Thursday, July 04, 2013

Happy July 4th, Tour de Fleece 2013, I Won a Prize!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Independence Day.  Pat is just about to start the grill for our supper. We are keeping it simple. I made Red Bliss Potato Salad, and a Tossed Salad.  He's cooking the hot dogs.  I suggested steaks but he wanted hot dogs.  It works for me.☺

I've been spinning for Tour de Fleece.  One of my challenges is to spin 4 ounces into 360 yards of sock yarn.  I really want it to be a 3-ply for this.  My first attempt, using a Corriedale fiber, ended up being only 233 yards.  Now, I have a BFL fiber on the wheel and it's coming out super fine.  It's taking forever, but I hope to make the 360 goal.  If this one fails, I'm going with the accepted option of a 2-ply. 

Another challenge is to spin 100 yards on a spindle.  This one is a real challenge since I don't use my spindles.  They just look pretty sitting on the desk.  lol

I'm also spinning some of my alpaca/merino blend I had Liz process last Spring for me.  It's gorgeous and spins like butter.  ♥

I entered my Jelling Rune Stones Scarf in the DragonflySoars Podcast Birthstone-a-long for the month of June.  We had the option of submitting natural colored items since Pearl was the stone of the month. I squeeked it in on the last day of the month.   She draws using the random number generator.  I won!! ☺ The skein of yarn is coming from Australia so will take a bit of time to get here.  I also entered the skein of Yak/Tussah Silk 50/50 blend I had finished earlier in the month.  Here's a couple pics of the scarf and yarn I spun.: