Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Year!...Fibery Adventures

The extra day in this February made it possible for us to be able to say we finally had some snow for this month.  It started around 1p.m. and has been falling in a light, steady way most of the afternoon and evening.  Going out was not a necessity for me today, so I just stayed in, cooked, baked, and enjoyed the views out my kitchen and living room windows. 

Pat decided, after reading several reviews online, to return the new camera.  There are issues with the built in battery charger only working for a few charges and then it's useless.  We are researching some more brands and types on line before committing to one.  The old one sort of works, but, only one of the five pictures I took today came out clear.  The rest were fuzzy.  Ick.  As an example, here's a pic of the ten Snuggles I crocheted in February for the Snuggles Project.

The first 5 ounce, jumbo skein of Shetland was plyed.  I still need to spin that last 2.5 ounces so I can ply the second 5 ounces. 

Last Saturday was the monthly spin in at RI Handspun. Since she resumed the monthly get together, the group has been much smaller.  I do miss some of the ladies who haven't been coming.  I was spinning on the Whorling Tides Merino/Bamboo blend.  I've got about another ounce to spin and then I can start plying the 4 ounces.  The purple and light blue look really pretty together.

On the way home, I stopped at The Bead Store on Rolfe St. in Cranston.  My Dragonfly Wings Shawl requires some beads and none of what I had was quite right for it.  It was a super fast shopping.  I got only what I needed and was out the door in less than 10 minutes.  There has not been any knitting on the shawl since though.  This is a pic of the yarn I'm using.  I spun it during the Tour de Fleece last July.  Part of it was spun at the North Stonington Fair demo I did with my Happy Hands group.

I started a sock from my latest sock book purchase, "Socktopus".  The sock is "Kandahar".  I'm knitting it from Araucania Itata Multi.  The colorway is very similiar to the yarn I'm using for my Dragonfly Wings Shawl. It's a very interesting pattern to knit and really holds my attention.  I am finishing up the gusset and starting the foot of sock one already.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Resurrecting the Camera

We bought a new camera last night.  I thought we were all set.  I should know better.  Pat is attempting to fix the old one.  He's got it so it takes pictures again, but, sometimes they are not the clearest.  To accomplish this, he had to leave the motor out that controls the shutter.  Now the shutter stays open.  If he can get it to work properly, he might take the new one back.  Shhh.  I sort of hope it doesn't work because I really like the new one even though we haven't opened the box yet.

Here's some pictures of the CJ Kopec "Celestial Secrets" fiber and yarn.  I almost forgot to take a pic of the fiber so it's just the last bit I was spinning. Pat took it for me while "testing" the repair. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Currents February 17, 2012

Listening - dog and cat snores

Eating - nothing right now

Drinking - Diet Coke with a squirt of lemon

Wearing - Sweatpants, t-shirt, and leopard slippers

Reading - Socktopus sock book

Weather - it's dusk so nothing special right now

Knitting - the never ending sweater with an end in sight

Wanting - to finish that darn sweater

Needing - to finish laundry and put the dishes away

Enjoying - the quiet of the house

Looking Forward - to spending time with my husband, Patrick, tomorrow

Wondering - what projects to pack for the knitting retreat next month
No Pictures for Me a/k/a Bye Bye Camera

I was taking pictures of some of my spinning, fiber, and yarn to add to my Ravelry queue when the camera made a weird click-click-click noise.  The screen told me to turn the power off and then on again.  The same noise happened.  I managed to download the pictures I had taken from the memory card to my computer.  The problem appears to be that the shutter is partially closed so the camera won't take any pictures.

I guess I'll be investigating new cameras this weekend.  When I think about it, my old one lasted for almost 10 years, so we definitely got our money's worth out of it.

There's been quite a bit of spinning happening.  As of Tuesday, I have 7.5 of the 10 ounces of Shetland spun, with 2.5 ounces left to go.  I decided to take a break and spin something else.  I chose some of my CJ Kopec stash.  The fiber is 4 ounces of teal and purple, called "Celestial Secrets".  I decided to spin this a bit thicker, with the resulting 2 ply giving me 214 yards. 

Wednesday evening found me at a friend's spin in.  The plying was done there.  Since there was still time before we went home, I started some Merino/Bamboo from Whorling Tides.  This wants to be super fine. I love how the purple/blue blend looks.

My sweater has come back into the knitting rotation for a bit.  I did three rows last night on the neck and think it might be time to do the trim.  It needs to be transferred to a longer needle so I can try it on.  Cross your fingers I can finish it this coming week.  There's also some shawls, mittens, and socks I plan to knit on as well.  

Monday, February 13, 2012

Snuggle Progress...Spinning Some Shetland Fiber

Snuggle number 10 was finished yesterday.  I plan to try to make a couple more, medium or large sized, in the coming week.  That will finish the KAL for me.  I'll make more during the year since it's an on-going project. 

Last week I had time to start spinning the moorit colored Shetland I had bought back in December.  There's 10 ounces total of this color.  I decided to divide it into 2.5 ounce bumps, spin each bump on a separate bobbin, and then ply numbers 1 and 3 together, then numbers 2 and 4 together.  This will spread any shading differences throughout the fiber as well as any spinning inconsistencies I might have.  It's being spun in a modified long draw mostly, which makes the spinning much faster. The yarn will be quite puffy and squishy with all the air trapped in it as well with this method.  The finished yarn should be a light fingering when plied.

I finished the first bobbin today at Happy Hands.  Bobbin number 2 is well on it's way to being done as well.  It was spun on during the 2 hour episode of Downton Abbey tonight.  I really love this show and am looking forward to next week's airing. 

I'm not planning to go to bed yet, so I think I'll watch an new episode of one of my favorite podcasts and spin a bit more.  The bobbin might even be finished tonight.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

More Snuggles and Spinning Progress

It feel good to be able to use a crochet hook without hand pain.  After breaking the wrist and developing tendinitis in the hand a few years ago, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to ever enjoy this fiber craft again.  So far, six Snuggles have flown off my hook.  Here's a pic of these six. :

Number 7 is almost finished.  Numbers 8, 9, and 10 are in line to be done as well.    Here's a couple pics of the yarns for those four.: 

I've been spending all my time working on these or spinning so my sweater and sock knitting hasn't been touched.

Speaking of spinning, I finished plying the eight ounces of Rambouillet in "Gothic Roses".  The total yardage is 1250.  It's a personal best for me. :)

Now, I've started spinning the pretty moorit colored Shetland I got last December from Groton Family Farm in CT.  There's 10 ounces of this stuff, and it spins like butter.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Currents #2

I've been seeing a repeat of this meme on a few friends' blogs so I'm doing it again.

LISTENING - to Pat in the kitchen talking to the cat

EATING - Quakes Rice Snacks 'Vanilla Creme Brulee' flavor

DRINKING -  Caffeine Free Diet Coke

WEARING - nightgown.  I'm ready for bed

READING - a library book I just picked up today

WEATHER -  dark and chilly.  It's almost 2 a.m.

KNITTING  -  nothing today.  I'm crocheting Snuggles for animals

WANTING - to finish plying some singles so I can start a new fiber

NEEDING - to do laundry tomorrow and pick up the house a bit

ENJOYING- the warm days we have been having lately

LOOKING FORWARD - to my fiber and yarn groups next week.

WONDERING - what to fix for lunch tomorrow for Pat.