Friday, January 22, 2016

Project Plans for Starting 2016

I've joined a few year-long knit and spin a-longs on Ravelry.  One is in the YOSS group. The challenge/KAL is called RATS2016 and means "Rock Around the Socks".  I had to pick 24 skeins of sock yarn from my stash and list them in the thread in my "shop", along with links to them in my stash. There are points earned for prizes along the way.

Another A-long is for spinning.  It's in the Caffeinated Knitting Podcast group.  I am suppose to spin at least 4 ounces a month for a total of 12 bumps of fiber in 2016.  This fits with my goal of spinning 10 pounds in 2016 so should be very manageable for me to do.

Sillyfru of the SassyPantsKnitter Podcast is having two a-longs.  First is her "Don't Hoard the Precious" in which you use a fiber or yarn you have in your stash you consider too special to use.   Her second a-long is "Knit Your Bawls" in which you knit/crochet some of your older yarns you have caked up.  She is very lax in the rules and it's o.k. to ball up yarn now and use it. 

My main goals/intentions for the upcoming year are:

1. Knit 12 pairs of socks.  (YOSSRATS2016 will help cover this)
2. Use my pattern books more.
3. Spin 10 pounds of fiber.
4. Knit myself 2 sweaters. 
5. Use 40 skeins from stash.
6. No additional yarn/fiber purchases until my knit retreat in April. (I  had placed 2 orders from Knit Picks so this started 1/18)
7. Knit more Vivid Blanket squares.  (I need 42 more)

Here's a few pics of in knitting and spinning in progress:

Craft Review of 2015

The end of 2015 found me finishing a few more knitting and spinning projects.  Here's my final list for the year.  The numbers are written as "goal/finished". :

1. Sweaters - 2/1 
2. Socks - 6/7
3. Scarves or cowls - 4/5
4. Shawls - 3/3
5. Mitts and mittens  (one of each) 2/2 
6. Hats - 4/4
7. Vivid Blanket Squares (for a queen size bed) 14 of 56 completed
8. Spin 10 pounds of fiber - just made this one

Here's few pics of items finished last year.