Monday, December 31, 2018

Final Finished Items and 2018 Tally

Happy New Year!!  This is my end of year totals/tally.  My 2019 goals are simple.  Use stash, spin stash, make what makes me happy, and try to control what comes into the stashes.  (That last part always seem to be ignored.  lol)

I did finish a cute hat in December.   I just needed a break from the sweater and shawl knitting.  It was the perfect item, and only took  a couple hours.  It is knit in Malabrigo  Rasta in the "Fucsia" colorway which is a bright pink and has a huge pompom on top.  The pattern was "Perky Little Hat".

It seems most of my projects were larger items this year so the count is rather low.  3 shawls, 2 sweaters, 1 cowl, 1 hat, 1 queen size afghan for a total of 8 items.  

There's still the sweater and shawl in progress to start the year off with.  I also plan to start a "Find Your Fade" this month.  I have  it kitted up already.  Plans for more sweaters and shawls are also in the works.

I only managed to finish a little over a pound of the four I wanted to spin for the year.  I hope to get more spun in the upcoming year than in 2018.

Friday, December 07, 2018

Catching Up

It's been a while since I made a post here.  I seem to be in a pink mood last few months. 

My Sipila Sweater was finished and came out great.

I also started and finished the Fallen Cloud Shawl.  I used Malabrigo Rios in "English Rose" for this.  Since I had bought four skeins to make sure I had enough yarn, I just knit an extra repeat to use it up.  I had about three grams left after bind off.         


My current projects are the unfinished "Spring Garden Shawl" and the "Triple Dutch Cardigan".

There hasn't been much spinning lately.  The last finished ones were during Tour de Fleece. 

There's a couple  of Corgi Hill Farm fibers in progress fibers on the Minstrel (Pink Peacock) and Hansen (Lavender Tea). 

The guild meeting is tomorrow and I plan to attend.  I also need to pay my dues for the upcoming year.

Pat took me to the New England Fiber Festival in November where I did some serious stash enhancement.  A few more shawl and sweater quantities were added the the stash.  There was also a visit to WEBS afterwards. 

Saturday, July 21, 2018

A Little Knitting ..... A Little Spinning... Tour de Fleece Time

There's been nothing finished in June or July as far as knitting projects are concerned.  My Silipa  sweater is progressing slowly with most of the yoke color work done.  I only have about eight rows left to do.  Then it's plain knitting with the main color, split for the sleeves and stockinette all the time for the body.

I did start my Spring Garden Shawl.  Mine is much brighter in Mad Tosh "Neon Peach" and Hedgehog Fibre's "Kimono".  It reminds me of Tiger Lilies and those little dark blue flowers (Cosmos I think) found in summer gardens.  Definitely outside my usual colors.  


My first Tour de Fleece spin project was finished but I still need to get the final pic of that.  It is a lovely BFL/Silk blend from Corgi Hill Farm in "Wood Orchid".  The colors go as a gradient from a purple to blue to teal to green.  The total was 428 yards of 2 ply from 5 ounces. 

My current spin is also CHF in a Polwarth/Silk/Firestar blend in the color "Oil Slick".  It's all the colors in an oil puddle.  

Friday, June 01, 2018

Crochet Sweater Frogged .... A new Project Starting

After fighting with my crocheted Lost in Paris Sweater, I've decided to frog it.  After doing a 24 stitches decrease, it's still too big.  I had most of the body done, but its not worth continuing if I'm not going to wear it.  The yarn will go back in stash and become another sweater in the future.  

Plans are to start Sipila by Caitlin Hunter now.  The main color will be this tonal pink.  I need to decide on the sparkly pale pink for speckled for the color work.  I'm leaning toward the speckled one.


Winning Prizes and Slow Craft Progress

The past month has seen me mostly staying home again.  There was a trip to Mermaid's Purl for a trunk show and book signing with Bristol Ivy.  A copy of her book and two skeins of yarn were purchased.  The drive home was a tough one since my back was acting up and it caused a lot of pain in my right side and leg.  The next day was knit group and I had to skip the tea room luncheon.  There was no way I could drive over an hour each way.

The Friday of Memorial Day weekend was our cemetery visitation day.  Pat drove me to Driftwood Yarns in Groton first.  I got to see Cindy who used to go to Happy Hands with me.  Four more skeins came home.  Two to go with previous projects and two for a new one.  

There was also a couple of online orders which I'm not going to list here.  About five sweaters worth have come into the stash as well as a few other projects.  

There was a skein of yarn and three patterns won between April and May.  This encouraged me to buy a couple of Powerball tickets but I didn't win anything - lol.

Photos are in the process of being taken to update my stash.  I'm trying to do as many missing ones as possible.

May was not a very productive month for me as far as crafting is concerned.  I did finish my Hemiphere half pi shawl at the beginning of the month.  I've been busy crocheting on my  "Lost in Paris" sweater.  It's had some sizing issues and been ripped back a few times.  

Only about an ounce of fiber has gotten spun.  It's a BFL/Silk blend that's spinning super fine and taking longer.  

My goal is to finish both these projects in June.  Tour de Fleece is in July and I have plans to spin for that.  My first fiber for that will be Corgi Hill Farm's Oil Slick.  (I still need a pic of my braid).  There's a couple other braids picked out to follow up with as well.

Thursday, April 05, 2018

Knitting Finishes and Some Health Woes

Most of February and March found me settling in to staying at home most of the time since I had some health issues requiring me to stay calm and quiet.  I'm feeling better but still have stuff to deal with.  I only went to the yarn shop a couple of times because I needed something.  Otherwise, it's been mostly short, quick trips to the market or store and back home.

All this staying home means more time for crafting.  Here's a picture of my Corner2Corner Afghan I finished in the middle of February.   After finishing that, I started and finished a Basic Boomerang Shawl.  Then it was back to my Easy All Year Cardigan I knit with handspun.  It's big and comfy, with three quarter sleeves. The sweater and shawl pics are not blocked items.  After posting the pictures, I realized I must be in a "blue" mood.  My next project is pink, purple, and blue.  :)

I'm sort of in a monogamous knit mode right now.  My current project is the Hemisphere Shawl.  It's a half pi design and I'm loving how it's coming out.  I'm using the yarn called for from Craftsy in a sport weight superwash alpaca blend.  I just started Ring 6 so it doubled in size again. I have that, Ring 7 and the applied border left to do.  

My spinning has been almost non existent right now with just the singles finished from the second braid of Panda blend "Let Love In" from Spunky Eclectic.  I haven't felt like getting the Hansen out of it's bag to ply it yet.  I did buy a new tote bag in a Cheetah print for the mini spinner.  It's actually a sewing machine rolling cart, but works great for the spinner and all the paraphernalia I need to carry with it.  The Craftsman bag worked well too, but I am having problems carrying items long distance.  My back doesn't like it.  I found the new tote on Amazon, but I know Walmart has a black quilted version.  I still need to use a table since the top of the bag is not firm enough to support resting the spinner on it.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

A Little Spinning,and Knitting ... .Lots of Crocheting

2018 has started off slow in the spinning and knitting portions.  Instead I have had a crochet hook in my hand most of the time.  I made a Corner2Corner afghan, using Premier Sweet Rolls self striping cakes.  I just continued with the same color as I finished each one.  It covers the top of a queen size bed, but my plan is to use it in my recliner on cool/cold evenings.  

I did knit a lacy cowl, using Madelinetosh Vintage held double.  I had enough to get through 2 full repeats, but not the half one before the garter row edge.  It's tall enough for me so I'm fine with that.

The Minstrel wheel still has the same Spunky Eclectic braid in progress.  I just haven't felt like spinning lately.  The Sonata and Hansen are both in their bags with empty bobbins. 

There was much retail therapy in both  the fiber and yarn departments.  One of my favorite fiber dyers used "Farscape" (one of my favorite series) for color inspiration and I had to buy two of her colors.  Of course fiber is squishy and must not travel alone.  Many other fiber "friends" had to be purchased as well.  lol  I look forward to spinning it all.  Plans are in the works to do a combo spin for a sweater some time in the future.

There was a visit to Driftwood Yarns with my knitting friends which resulted in yarn for three future projects.  On Super Bowl Sunday, Pat drove me to the same shop for a trunk show for Knits4Comfort yarn.  A sweater quantity came home with me from that.  If he had not been waiting for me in the car,  and I had gone alone, it might have been a different scenario.  The wool fumes would have sang their siren song and more skeins would have been put in my basket. lol

A Basic Boomerang Shawl by Laura Nelkin has been started.  I found it through a Craftsy email for a yarn sale.  The sample was knit in a brown color change sport weight yarn,  I bought the same yarn, but in the blue color change, and a skein of lighter blue for the ending.  I want it a little bigger than the original.  My Easy All Year Cardigan still needs finishing.  Now my hand is feeling a bit better, I can knit for short intervals.  My goal is to work on that a couple times each day.

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

My Knitting & Spinning 2017 Review and 2018 Plans

Happy New Year!!  May 2018 be a wonderful, blessed year for everyone.

The numbers for 2017 are not as much as previous years, but not shabby.  My goal was 40 skeins, but I knit larger projects. Totals were 23 projects resulting in 25.25 skeins with 8117.5 yards used. Here's the breakdown:
4 Cowls (3 knit and 1 crochet)
1 Mitts (crochet)
1 Socks
6 Shawls (all large sized)
1 Sweater
10 Vivid Squares for the afghan

Spinning came in under my goal of 6 pounds thanks to having to rest the foot between spinning episodes and working on knit projects.  Still, I' m happy with my results of 64 ounces (4 pounds) with a result of 3160.15 yards  finished.

My plans for 2018 are:
4 adult size sweaters, two shawls, finish one of my 2 current afghan projects, finish some "old" WIPs, use 30 skeins, spin 4 pounds, do some dyeing and fiber processing at home.  My husband will bring the dye and processing supplies upstairs so I can use the deck in the Spring for that.  With the impending snow storm this Thursday, I might try snow dyeing for the first time.

I also hope to get some other crafts done as well. - Stained glass, paint ceramics, and use my sewing machine.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Thanksgiving Feasting and Knitting & Spinning

Yesterday was a quiet Thanksgiving for us.  My husband helped prep and cook our meal.  Since we both prefer the white meat of the bird, we bought a turkey breast instead of the whole bird.  Mashed potatoes, stuffing, carrots/turnips, butternut squash, and homemade cranberry sauce finished out the menu.  We skipped a few veggies, rolls, and dessert.  Of course, we both took long naps after eating.  lol

One of my Ravelry forum groups is having a "Big Giant Year-End Get It Done Challenge".  My five items listed are:
- Finish current braid of fiber plus at least 1 more 
- Finish current Vivid blanket square plus 4 more  (one left to do)
- Knit False Creek Cowl  (done)
- Knit Easy All Year Cardigan
- Add new yarn and fiber acquisitions to stash as the come in (done) 
Since I didn't go to the festival, there was a lot of online shopping as well as a bit at a LYS.  

My "Free Your Fade" shawl and another cowl were also finished this month.  I even made it to spinning guild two months in a row!  I'm looking forward to the next meeting now that I'm back on track with attending.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Sweater Weather Approaches ,,, "Duh!" Moments

Now the cooler weather is making an attempt to hang around, it's sweater wearing weather.  Both my Harvest and Miranda, as well as a couple others, are ready for the next few months of cold.

My "Duh!" moments are involving yarn weight.  Remember the Tappan Zee sweater I frogged because it was huge?  I misread the yarn as aran or bulky instead of DK as required.  The yarn is now being used for the Easy All Year Cardigan.  Another hand spun will be tagged for the original sweater. 

I also made my Decemberist Shawl a little bit bigger.  Again, I used the wrong weight yarn.  I thought I had a chunky weight and didn't realize that was just part of the name of the yarn.  It was actually aran weight. 

My Sorrento Shawl came out nice, even though I left off the picot bind off.  There's just something about that stitch I don't care for.  I think the little dingles of yarn bother me when they rub on my arms. 

Currently, my Free Your Fade shawl is about 40% finished.  There's also a couple of cowls on the side waiting to be cast on as quick projects.

There has been very little spinning lately.  A new braid of fiber was started on the mini-spinner, but only about an ounce is spun so far. The other two wheels are empty. Maybe the cooler weather will help me find my spinning mojo again.

Monday, September 04, 2017

Sweater Finishing, Shawl Progression

I am loving the cool weather of the last few days.  Of course, the heat came back today.  I was hoping to sit outside under my umbrella, but not in the heat.  It might be possible later when the sun is going down.  

My Harvest sweater is on the blocking board and almost dry.  Here's a pre-blocking picture. 

The Sorrento Shawl is progressing nicely. I started the second portion of short rows today, and hope to get that part done by tonight.  The third color (aqua) looks nice with the other two colors. This needs to be done by September 15 in order to enter it into the designer's KAL.  There's still two big lace portions and a picot bind off to do.   Here's a picture from when I was in the first short row portion.


Plans are to get two other shawls blocked today.  I am just waiting until the sweater is completely dry to I can re-claim the foam boards. Both shawls are long and take a lot of board.  I really should pick up a third set.

There's been no spinning lately.  I've been concentrating on finishing up some of my knitting projects.  The next fiber is picked out and ready to go on the Hansen soon.  My foot has been sore lately, so I don't want to inflict any damage by treadling on my other wheels right now.  

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Spinning Like a Dervish ... Knitting Progress... New Computer

 The first thing that happened in July, was a new computer.  I'm still learning it's quirks, but I love it.  My old computer files are on an external hard  drive and I still need to upload the ones I want to keep onto the new computer.

July also saw me constantly at the wheels - Minstrel, Sonata, and Hansen.   So, in order not to put too much pressure on my sensitive foot, I alternated between a treadle wheel and the mini-spinner.  I have taken a break since Tour de Fleece, but, think I will pull some fiber out soon.  Here's a couple pics of the finished yarns.

With all the spinning, there was still some knitting accomplished.  I've finished the body and just have the sleeves left to do on my Harvest.  I also knit a Decemberist Shawl.  I used a thinner yarn and have decided to add more to it to make it a little bigger.  I also started my Sorrento Shawl in two shades of teal and a variegated yarn.  I'm also thinking of starting a Free Your Fade with the other three skeins shown below, but want to finish my other shawls first.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Crafting Slump, Tour de Fleece Prep & Computer Woes

For the last month, I just haven't felt like working on my current projects.  This may be because they are all larger ones and take longer to see progress.  Plus, ripping out an entire sweater after separating for the sleeves didn't feel too good.  It could have wrapped around my husband and myself at the same time.  I'm not sure my gauge was so far off.  All I know is swatches lie!

I have a different sweater on the needles (Harvest by TinCanKnits) and it's coming along nicely.  I'm into the straight stockinette portion that seems never ending.  I put a progress keeper on it so I can actually see the difference.  The yarn is Wool Pak from New Zealand in a pretty pink color.

I did finish my first pair of socks for 2017 in May. The Corgi Hill Farm Rambo/Silk braid in "Door to Monte Cassino 1" was also finished.  I decided to chain ply it instead of using it with a similar colorway.

Another LYS closed at the end of May and I visited it twice before it closed.  Yarn for an afghan, sweater, three shawls, a scarf, and felted slippers are now added to the stash.  I am participating in the Biggest Loser Stash Down but am going in the wrong direction!  There also was a visit to Mermaid Purls in Wickford where I used my gift certificate toward part of my purchase.  One of the yarns bought was my first Hedgehog Fibres.

My wheels are all cleaned and ready for Tour de Fleece to start  this Saturday, July 1.  If you don't know about this, it's a spinning event in which we spin on our wheels, spindles, charkas or tool of choice every day the competitors ride their bikes in the Tour de France Race.  We make our own goals and challenge ourselves during the event. Currently, I have three projects planned. - One for each of the two wheels and one for the mini spinner. 

Now, the bad news,  My 10 year old desktop  computer has quit on me.  It was a good faithful friend but it died last week.  We are taking it in tomorrow to see if the tech can pull my pictures and files off it.  I would hate to lose my knitting info and patterns as well as some of the pictures.  At least I have the laptop to use.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Keeping the Carrot in Sight

I've been monogamous in my project this past week.  The crochet bug bit me and I've finished with the mitts and working on the matching cowl of my Maniac Fingerless Gloves and Cowl set.  It's a free pattern on Ravelry.  I'm using Ella Rae Lace Merino DK but the yarn is more of a sport weight.  My set will just be a bit lacier.

The carrot reference is in regards to my current project.  The carrot is my Tappan Zee sweater.  I will return to knitting on it only after finishing a project, since April hasn't seen many items leave the WIP pile - only two squares for my blanket.

My back is messed up again so the regular wheel spinning is on hold.  Treadling pulls on my right side, causing pain.  Thankfully, I can sit and use the Hansen.  Plans are to finish the cowl and spin some later tonight.

My oldest WIP is  Swan Lake/Mystery Stole 3 and is 10 years old.  While looking at some of my hibernated projects today, I fell in love with this pattern all over again.   I think Ravelry started about the same time as I found this through a Knitter's Review (no longer available) post.  The KAL was hosted through a Yahoo group.  It was my first project involving charts, beads, lace, and a mystery.  I jumped into it with both feet.  lol   It's being frogged and re-started since my gauge is so different now. 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Part Butterfly

I must have become part butterfly because I'm flitting from project to project and not finishing anything this month so far.  There's the hand spun Tappan Zee sweater, felted clogs, two different fibers on two wheels, a crochet mitt and cowl set, a pair of socks, and Vivid blanket squares all in progress.  

My foot is doing well as you can see from the spinning mentioned above.  The blue sparkle fiber is half way through the second braid on the Minstrel.  The little mat my husband picked up for me works great for keeping my wheel from "walking" away from me.  My Hansen spinner has some beautiful Rambouillet and silk blend on it.  I'm debating about spinning a similar color and plying them together. Both have grays, pinks, and a peachy shade. They are the same blend and from the same dyer. What do you think?

I did manage to finish my Garter Path Shawl and love it.  Two more Vivid squares are finished and a final decision made regarding the placement of them when it's time to attach them together.  All the pictures are unblocked items. The yarn pic is before I gave it a soak and set the twist.



Here are pictures of the latest completed projects:
Kindness KAL Shawl, Oceanbound Shawl, Rippling River Cowl, and the Raspberry sparkle yarn.


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Healed Foot, Wheel Spinning, Flying Needles

February and March have been eventful months for me. 

I did take some time off from spinning waiting to hear if my foot was healed and I could use my Minstrel and Sonata wheels. That happened at my March 7th appointment.  I'm taking it slow so as no to irritate the foot but have spun about 3 of 4 ounces of a Fiber Stash Merino and Twinkle braid in Raspberry.  I bought this at NEFF last November.  Plans are to finish it over the next day or so and ply it on the weekend.  The only problem is that my wheel slides on the wood floor.  I'm sitting in my recliner with it raised a bit so my feet can reach the treadles.  Pat picked up an area rug with a rubber backing for me to try with it.  That should solve the problem.  Here's a pic of the fiber.

My Oceanbound Shawl, Kindness KAL Shawl, and Rippling Rivers Cowl are all finished.  There's also been a Vivid blanket square completed.   I just need to block them all. (I've been trying to do Oceanbound for three weeks now)  The Kindness has an extra two repeats of lace because I had more than enough yarn and wanted the darkest shade of the gradient in it.  I had about 2 yards left after binding off.

Currently, I've pulled my Garter Path Shawl back out and am working on that.  This is also going to be much larger than the original because I have the second skein of yarn.  As I said before, it blends and continues perfectly where the first one ended.   My tote bag of yarn for my Vivid blanket squares is next to my chair on the end table so I can work on them as well if I want to switch it up a bit.  My next project is a Tappan Zee Sweater and maybe a pair of socks.

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Slow Progress and Monogomous Knitting

January was a slow month for me.  I managed to finish both fibers I was spinning, and am quite happy with the results. 17.5 ounces and 811 yards was the total of them.  My Oceanbound Shawl has about 30 rows to go and that will be off the needles.  I knew it wasn't going to be finished in January.

My next spinning project has been chosen, but I'm thinking of waiting until I have my follow up with the podiatrist. My foot was declared healed and I was fitted with my custom orthotics at my January 31 visit. Lots of lotion is being applied to the dry skin now. Wearing socks all the time has become second nature to me.  I want to be cleared to use my regular wheels again.  I miss the meditative feeling from treadling. 

My Kindness KAL Shawl is sitting next to my chair and is ready to be cast on.  One of the ladies brought her finished on to knitting guild last night and it was very pretty.  She had to shorten it a bit because she didn't have quite enough yarn.

It's hard to be monogamous in my knitting, but I'm trying. Vivid squares are calling to me as well.  The corner2corner afghan is also whispering and tempting me.  I do still have a cowl I need to finish. One of these projects may become my 'group' knitting for when I get together with others.

Still no new yarn/fiber purchases since December 29th.  :)

Monday, January 23, 2017

A Question of Want or Need

I am participating in The Fiber Pusher Podcast Biggest Loser Stash Down, as I mentioned before.  So far, I'm doing well with no new yarn or fiber purchases since my last Knit Picks order on December 29.  It arrived in January but counts as December since that's when it was paid for.

Now, this has me being mindful of future fiber/yarn purchases.  I plan to ask myself "Do I need or want that?"  If the answer is "need" I can buy it.  If the answer is "want" I have to justify it to myself and have a project planned for it.  I have a gift certificate to a LYS to use and there's a planned festival (possibly 2) for later in the year.  Plans are to only purchase at those times.  It does help to close yarn websites and delete their emails for now.

So far I've finished 9.15 ounces of a spinning project, and have about 75% of a shawl done.  My January goal is to finish the shawl and get a square done on that Vivid blanket that seems to never grow.  Maybe, if there's time I can finish the second 4 ounce bag of Loop "Nebula", and get it plied.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Things are Looking Up

There's been many good things happening this week.  
1.  My foot is almost healed.  My next  appointment in a little over a week and it should be healed.  Until then, I'm in the boot.
2.  My first spin project of the year is done.  It was Spinner's Hill BFL/Silk in a pretty rusty red with gold and orange in it.  I did it as a 2-ply and got 461 yards from 9.15 ounces.  Here's a pic of the fiber.  I still need to get one of the yarn.  My current spinning project is a Spontaneous Cloud from Loop in "Nebula".  It's the blue pic below.  Both of these were purchased from the New England Fiber Festival last November.  I also bought a second 4 ounces of the "Nebula" from Loop's shop when I decided the original 4 ounces was not going to be enough.


3. Both my custom orthotic shoe inserts and my diabetes supplies are shipped and should be here shortly.
4.  My Outbound Shawl is about 60% done.  There's just one and a half repeats left before the final bigger lace portion.
5.  Chair yoga and other chair exercises has been getting done. 

The only "not good" thing is my back is acting up.  I'm not sure if it's from my walking gait being off due to the boot or the weather we are going to get.  I'm thinking it's a combo.  My "backometer" is usually pretty accurate.  I stayed home from knitting group today because driving for an hour in pain was not a good idea.  Hopefully, I can go again soon.

Friday, January 13, 2017

3 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back

It's only the 13th of January and already the year has had highs and lows.  

My appointment with my diabetes doctor was mixed.  The A1C number is down almost 2 whole points, but my thyroid med had to be increased as well as my insulin.

My foot ulcer was declared healed on December 19th.  It then re-opened a tiny bit on December 31.  So I'm back to the medication, dressing, boot and cane.  I was so looking forward to using my regular spinning wheels as soon as the spot had "toughened up" a bit more.  

This set off an emotional eating episode.  It got ugly.  I had my appointment yesterday with my nutritionist and was up 3 pounds in a month.  Yeah, not good.  

I had a hard talk with myself a couple days before the appointment, and have re-set my program. As she told me, I've gone 3 steps forward and 1 step back.   The chair yoga and modified chair exercises are getting done, every bite is written in my journal, and I'm offloading weight on that foot again.  Sleep is still an issue but I'm working on changing my routine to improve that too. This is steps forward.  :)

The final step back was the passing of someone I met through my job and I've known for over 30 years. He was very sick with cancer and is now at peace.  My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

2016 Project Tally and 2017 Projections

 The end of 2016 project tally is not bad.  Most of the year was spent concentrating on socks, but there were a few larger projects knit as well.  
Here's how the numbers look:
Socks - 16 pairs
Sweater- 1
Hats - 2
Shawls - 3 (2 huge and  1 regular sized)
Cowl - 1
Total = 26 projects and a few Vivid Squares for my blanket.
Spinning - I squeaked in 6 of the 10 pound goal.  (foot issues slowed this down some)

My 2017 project projections (subject to change) are: 
Current Projects
Outbound Shawl (in progress) 
Rippling River Cowl  (in progress)
Kindness KAL Shawl (waiting)
Garter Path Shawl  (in progress and making it larger so it's worked on sporadically)

 Also on the list are
Tappan Zee Sweater in Handspun (waiting)
Felted Clog Slippers 
Winter Waves Swirl Sweater
Flax Sweater
Vivid Squares  (on-going project)

Socks will also be added in between because I want to finish the yarns left in my YOSSRATS2016 bin. For now, the Outbound is a good 'group' project if I'm in the garter stitch part.  Otherwise, I take the Rippling River Cowl to knitting.  

Here's a picture of my last pair of socks which were finished at 11:58pm on December 31.  The picture of the two skeins is my Outbound Shawl and the one of the caked skein is my Kindness KAL Shawl.


Happy 2017 -- New Years Goals/Intentions

Happy New Year folks.  I hope 2017 is going to be a good year for everyone.

My intentions for this year are not as specific as I usually make them.  No number of items list this time.

Craft ones are:
Work down my yarn stash, spin 6 pounds of fiber, don't add anything to the stashes (New England Fiber Festival is the only exemption to this). 
Use my craft books.
Get back to languishing stained glass projects.

Life ones are:
Do my chair yoga video 3 or 4 times a week, do other chair exercises, walk once the foot is healed,  stay on my diet plan, (as per my nutritionist)

Re-organize my craft rooms again.  The basement one has to wait until I can manage the stairs safely. The main one was partially done when we put the book case in the room. 

I really want to do some house stuff too.  Paint the kitchen, put the rail on the back yard's deck. The Sunsetter Awning has to be put back up too.  It was taken down during a predicted high wind storm and never got put back up. (If I "start" these I know Pat will take over.  lol He doesn't let me do home repairs/renovations.)

Monday, December 26, 2016

Re-Do of a Meme

I decided to re-visit this meme.

Listening: my cat 'snorkeling' (she has allergies)

Watching: nothing

Eating: Yoplait Greek yogurt Cherry flavor

Drinking: Hot Chocolate Raspberry Coffee

Wearing: long sleeve t-shirt, sweat pants, socks and slippers

Reading:  Historical Romance, PLY magazine (love the latest issue)

Weather: cold but it's not snowing

Knit: socks for December then a shawl and a couple of cowls

Spin:  Spinner's Hill BFL/Silk in a rust/orange colorway

Want: a different table to use over my recliner

Need: to pick up snorkel kitty and give her some cuddles

Looking Forward to: dyeing yarn/fiber in my basement craft room

Wonder:  how long before I can get down those stairs to my room. (still can't do stairs with my foot issues)

Merry Christmas! ... Slow Knitting Progress ... A Fiber Community Loss

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all who celebrate.  We had a quiet Christmas here, just the two of us.  Pat and I made a nice pork tenderloin with mashed potatoes and a mixed veggie. He helped with the prep work as well as checked on the roast and potatoes as they were cooking so I could rest my foot.  It's healed but I'm trying to stay off it as much as possible since it's still sore until it gets 100% back to normal.

My knitting is suffering lately.  The December YOSS socks are being knit in tandem and are at gusset decreases.  I hope to finish before the last minute of the month.  Sadly, YOSS group is disbanding on Ravelry.  There is so much camaraderie among the members.  I'm going to miss following and posting in threads.  One of the moderators has set up a new group for a while and I've joined that.  

My Project Peace Cowl didn't get finished by December 21.  I put it aside since I've missed that date, but plan to pick it back up as soon as I finish the socks.  The same goes for my Rippling River Cowl. I do have a project to cast on for January 1 at 12:01 a.m.   It's the Oceanbound  Shawl and is part of a KAL in the We Are Yarn Podcast group.  

There was some spinning on the Hansen.  About 2 ounces are left of the original 9.  Maybe I can squeeze that in between sock knitting to give my hands a rest from the size 1 needles. I set the mini spinner up on the card table, and slide it in front of my recliner. Once I'm settled in the chair, with remotes, laptop, drink, and legs are up, I can spin.  I keep a bin of "next" projects near my chair and put the bag of fiber on it. The fiber is in batts and in a clear plastic trash bag so it's easy to reach in and grab a handful of fluff to continue spinning.

I was sad to learn of the passing of Tracy Drake (a/k/a Copperpot Woolies) earlier this month.  She will be missed by all who loved her fiber batts.  I still have several in my stash and will think of her often while spinning them.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Current and Finished Items, Prizes

It's been quite a month here.  Lots of good stuff with a little bad tossed in was the rule. 

My Indigopie sweater was finished.  It was entered into a few groups on Ravelry for KALs, and I won two skeins of yarn.  My November socks took until December to be finished.  Partly due to my back going out and my not being able to use my arm to knit for a few days.  This led to some retail therapy.  :)  And I had done so well with not shopping after Thanksgiving.   The second pair planned for November got pushed back to December.

The sweater isn't blocked in the picture.  The front is suppose to be higher than the back and is meant to be open without buttons.



My knitting guild holiday party was last night.  We always have a Yankee Swap with knitting or crochet related items.  I knit a hat which I think was well received.  The person said she liked it.  I usually just pick a gift, but, this year I "stole" one.  I came home with a gift certificate to Mermaid's Purl yarn shop. :)

Currently, I have two cowls, and two pairs of socks on needles, and two fibers on bobbins for the Hansen.  I got bored with the first fiber so started a second one.  I still can't treadle and use my regular wheels.  Hopefully, I get an "all clear" from the podiatrist next week.  

I still need to get my tree up but it's hard with crutches. The big one won't be used this year.Maybe I can talk Pat into putting the tabletop one up for me.  I can sit and decorate it.  

I'm actually sort of colorful myself right now.  On Saturday, my desk chair caster got caught up on the edge of my area rug .  When I tugged on it, the caster snapped off, and the chair tossed me on the hardwood floor.  Luckily nothing was broken, just lots of bruises on my upper thigh, arm, and foot. Everything is still a little sore but getting better. 

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Knitting Calms My Nerves ... A Fiber Festival

It seems it doesn't take much to set me off lately.  I'm not sure why.  I guess dealing with the foot issue is wearing on my nerves and stressing me out.  I did have a great visit with the nutritionist last week.  My weight and blood sugar numbers are both down.  I see her in four weeks for a follow up. 

There's been much knitting progress.  The Sail Shawl is finished, and my Indigopie sweater is about 70 percent done.  I think I might be playing yarn chicken at the end of it.  The shop only had just enough skeins for my size so I couldn't buy the extra one like I always do.  My November socks for YOSS still need to be knit as well.  I can't use my wheels and just haven't felt like setting up the Hansen, so there's been no spinning lately.  I was thinking about it so maybe tonight or tomorrow will see something on a bobbin.

 Last weekend was the New England Fiber Festival.  Pat and I decided to go on Saturday.  He did the driving and I helped navigate. For some reason, I was getting car sick so there was only a tiny bit of knitting accomplished.  

I had made a list of "must visit" vendors,and mostly stuck to it.    I also got to meet Jen from The Uncreative Crafter Podcast, and The After Hours Podcast.  She was vending for Fiber Stash where I bought some Merino Twinkle fiber to spin.  I did see several spinning and knitting friends, some who I hadn't seen in over a year. 

We also took a quick drive up to WEBS where I only got the yarn for the one project I had in mind - a poncho.  After a quick meal at Wendy's we headed for home.  

Here's a picture of my newest acquisitions.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Visiting Yarn Shops

Last Friday, several of my knitting friends decided to visit Mermaid's Purl in Wickford, RI  for her new shop opening.  She moved over one street to a much bigger shop.  There's lots to choose from, but, I couldn't really look around too much due to the crutches.  This is a shop I didn't usually go to, but, plan to visit again in the future.  

I've been seeing the Three Color Cashmere Shawl  being shown on podcasts for a while and it just didn't really appeal to me.  There was one on display in this shop.  I loved it and bought the yarn in the same colors it was knit in - pale pink, silver, and dark gray.  No set plans are in place as to when this will get cast on, but, I had to buy it.  :)

Right now, I need to finish "Sail", and start two sweaters.  Indigopie and Tappan Zee are both bagged and waiting.  Of course, there's two November socks planned as well.  One is plain vanilla and one patterned.

Another visit to Driftwood Yarns in Mystic is also in the very near future.  Right now, I don't plan to go to the New England Fiber Festival.  If my foot and back are doing good, those plans might change.  It's two weeks away. 

Halloween Socks, "Sail"ing, Birthday Yarn, and Foot Issues

It's been a tough month with a foot problem.  At the end of September, I thought I had a blister on the side of my foot and it turned out to be the beginning of an ulcer on the ball of my foot.  Not walking on that foot was mandatory for it's healing.  I've been in a special boot, applying a special medication,  and using crutches for most of the month.  It has worked and I got the clearance to go back to my regular shoe as of yesterday's appointment.  There's a small spot still which has to have the med and bandage on it, but I don't need to use the crutches.  

I also saw my diabetes doctor and made an appointment with his nutritionist the same day as the foot issue started. Well, I'm doing great with my new plan.  I'm down 10 pounds and my glucose has dropped between 70 and 100 points (now between 70 and 160s instead of in the 200s).  It definitely helped the foot problem.  And, that's without walking and just doing "chair" type exercises. Arm and upper body movements in the chair and leg lifts laying on the bed.   I liked Weight Watchers but need a more structured, less flexible, food plan.  Set carb amounts works best for me.  

Since I was chair bound, I managed to finish my Halloween socks knit in Fishknit's "Count Sheepula" colorway.  They look like velour. My "Sail" Shawl is almost two thirds done.  The second skein is almost done. It's so soft and squishy.  It's also perfect for group knitting since you only have the one increase and attached I-cord to remember.  I'm hoping to get to the purple yarn for the edging by this weekend. The picture is at the end of the first skein.


 Expression Fiber Arts had some gorgeous yarn for October in the "Tourmaline" colorway.  I got two skeins, and a semi-solid of the matching pink.  That's 1500 yards of fingering weight. I need to find a pattern for it. 

No spinning happened.  I had my husband set up the big card table so I can put my Hansen on it, but just never did.  That will happen this week.  

Monday, October 03, 2016

In The Mood For Mauve

It seems I've been in the mood to use a particular shade of mauve in my projects lately.  My Big Island Wrapper and Spring Forward socks both have this color in them.


I developed a small ulcer on the bottom of my foot so spinning on the Minstrel is limited for now.  My other foot gets tired from doing all the treadling. Because of this, I haven't finished the last ounce of my Blackberry Ice Cream colorway singles yet.  (It's almost the same shade of mauve).  Plans are to ply it all on the Hansen as soon as I can. 


Since I'm not suppose to walk on my foot, I have lots of time at the desk or in the recliner with the feet up.  This lends itself to lots of knitting time.  Besides the above two projects, and some more Vivid squares being finished, I cast on two more projects.  Sail is a garter stitch asymmetrical shawl with attached I-cord.  My October YOSSRATS2016 socks are French Vanilla Cappuccino by C.C. Almon.  The shawl yarn is from June Pryce Fiber Arts  Beavertail DK in "Ziggy Stardust".  The socks yarn is Fishknits "Count Sheepula" which is a perfect name for Halloween time.  It's self-striping dark purple, black, burgundy, and olive green.


Before the foot issue, I spent a lovely afternoon in Mystic at Driftwood Yarns in September.  There was quite a bit of stash acquisitions purchased.  There was some lovely fiber near the counter that called my name.  It's from Groton Family Farm's Shetland sheep.  Sadly, the farm is now closed and this fiber is no longer available.  So of course I had to buy some.  :)  I plan to knit an Indigopie so a sweater quantity of Encore Chunky.  Two skeins of Happy Feet 100 Splash sock yarn  and one of Cascade Heritage Prints also found their way home with me as well.