Friday, July 27, 2012

Rippit, Rippit,  and More Toe Woes

The fair demo was fun as always.  I managed to spin 2 full bobbins plus part of a third between the Friday night and Saturday morning/afternoon demos.  The splint didn't slow me down at all.  I think it did cause a bit of friction with my foot when I had the sandals on though.  I also stuck to my diet most of the time.  I had a Taco salad and sugar free ice cream for Friday.  Dunkin Donuts breakfast burrito for breakfast and Fried clam strips and fries (which I didn't eat all of) were for Saturday.  I drank plenty of ice water too.

Pat and I had gone out to do some errands on Sunday and when we got home, I took the sandals off so I could put my feet up for a bit.  I noticed something stuck to my big toe.  What I thought was a piece of paper was a piece of skin from a blister that had broken.  It was already dry and healing.  I never felt it.  This is scary since I'm diabetic.   With the exception of a trip to Weight Watchers and the drugstore the following Monday, I never left the house until last Saturday.  I spent the week in my slippers or with the foot exposed to air to help it heal faster.  Thankfully, it's fine now.

Due to all the foot issues, I didn't spin.  There was only 380 yards to go on my sweater yarn.  I'll finish it this weekend.  Instead, I knit almost all my Buttercup top.  Then, I tried it on.  Fail!!  It's way too big.  When I tried it on the first time, after separating for the sleeves it looked fine.  I had added some extra stitches under the arm part of the body since I usually have a problem with snugness in that area.  So, off to the frog pond it went this morning.  I ripped it back to where I had separated for the sleeves, took out the extra stitches, and am now re-knitting the stockinette body.  About 1/4 of it is already back in.  There's no way I can finish before the end of the month for the Twisted Strandss KAL, but I will be wearing the darn thing this summer!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Walking Wounded But Still Spinning

Today was my podiatrist appointment for my nail trimming.  While waiting for the doctor to come in to do that, the other one stopped by to check my feet as well.  He was the one who did the x-ray when I slammed the toe last month.  A new x-ray today shows I have crushed the bone, (also known as a compressed fracture).  I'm in a toe splint and bandage to keep it from bending.  Walking and spinning are not a problem. 

Today was the start of the North Stonington Fair. I'm looking forward to participating in the spinning demo with my friends on Friday evening and most of Saturday until about 4 p.m.  Pat doesn't want to go and will be staying home with the cats and dog. :)  If you are in the area, stop by the sheep barn and say hi.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summertime Fiber Fun

Oops.  It's been a few weeks since my last post. 

The last Saturday in June was the monthly spin in at RI Handspun. I brought a bag of Mr. Attitude's fleece to spin. I managed almost 2 whole bobbins.  My goal is 2000 yards of a bulky weight yarn and I'm almost there.  Just over 1500 yards are spun already.  I should be able to get it done this week.  I'm spinning at the North Stonington Fair again this year, so I hope to crank out the bulk of what is left.

Poor Boobalicious Tank is no more.  It just wasn't making me happy with the results as I knit on it.  It took a one way trip to the frog pond.  In it's place I'm knitting Buttercup.  This is a cute summer top, knit from the top down with just underarm seaming when you are finished.  The front has a bit of feather and fan across the neck/chest line.

My toe up vanilla sock also got frogged due to being too loose on my foot.  I'm restarting that soon in a size 0 needle.

I finished another dish cloth which I started on the bus trip to WEBS with my knitting group. My shopping was very conservative for me.  I bought 5 skeins of Merino/Mulberry Silk/Nylon in a fingering weight for dyeing.  I also bought 3 of the same brand already dyed up for my Color Affection Shawl.  The Color Grid card and a weaving video were my only other two items.  After subtracting the gift card I had to use, and the generous discount we were given, I only spent about $75. I should have bought more of that yarn to dye.  Oh well.  I'll be back there again soon.  I had a happy surprise the following day when I found the missing gift card from three years ago.  Now I have more money for my next trip.  :)