, and Working Late.......

This past Wednesday, I went to a knitting meet up at Border's in Cranston. I had a great time and plan to be at the next meeting. Hopefully, I will have a couple of more people with me. The owner of is the host of the meetings and a very interesting person to talk to.

Thursday was just a work, work, knit, knit kind of day - nothing special....except I fixed my mistake in my MS3 stole and am now ready to start clue 2. I even knit on it in the car waiting for another friend to meet me for supper. lol I had taken it to work to show a couple of people, so it was calling to me to fix it.

Today, I got to spend the majority of at the hospital ER with a patient. I didn't get out of work until after 10p.m. No lunch or supper break. I just snacked on a sandwich from the concession in the lobby which I had bought when my patient went to have his x-rays done. As he slept from the medication he was given to calm his agitation, I knit my sock. The first one is finished, and the second one has all it's ribbing in place. Since I started the stole, my sock is only travel knitting........It's possible it's feeling neglected..........

Sunday, July 15, 2007

MS3 is Started..........

After the bead episode, I stopped by Jonne's store to show him the beads. When I asked his opinion, he felt the cream beads would be lost in the yarn, since it is essentially the same shade. The clear just didn't do it for him either. He loved the mauvy purple with it. I trust his judgement in fiber, so purple it is.........

Well, I'm now on row 41, and I love the way the beads look. He's right.......The cream would have been lost in there. The purple are a bit iridescent as well and really give off a nice sparkly tone. Hopefully, I can finish clue 1 by tomorrow night. This is definitely a stay home project. Socks are for traveling........
Round, and Round, and Round.........I'm Lost in Providence........

Well I spent 2 hours lost in my own capitol city today. The street I needed kept coming up, just the wrong way on a one way. Eventually, I got onto the end I needed just to search endlessly for a parking spot. After circling the area about four times, I found a great parking spot. The walk to the bead shop was less than a block. I was sure the cop was going to stop me if I drove past him one more time. lol

Once inside the shop, I was a bit disappointed in the service at first. I explained it was my first time there and didn't know where to find the beads I needed. Part of the explanation included the project planned for the beads. I was told with a wave of a hand, "All the seed beads are on that wall." Not good........nothing was labeled with sizes, prices, or colors. Again, I approached her, apologized for being a pest, and asked for help. This time she told me I wanted the biggest beads on that wall. Finally, on the third attempt to get help, she came over. I ended up with size 6 instead of 8 because I didn't think the crochet hook would make it through the hole of the 8s. (I forgot to bring it with me.) When asked how many beads to a vial, she gave me the wrong info. I actually sat and counted the whole vial out and it had twice as many as she said....200 beads. I only needed to buy 2 not 3 of each color.

Now, she is very pleasant to me, explaining if I buy 5 vials, the 6th one is free. I picked out 3 colors....clear, cream, and a mauve/purple color. I figured I probably won't need them for a while, but better to stash them at home. I paid, got a frequent shopper card, and left.

I then went to ACMoore to return the huge beads I had gotten last week. The same staff member was in the department when I went to look at other beads. Also, I realized I could have saved myself a lot of aggravation and a trip to the city if she had known the beads I needed were right there the whole time. They have a huge supply of seed beads on display.

Uninformed staff is a bad thing to have. I wish stores would put trained, knowledgeable people in areas they are more familiar with instead of just plopping people in an open slot. Maybe they don't realize this costs them sales in the long run.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Knitpicks arrival today...........Beads tomorrow.............

I picked up my cone of yarn from Jonne's store tonight after work. It's a nice soft Shetland yarn in it's natural color. I also fell in love with some of the other laceweight yarn colors and plan to get some of them later. He has his own hand dyed roving calling my name as well. I see many more stops there on my way home in the next few weeks..........

When I got home, I found my Knitpicks order on the table. I really like the Bare yarn as well. The new sock yarn in solids, Risata, is also very pretty. Now I can work on a couple of those Favorite Sock patterns I didn't want to use variegated colors for.

I plan to use the Shetland for the MS3 now I have it. Tomorrow, I am going to the Beadworks store in Providence to pick up the seed beads. The cone will accompany me for comparison purposes. Matching beads is my goal. I checked the store out on line, but, I don't trust the colors to be true on the monitor.

Now I am anxious to start my MS3.......I am 3 clues behind as of today......... Yikes!!!
Saying "Good-bye" to a friend of 25 years..........

I got the dreaded call tonight around 5:40. I have held my breath every time I answered my phone for the last two days waiting for it. It happened........My friend, Sheelagh, passed away tonight. We had met at work in 1982 and became quick friends. She was old enough to be my mom, and, sometimes tried to act like it. My mom used to keep her in line about that. lol Her only son is a year younger than me.

She had a very interesting life. Sheelagh was from Great Britain, was on the stage in London in a chorus, and came here as a war bride on the Queen Mary in 1946 with thousands of others. The stories she told were insightful as to how WW II was from a British civilian viewpoint. The bombs dropping, air raids, and tough conditions...........While she told them, we used to sit and knit together. I loved to watch her way of holding the needles. She held them on top of her hands instead of under. In her closet was a box full of baby items she had made over the years, but, never had a grandchild to use them. I know her family will give them away to others with loving memories of her.

When Patty, her daughter-in-law, told me she wouldn't make the summer, I went to see her with another friend, Diane. We both knew the end was nearer than Patty thought. I'm glad I got a chance to say my "silent goodbye" to her while she was still aware. Sheelagh didn't want us to see her at the end. We had to respect her wishes even though both of us wanted to sit with her for a while.

Now I say: "Goodbye my dear friend, until we meet someday in the distant future. I know my family and yours will greet you today when you get there.......Love, your old friend"

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fire Number 2.....And Another Laceweight Yarn.........

Today was extremely hot here. The air was actually oppressive when you went outside for anything.

We are still on generator at work, but it appears to be o.k. The day was going well when.....all of a sudden......we hear "Code Red in ***** Building. This is not a drill."

Apparently, one of the patients in the psych building lit his mattress on fire. The entire building had to be evacuated outside. With the intense air conditions, we had to work fast to get water and shelter for the patients. It was a tough day, but, at the end, everyone was returned to the building. The mattress was gone, the building checked thoroughly by the firemen, and no one was hurt or got sick due to the weather conditions..........

I pray nothing happens tomorrow............It's suppose to be even hotter and more humid............

No knitting was done today on the sock. I am just too tired to pick it up and I had no lunch again today. I did stop to see Jonne after work. He has a laceweight yarn I really like, so I need to go back on Friday to pick it up. It's a Shetland wool in a natural color. There is enough on the cone to do two shawls or stoles.

I found a nice laceweight yarn in his shop. I checked the status of my Knitpicks order, and it is being processed. Now I need to see which one I want to use. Sana and Robin gave me directions to the "Beadworks" shop in Providence and I plan to visit it this weekend. Hopefully my Knitpicks order will be here and I can take both yarns with me to match beads to themt. If I find something I like at the store, I won't order the other ones from Sana's catalog.......So many options..............

Monday, July 09, 2007

Power Outages and Cable Woes.........

I went back to work today after a relaxing, calming week of vacation at home. As I go in the clinic, I notice half the lights are on. Apparently, we were on generator. Sometime during the evening, or night, there was a manhole fire that fried the wires for electrical power and phone service. The phones were only working in house, and, not connecting to outside lines. It's not an unusual occurrence to lose power and go to generator during the summer with the a/c and fans in use. But, today was different.

The generator was not going to make it. While waiting for the back-up generator to arrive from about 4 hours away, the whole facility was put into emergency mode. No one could leave, not even for your lunch break. There was the possibility of moving patients to other facilities, but it was not necessary.

After all this activity at work, I went to pay my cable/Internet/phone bill. I questioned the amount due and told the representative we were thinking of dropping some options. Or we might switch some services to another company. I got a great price adjustment for the next 12 months. I also got a new cable modem for free ($100 value).

I get home and decide to install the modem. All is going well. I plug in the hookups and my husband plugs in the power cord. Now I download the software and this where the problem develops. It won't work. No Internet.......Nothing. After three calls to tech support, and finagling around with the wires, it is finally working. Yay!!

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a smoother running day...........

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Lapse in Yarn Diet....Again....

The yarn diet was moving along at a crawl, until recently. After signing up for the Mystery Stole 3, I decided to use a credit slip for a local LYS for the laceweight needed for this. Unfortunately, they don't carry laceweight yarns. I should have realized this before with the amount of times I have been there.

After talking to the sales person, and mentally going through the yarn in the stash, we came up with the idea to use yarn I had earmarked for a lacy sweater. Knitpicks had a pattern a couple of years ago called the MaryJane Sweater and I fell in love with it. Yarn was ordered in "Oregon Coast" and "Jewel" to make a couple of these, along with the pattern. Needles were part of my KR Elf exchange (wonderful lady for a partner), and plans were made to start it. Never happened...the cast on was done and frogged a couple of times. The yarn was put back in the stash for "someday" knitting.

Well, the "Oregon Coast" color was chosen for the stole. I ended up at four other shops plus Michael's and ACMoore for beads. Eventually, I found a cream colored bead that might work.

When I got home, I just didn't like this yarn for the stole. Thus, a big crash as I fell from the yarn diet wagon was heard..... Knitpicks has received my order for Bare laceweight yarn, along with a couple of other items to get the free shipping option. The beads won't work either, so when I go to work tomorrow, I will definitely be ordering from Sana. I have an older jewelry supply catalog here and found a couple of different options in that department.

O.K. I've picked myself up, and am back on the yarn wagon again. By the way, the food diet is going along slowly as well. My doctor changed a couple of meds and hopefully a few pounds will melt thanks to that..........

Friday, July 06, 2007

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

"You have a shy personality. You tend to hesitate before trying new things or meeting new people. But once people get to know you, you open up and show the world what you are really all about."

Your Power Element is Water
Your power colors: blue and aqua
Your energy: deep
Your season: winter
Like the ocean, you evoke deep feelings and passion.You have an emotional, sensitive, and spiritual soul.A bit mysterious, you tend to be quiet when you are working out a problem.You need your alone time, so that you can think and dream.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Mystery Stole 3 Called to Me......

As I click into the Yarn Harlot's site to see what she's up to, I had no idea what was about to happen to me......Yep, she had a "warning" up about the Mystery Stole 3 KAL. Of course, there was no twisting of the arm necessary. I simply click the link, and created my own downfall.

My experience of lace knitting is limited to a few lace socks, hems and cuffs on a couple of sweaters, and a lonely WIP "Elizabeth" alpaca scarf I still need to finish. I may have to finish that before I actually think of any other lace project. I feel better able to handle it now I have had the lace sock experience.

After drooling over the pictures of clue 1, the decision was made. I had to sign up for this thing. I don't even have the yarn or beads yet. I know what I want though. White or cream yarn with clear or iridescent beads. Hopefully, I can order the beads from Sana at work before she puts her next jewelry supply order in.

The Retro Rib sock is giving me issues. I followed the pattern as directed until I had two repeats of the leg done. Holding it as far away from me as I can, the pattern is lost in this yarn. After altering the pattern to be a bit simpler, it looks better. There are just too many colors in this yarn for the pattern to pop out at you. I left the first two repeats as a break from the cuff to the leg, then knit rows 3 and 4 five times. This still didn't look great to me, so I am just doing the 4th row of the pattern. I do like the ribbing part of the pattern and think it shows up fine. I am about a third of the way down the leg now, and, hope to get to the heel turn before the weekend is out. I do have other commitments this weekend, but, my yarn travels well in it's little bag. DH will drive as usual so I can knit........I will have to make this pattern again in a less variegated or solid yarn which will show it up better........

The animals are o.k. Buddy the cat is not a happy camper because we had to shave him down due to multiple knots. He looks cute with his new do. Not too happy though right now. Pooh is still doing puppy things, like chewing on stuff he is not suppose to and pouncing on Isabella the cat. She gives him a good swat now and then to show him who's boss..........

Sunday, July 01, 2007

"Flow" socks are completed!!

I finished the second sock while in the car riding home from a flea market today. I wove the ends in tonight and they fit nice. Now, I need to pick out another pattern from "Favorite Socks". I think I will pick the "Retro Rib Socks". They appear to be similar to the last pair I made, with a section of reverse stockinette between the pattern stitches. The yarn is by again.....The "Dusk" color I tried to use for the "Waving Lace" pattern.

The LnV Sock Marathon KAL is suppose to be finished as of today. I did manage to make my goal, but, it was not as easy as I thought it would be. The last 2 pairs of socks were extra, but took a lot of time to complete. The "Favorite Sock" KAL is still going on at Socknitters.Hopefully, I can get a few more pairs made before that ends. I have decided to use one of my LnV yarns for "Meida's Socks", and one of the Kindred Spirits yarns for "Embossed Leaves". Also, I have yet to actually start my Lace Style socks.........So many pairs of little time............

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Due to unforeseen circumstances........Knitting interrupted.....

With all the issues involved with finding the kitty a home, not much knitting happened this week. I am 2/3 of the way through the foot part, but, not ready to decrease for the toe yet. Maybe by tonight...... Home on vacation all this week with much running around to do.....Hope to get some knitting in too...........
Kitty rescue and drama.... sad story with a happy ending

A close friend of mine is very ill with cancer. Last Monday, she had to concede the fight to live at home with help coming in every day. She went to the nursing home. It's actually the best place for her at this time. She has company, is not alone, and is safe. She feared dying alone in her apartment, even though her son and his wife live in the same complex and building.

This move also meant a major upheaval for her 7 year old cat. Whiskers is a beautiful, huge, Sylvester type kitty and very loving. The son and daughter-in-law were taking him, but, she is extremely allergic to cats. Whiskers stayed in the apartment by himself with multiple daily visits from the two of them. He desperately needed a home by today or would be put in the pound or sent to kitty heaven. (I have since learned vets don't euthanize healthy cats upon request). It would have definitely been the pound.

I worked all week on trying to locate someone who could, or, knew someone who could, save his life. The only reason I could not keep him myself, is I am already way over the amount I should have -- as anyone who has read this site before would know -- and I have special needs pets at this time.

Well, the cat angels above must have been listening because he now has a home with one of the doctors from my job. She already has two other cats and instantly fell in love with Whiskers when she met him. We brought all his toys, supplies, and him to her house Thursday evening. He has already started to settle in nicely and I foresee a great future for him.

The previous owners have been invite to visit him any time they wish..........

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Yarn, Yarn, Yarn from the mail box...........

My Lime N Violet package arrived last week and I truly love the colors of both of my selections. I also had discovered site and ordered 2 skeins from them. This arrived the other day and is now sitting on my cabinet near the desk along with the LnV package. All I am saying is this..........They are evil....... They tempt me to forsake my other sock in progress to cast on one of them now.........I can almost hearing them calling me to pick them up and squish them a bit. I have a pattern in mind for the dark blue from Kindred Spirits and the light pink/white multi from LnV already. Just Must Resist Urge to Start Them..........
Zipping through sock 2 of this pattern........

I started the mate to "Go With the Flow" last Sunday during a leisurely drive to the flea market in Mansfield, CT. If you drive slow, it's about an hour and a half away. We take rte 6 through Scituate and parts of CT. It's a very picturesque route with some highway as well as rural areas blended together.

The cast on was being difficult for some unknown reason and I had started this sock about 4 times before it finally clicked. So, the cast on and first 2 rows of the cuff were already waiting for me from a previous day. As I joined the stitches, I could feel myself relax.......Knitting usually has that affect on me....... Then I resumed working the cuff pattern, then the actual leg pattern. By the time I got to the flea market, I was into my second repeat of the leg and really was remorseful about getting out of the car and leaving it languishing in it's bag on the floor. I just wanted to sit there and work on it.

I wandered around the grounds, but, could feel the tug of the sock calling me back to it. When we returned to the car, I picked up my bag, got comfortable, and started knitting before we had even pulled back onto the road from the entrance. The needles only stop moving once for a stop at Walmart to pick up a couple of items before we headed home. Purl, purl, knit, k2tog, yo, knit, purl......all the way home.......

Now it's Saturday, a whole 6 days later. I had high hopes to finish the poor sock by now after that great start. Sadly, I am just starting the gussets. My friend has been placed in a nursing home and I have been trying to find placement for her cat. Her son's girlfriend is highly allergic and can't keep him like she wanted to. I am over full with my "kids" so it's not an option for me. I have the kittens, my older cats, the diabetic cat, old dogs and puppy. It's just not possible for me to take another animal. Finding him a home has taken priority over my needles. We have some other people asking their friends and family if anyone can help us out in the circumstances.

Maybe another ride tomorrow will get me almost to the end of the foot............