Saturday, July 21, 2018

A Little Knitting ..... A Little Spinning... Tour de Fleece Time

There's been nothing finished in June or July as far as knitting projects are concerned.  My Silipa  sweater is progressing slowly with most of the yoke color work done.  I only have about eight rows left to do.  Then it's plain knitting with the main color, split for the sleeves and stockinette all the time for the body.

I did start my Spring Garden Shawl.  Mine is much brighter in Mad Tosh "Neon Peach" and Hedgehog Fibre's "Kimono".  It reminds me of Tiger Lilies and those little dark blue flowers (Cosmos I think) found in summer gardens.  Definitely outside my usual colors.  


My first Tour de Fleece spin project was finished but I still need to get the final pic of that.  It is a lovely BFL/Silk blend from Corgi Hill Farm in "Wood Orchid".  The colors go as a gradient from a purple to blue to teal to green.  The total was 428 yards of 2 ply from 5 ounces. 

My current spin is also CHF in a Polwarth/Silk/Firestar blend in the color "Oil Slick".  It's all the colors in an oil puddle.