Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas, Knitting, and Spinning

It was the usual quiet, low key Christmas here at my house.  The reindeer decorated the front yard again and the big tree was in the window.  This year found white and red velvet ribbons with green and red shatterproof ornaments decorating my tree. The topper was just one each of the two ribbons made into a couple of bows.  No kitty attacks or sitting in the tree events happened, so I think the "kids" are ready for me to use my regular ornaments next year.  They are all glass, crystal, or ceramic. 

The meal was simple:  Baked Ziti, Roast Pork, mashed potatoes, veggies, garlic bread sticks, apple pie and coffee. 

Santa, (a/k/a Pat) gave me some nice gifts too.  He had told me to order a set of the Deluxe Blocking Wires from Inspinknity a few weeks ago.  I'm planning to try them out today or tomorrow to block my latest knit shawl.  He also gave me money for my weaving lessons, and toward my knit guild's retreat in 2012.  I gave him a new computer desk.  :)

Knitting:  Multnomah is finished.  I ran out of my handspun, but had just enough of a yarn I had dyed to finish the shawl.  I did do extra repeats to finish up all the yarn and make the shawl a bit bigger.  No pics yet.  It's the blocking project I mentioned above.  The picture below is the handspun I used.

Now, I'm back to the yoke of my never ending sweater a/k/a Sort of a "Ditto".  I currently have no socks on the needles.  This will be remedied Sunday when I cast on for the new Through The Loops Mystery Sock KAL.

 Spinning:  I'm into the last two ounces of eight of "Cornflower" which is a Fibers4Ewe blend I purchased at the Fiber Festival of New England in November.  I've been having pain issues with my feet so haven't spun for long spurts this month.  This is resulting in less ounces getting finished. 

I'm including a picture of the Baby Surprise Sweater set I made for my newest little cousin.  I decided to send it before he couldn't fit it. The hat and booties are super stretchy too.I made it in the 6 month size so he should be o.k. for a while.  He's just 3 months old now.