Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Sweater Weather Approaches ,,, "Duh!" Moments

Now the cooler weather is making an attempt to hang around, it's sweater wearing weather.  Both my Harvest and Miranda, as well as a couple others, are ready for the next few months of cold.

My "Duh!" moments are involving yarn weight.  Remember the Tappan Zee sweater I frogged because it was huge?  I misread the yarn as aran or bulky instead of DK as required.  The yarn is now being used for the Easy All Year Cardigan.  Another hand spun will be tagged for the original sweater. 

I also made my Decemberist Shawl a little bit bigger.  Again, I used the wrong weight yarn.  I thought I had a chunky weight and didn't realize that was just part of the name of the yarn.  It was actually aran weight. 

My Sorrento Shawl came out nice, even though I left off the picot bind off.  There's just something about that stitch I don't care for.  I think the little dingles of yarn bother me when they rub on my arms. 

Currently, my Free Your Fade shawl is about 40% finished.  There's also a couple of cowls on the side waiting to be cast on as quick projects.

There has been very little spinning lately.  A new braid of fiber was started on the mini-spinner, but only about an ounce is spun so far. The other two wheels are empty. Maybe the cooler weather will help me find my spinning mojo again.