Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dragons and Spinning

Lately, I've been spending quite a bit of time at the Dragon Cave. I have several eggs and hatchlings right now. It's fun to "catch" or "breed" the eggs and watch them grow into very pretty creatures.

Today is a good day to spend with the wheel. It's a cloudy, rainy day, so inside activities are definitely on my list. I've spent the last few days spinning away at the Rose Gray Coopworth fiber. I'm starting bobbin 4 today, and possibly bobbin 5 by tonight. The plan is to spin all the singles by the beginning of March. Then I'll start plying for the sweater.

My knitting is crying for attention, too. So I guess I need to get to that as well.

I'm off to make some lunch and then sit at the wheel again.......

Monday, February 16, 2009

Look At All the Pretty Colors!

Saturday was our Drumcarding Party at the monthly Spinners Guild meeting. I forgot my camera, so don't have any pictures. (Grrr. I always forget my camera.) There was about 6 drumcarders all in action, along with a picker, several wheels spinning, and the creation of some sculpy clay name tags.

There was white with angelina, blue with a hint of brown which looked like the ocean at the shore, mango-orange sherbet, dark cranberry red, green with red and a hint of angelina, and a few other color combinations when everyone was finished. Each one was lovely, fluffy, and made you want to snuggle into them. I think my favorite was the ocean blue one. I have similar colors in the dye box and might have to try making this one myself.

On the wheels were reds, greens, white, and gray. I don't think anyone was actually spinning a multi color this time. On my Sonata, I started the Rose Gray Coopworth pin drafted fiber I bought from Sandi and it spins divine! I hardly do any drafting. This is going to be a sweater for me. The shades in the fiber are showing up wonderfully. I am trying to finish the first bobbin today. I plan to spin the entire 2 pounds before plying so I can mix the bobbins according this article from Knitty, written by Amy King a/k/a Spunky Eclectic. If I find I need more fiber, I can pester Sandi for it. My Minstrel is back in Double Drive so I can finish some more of the Merino I started last year for a sweater. In order to get both these fibers done, I'm going to alternate wheels as I fill bobbins.

As for the knitting and crochet, everything is mostly in the same place. Little progress has been made on anything lately. I need to incorporate the 10 Minutes a Day rule again here. The wheels have had all the attention with the finishing of the "Blueberry Hill Yogurt" and "Pie Toss".

The llama locks had a slight mishap. I was a bit too vigorous in the swishing during the rinse and several are tangled together. I have learned not to do this again. I keep separating some every time I walk past the island counter. There's only a small amount left to de-tangle so it should be settled tonight. The plan is to use the combs for it, then, the drumcarder for the shorter leftovers from the combing. I'll blend the shorts with some wool.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

As the Llama Turns......

Some of you may remember the fleeces I was given back in June '08. Among them was the blanket from the llama. It's a soft, dark gray fiber... I think. It's very dirty and dusty. It spent the summer, fall, and most of the winter in the shed in the back yard along with a Romeldale fleece I've yet to wash.

A few weeks ago, I decided it was time to share this lovely llama fiber with the 3 ladies who spent those 100 degree days helping me sort and re-bag the fleeces. Then it sat in my kitchen until today. With the temps in the 60s and the sun shining through my window, the temptation to do Springtime fibery things was too much. The snow is still on the ground, so I had to soak it in the house. Right now, part of it's in 2 pans on the counter in the kitchen.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Weekend Spinning and Catching Up

I don't know where the sudden burst of spinning energy came from. "Millie" Minstrel was very well loved this past week. On Thursday, I finished Navajo plying the "Mandy", completing the third skein. Then, I immediately started spinning the fiber from my DkKnits fiber club January shipment, "Blueberry Hill Yogurt". The 4 ounces of singles were finished by Saturday! I never spin 4 ounces in 2 days, so this is a record for me. :)

Just so "Esme" Sonata wouldn't feel lonely, I also finished up the 4 ounces of "Pie Toss" singles on Sunday. This is also good since I can now pop the Jumbo Flyer on and ply each of these up. It was a tight fit at the end of each of the singles' bobbins.

My Morning Surf Scarf also saw some love yesterday. It was time to wash the comforter and blankets, so I had to head off to the Laundromat. I managed to get about 6 rows in while the machines did their thing. I hate to just sit and read at the laundry. My hands need to be busy. Plus I get to talk to my friend when she's not busy with customers.

Tonight, it's back to the wheels to do the plying and then whichever needles call me for the knitting. The shawl is still here along with a scarf in chunky baby alpaca I sort of started but am not happy with. The pattern is developing as I go along and not quite what I want.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Spin In With Friends and Fiber Shopping

Yesterday was our monthly Spin In at RI Handspun in Oakdale, RI. It's right across from the Burriville police station. I managed to get about 3 ounces of my "Pie Toss" spun up. It seemed to be a "red" day with several shade of reds and pinks in the room. A few other colors were present as well.

After the Spin In, Sarah drove Marva and myself to visit our friend Sandi's farm. After a delicious supper at the Green Onion, we went back to the farm to fiber shop. I came home with some rose gray Coopworth pin drafted roving to start a sweater. It's so soft and squishy. Marva and Sarah also got some beautiful fibers. In my opinion, Sandi has the best sense for colors and blending. She knows just how much of each color and what fibers to put together. Sometimes there is a little glitz in her stuff, but some is non sparkly like my recent purchase.

The Fabulously Late KAL started knitting sweaters in January. The plan is for me to use the Coopworth for that as well as for the Spinner Central spin for the quarterly SAL for sweaters which started in January. My Merino hasn't been heard from in a while, but will be back on the Minstrel soon. I was thinking of that fiber yesterday and how it needs to be finished. I still have over 2 pounds to spin.

My wrist has been acting up again, so I have to take a break from working on my crochet and knitting projects. Spinning doesn't bother it. Unfortunately, I won't finish my Dragon Scale Shawl by tonight. I had to pull out 20 rows of lace knitting the other night due to a mistake. I thought I could hide it, but it was too obvious. The scale was not diamond shaped at all. That's what I get for trying to knit with a distraction. Four rows are back in already. I will finish it this week though, once the wrist feels better. After putting those two repeats back in, one more might be enough and it will be ready for blocking.

I need to finish my Morning Surf Scarf from the Ply By Night KAL, too.