Thursday, February 09, 2017

Slow Progress and Monogomous Knitting

January was a slow month for me.  I managed to finish both fibers I was spinning, and am quite happy with the results. 17.5 ounces and 811 yards was the total of them.  My Oceanbound Shawl has about 30 rows to go and that will be off the needles.  I knew it wasn't going to be finished in January.

My next spinning project has been chosen, but I'm thinking of waiting until I have my follow up with the podiatrist. My foot was declared healed and I was fitted with my custom orthotics at my January 31 visit. Lots of lotion is being applied to the dry skin now. Wearing socks all the time has become second nature to me.  I want to be cleared to use my regular wheels again.  I miss the meditative feeling from treadling. 

My Kindness KAL Shawl is sitting next to my chair and is ready to be cast on.  One of the ladies brought her finished on to knitting guild last night and it was very pretty.  She had to shorten it a bit because she didn't have quite enough yarn.

It's hard to be monogamous in my knitting, but I'm trying. Vivid squares are calling to me as well.  The corner2corner afghan is also whispering and tempting me.  I do still have a cowl I need to finish. One of these projects may become my 'group' knitting for when I get together with others.

Still no new yarn/fiber purchases since December 29th.  :)