Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Harvest Fair, Swamp Yankee Days, Fiber Twist, Sunshine, and Rain...

On Saturday, Sept 20th I was at Coggeshall Farm with my spinner friends for a demo. It was a bit cool in the morning, but the day quickly warmed up. We were under a period replica tent and awning so the sunshine was not beating on us too much. Some actually sat out and enjoyed the warmth of the day. If I did that, I would be red as a tomato. It was good to see some people I hadn't seen since the RI Sheep and Wool Festival last May, or even since the retreat last February.

I managed to get a good portion of the same fiber I've been spinning on my Sonata done. It's the "good and plenty" from DkKnits.

There were many period activities for children including a rope ladder over hay bales and a magician. Food was available and several people said was very good. I'm trying to stay on my diet plan, so brought my lunch with me.

Sunday was spent with my husband. We went to the Mansfield CT Flea Market where I scored a luggage carrier to roll my wheel bag, chair, and tote bag around with instead of carrying it across fields and such. At another spot I found a nice big stainless steel stock pot for dyeing. Pat found a couple of tools and some hinges to use on the new fence gate. From there, we headed 6 miles up the road to the Coventry Farmer's Market and Fiber Twist. He bought me some fiber from the Painted Sheep, and after resting in the car a bit, we went back in to watch the dyeing demo by her. Sandi, Marva, and Lisa had rode up together, and Gigi was there with her husband and baby too. It was a sunshine, fiber, and friend filled day.

On Sunday evening I had a sore throat. By Monday morning I had trouble taking deep breaths. My husband wanted me to get checked out on Tuesday, but I waited until Wednesday to see my own doctor. My heart is fine. It was a bug in the lungs that is going around. It makes it hard to breath in a deep breath. Also, upon moving too much or too fast, I was short winded. I'm fine now, but, it took a few days resting. The only other thing is I'm having a good amount of pain in the right hand from the cortisone wearing off. I'm trying not to call the doctor yet. The exercises and night brace do help in the morning. Unfortunately, this does cut down on my spin, knit, and crochet time.

Then last weekend was Swamp Yankee Days. Thanks to a few tropical storms, and a nor'easter, it was decided that next year would be a better choice. My plan was to go on Sunday. I heard the puddles were the size of small lakes or ponds on Monday. I can only imagine how it looked and felt on the weekend. I had already decided to skip the Saturday because it was the monthly Sit and Spin at Sue's.

Judy, Cindy, Iris, Paula, Marva and myself spent some enjoyable time together with Sue. I managed to finish the fiber I was working on at Coggeshall Farm and start my first try at Ramboullet. This fiber wants to almost spin by itself. I'm managing sort of a modified long draw at times. Here's hoping I can finish it this week and ply the aforementioned fiber. I'm leaning toward a 2 ply with that since there are so many colors, Navajo ply will not preserve the color repeats and may muddy it too much.

I did manage to mail out 2 knitted and 1 crocheted Traveling Scarves. I have another ready to go, maybe today if I get to the Post Office.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Spinning on My Spindle, Demonstrating, Learning New Things

Saturday was a fun filled day of demonstrating at Casey Farm at the Farmer's Market. With the weather being unpredictable, I did bring my Golding spindle as well as my wheel. The wheel stayed snug and dry in my trunk because the clouds were overhead the whole morning.

After the Farmer's Market, many of us met up at Iris' and Dave's for a progressive meeting which included a lesson in Portuguese knitting. I like this method very much because my hands don't feel the stress as much as they do with my English style knitting. I plan to make something using this style in the near future. There was lots of good food, company, and conversation as always whenever we get together.

When I got home, there were more sheep to add to my little flock of stitch markers. They are so adorable. One is lavender. If I can let them go, a couple are destined for travels.

Sunday was a quiet day at home with Pat. We did the usual running to the market, errands, house things, and just relaxed a bit.

I'm still knitting on the Dragon Scales Shawl and Nanner Socks. On Friday, I found my size 1 30 inch circular needle, so I transferred from the size 0 24 inch circular needle and it is much easier to navigate the stitches without stretching them. I've not felt that great lately, so my knitting has suffered a bit.

Tonight, I plan to work on the shawl for a bit, but, need to make something for supper first. Also, I need to throw the laundry in the washer.....

Friday, September 12, 2008

Meeting Old Friends and Sharing Good Times

Wednesday night was the usual Craft Night with most of the regulars. A few were sadly missed, but, hopefully they will make it again soon.

Tonight was the monthly Knitting and Crochet Guild meeting. It was nice to see everyone again after not being able to go to the July meeting and missing the August one. I need to pay attention to the fact that the October meeting is a week later due to a holiday that day.

I've been alternating between the Dragon Scales Shawl and the Nanner Sock. The sock is easier for me to work on when with friends. The lace of the shawl means I need to concentrate a bit more and can't talk or participate in my surroundings as easily.

Tomorrow will be a quiet day to work around the house and get caught up on some things I need to finish here. Maybe even wash a fleece.

Saturday, the Spinners Guild is going to be demonstrating at Casey Farm in the morning at the Farmer's Market, and then there's a progressive meeting at Iris and Dave's house in the afternoon to learn Portuguese knitting. I think I will bring my Golding spindle and my Grafton Fibers I got from the NH Sheep and Wool Festival, in case it rains. I don't think it would be a good idea to have the Sonata get wet while I try to put it back in the bag if it decides to downpour. I came home tonight and took the spindle out and played with it a little bit. It spins so smooth.

I got my sheep stitch markers in the mail yesterday and today. They are so adorable and I love them all. I can now say have a flock of sheep, even though they are pink. I also have one in white and one in cocoa brown.