Sunday, July 24, 2016

Tour de Fleece Spinning; More Prizes; Sock Knitting

Tour De Fleece 2016 has finished as of today.  I am happy with my accomplishments.  The "Tuscany" as a chain ply, 12 ounces, 455 yds.;  "Vineyard Haven" as a 2 ply, 8 ounces, 626 yds.; and a Loop batt "Sweeeeet" as a chain ply, 4.2 ounces, 188.5 yds.  I had hurt my leg and was happy to have the Hansen so I could finish my spinning goals.  Prior to that I had been using my Minstrel for the first two projects.  I had to ply the Vineyard and do the Loop batt on the e-spinner while elevating my leg.  (It's much better now, but still a little weak). 


Knitting was also completed.  My June "Kick in the Butt" socks and the "Ziggy Cowl" were both done before the end of the month.  Right now, the only knitting I'm concentrating on is my July socks, "My Cup of Tea".  I like the pattern but the sock is a little snug to pull on.  It might be the yarn (old Knit Picks Memories) and needle combo, or the pattern part draws in a bit. Sock one is done and sock two is at the gusset.  Plans are to get that part done and motor on down the foot and toe before the end of the month.  The socks on the right are my June plain vanilla ones.


I won another pattern last week and some fiber this week.  My luck has not been so good with Powerball though.  :)

My plans are to knit another pair of socks and a Big Island Shawl  in August.   This is yarn for that. 

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Slow Project Progress and Super Lucky Lately

I know it's only been a few days since my last post but am trying to get on here more often.  

My "Kick in the Butt" socks have seen a bit of knit time.  The first one is finished and it's twin has completed ribbing.  The Vanilla socks saw no love the last few days.  I've been knitting on my Ziggy Cowl.  I love the way my handspun is feeling.  It's a bit thicker than the pattern called for, so I cast on an extra 10 stitches to make it a tiny bit looser.  

I'm still working on getting the third braid of "Tuscany" spun up.  I'm going to ply the whole twelve ounces at one time.  My next fiber is staring at me from on top of the table where it's safe from Isabella kitty.  Of course, it's in a plastic bag, too.

As previously posted, I won a project bag and stitch markers last Monday.  Well, on Tuesday, while listening to another of my favorite podcasts, I heard my name called again.  This time it was for my sweater spin project.  The prize was a $25 gift certificate from Etsy.  Woot!  Woot!  I'm saving it until something really begs to come live with me and my stashes.  

I was feeling very lucky.  On Wednesday, I had my husband pick me up two Powerball Quick Pick tickets.  I specifically told him to use MY $4 to buy mine on a separate slip.  He goofed it up.  He bought them with his money instead when he got his. Not a single number was right.  My lucky streak is over. :(  

Wednesday night was my knitting guild meeting in which we had a huge Show & Tell.  Everyone brought three items to show.  I brought one scarf, two shawls- "Wine Tasting" Cashmere Scarf,
 "Flamboyan" Shawl, and "Evenstar" Shawl.

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

"Stash Dash" Plans, Another Prize

Every Spring, the Knit Girllls Podcast hosts what is know as "Stash Dash".  The idea is to knit, crochet, spin, weave, or tat your way through as much stash as you can from Lala's last day of work in May until she returns in August.  She's a librarian/teacher and has most of the Summer off to do this.  WIPs count as long as there is some form of stitching involved.  Rules and details can be found on their group page. All items must be measured in meters. There are 3K, 5K, 7K, 10K, and a 15K option to choose from.  I'm not declaring until the end of June when I will see how close I am to the 5K.  I might shoot for the 7K at that time.  

So far I've got 2 pairs of socks, and the sweater spin project finished for a total of 1904.5 meters.  There's 2 more pairs of socks, 2 cowls, a sweater (from the spin project), a shawl, and a pair of felted clogs in some sort of progress right now.  One of the cowls and the 2 pairs of socks will push me to the 3K already.

In the middle of SD is Tour de Fleece.  I'm still putting my fiber choices together for that one.  It should give me a good amount toward the Dash.

While watching one of my favorite podcasts yesterday, I heard my name called for a prize.  I won an adorable project bag with mustaches all over it and a set of stitch markers.  I'll post a pic when it gets here.

Here's a few pics of my finished May socks and the sweater spin.  Vanilla Socks in Cascade Heritage Prints "Iris", and Escalator Socks in HauteKnitYarns in "Spring Has Sprung".The last 2 pictures are my current sock yarns. Knit Picks Felici in "Wizard", and Highland Handmades in "Fruju".  There's also some June Pryce Fiber Arts Merino in the "Tuscany" color on my Minstrel right now.  I'm about halfway through braid number 3 and then just need to do the plying.



Wednesday, May 04, 2016

My Annual Knitting Retreat

Last Friday found me driving to West Yarmouth, MA for my knitting guild's annual retreat.  Since I had a previous appointment and left late, there was only one stop at a yarn shop along the way.  Three skeins of Plymouth Merino in a dark gray came home with me from there.

We stayed at the Hampton Inn again this year.  After checking in, we all drove to A Great Yarn Shop for a cheese/wine/yarn tasting.  I had water since I don't drink.  It was a lot of fun and I ended up buying 3 skeins of one of the featured yarns along with a cowl pattern for it. There was a new colorway dyed for the shop which I purchased and will be a shawl or cowl.  After stopping for a nice supper, the rest of the evening was spent knitting with everyone in the conference room. 

Saturday was more yarn shop visits, where I bought a couple books and notions - no more yarn - and a stop for a delicious lunch.  The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent in the conference room where I spun on my Hansen mini-spinner for most of it.  There's still about twelve ounces left of my sweater fiber to spin. 

Sunday was the drive home, a nap, laundry, and a quick supper of grilled chicken in a salad.  That evening I finally started my May vanilla sock 1 in Cascade Heritage Prints "Iris" colorway.  I wasn't in the mood to start the patterned ones I have bagged.  That pair now have the ribbing done on the first sock.  

Besides the sweater spinning, I'm still working on the JulieSpins braid I started in March.  It's lovely and spinning so fine it's taking a bit longer to finish.  I did finish my YOSSRATS2106 April socks, "Dublin Bay" in the "Chatham" colorway. (I forgot them in my room when we went to the shop on Friday night).  There was a  quick shawl started and finished as well.  The "Narita Express Shawl" only took me seven days.

Here's pictures of my current "Iris" vanilla sock yarn, and "Narita Express" shawl. The shawl isn't blocked yet.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

More Sock Knitting, a Hat and A Prize

March was a continuation of my YOSSRATS2016 sock knitting with two pairs finished.  I loved working with the Julianna's Fibre yarn.  The pops of color  in the gray background kept the project interesting.  The other pair is knit in super old stash (2008) DkKnits  Technicolor Smoosh Toes in "Shower Salts and Bath Bubbles". The Dragonfly pattern was a lot of fun and easy to memorize.  My other project for last month was a Baa-ble Hat. 

Last week while I was watching DragonflyFibers Podcast, my name was drawn and I won an e-book copy of "Coffee With C.C."  There are six sock patterns and a shawl, all coffee inspired.   

I'm currently knitting my April Socks in Haute Knit Yarn in the "Chatham" colorway I got on last year's knitting retreat.  My second pair is in the same base in the "Spring Has Sprung" colorway.  


Two more skeins of the natural CVM fleece are finished.  It's spun supported long draw and is super poofy and light.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Rainbow Socks... Socks, Shawl and Spinning Progress

I finished my Fruit Stripe Gum Socks in Knit Picks Felici in the "Rainbow" colorway.  There were a few KALs on Ravelry where they met the requirements to be entered. 

Here is a pic of the start of my second pair for February.  I don't think I will finish before the end of the month, but, I can carry them over into March.  They are just a pair of vanilla Julianna's Fibre in "Silver Lining". I'm about half way down the leg now.

My Garter Path Shawl also got some love, but, I put it on hold before knitting the next shade.  I decided to make it larger and requested a custom dyed skein from Play At Life Fiber Arts. Chrystee did a fabulous job.  The skein starts at a shade darker than the end of my original skein, and continues to a beautiful deep purple.  Perfect. :)  The pic of the original yarn is the one with the light pink and tag.

The bright Mad Color Fiber Arts braid #2 is done, and I love how it turned out.  I'm still spinning the CVM fleece for a sweater, but, I took a break to spin something with color.  This is "Seaside Cottage" in Falkland from JulieSpins.                                                                                

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Spinning For A Sweater & Knitting More Socks

At the beginning of the year, I started spinning my CVM fleece for a sweater as part of a 4 month large project KAL in the "Knot a Podcast" group on Ravelry.  So far, I've gotten three bobbins full. I'm still debating if I should do a 2 or 3 ply since I know the yarn will bloom when washed.  Since I have plenty of bobbins, I will spin three more so I can mix them for plying if I do a 2 ply - 1 and 4, 2 and 5, and 3 and 6.  If I decide on a 3 ply, I'll spin 3 more - 1,4,7; 2,5,8; and 3,6,9.  This avoids striping in the knitting if there is any shading in the fleece. There is no clear color difference as far as I can see.  Just to be safe,  I've been starting each bobbin from a different point in the bag of fluffy roving to also off-set this from happening.

As for knitting progress, I finished my January socks #2.  

My current pair is in Knit Picks Felici "Rainbow".  I'm using the "Fruit Stripe Gum Socks" pattern and love how it looks.  It's sort of addictive and I went too far on the first sock.  A stripe had to be frogged or I wouldn't have enough yarn to finish the sock.  My second pair will be in Julianna's Fibre in "Silver Lining".  These are both for YOSS and "Suburban Stitcher Podcast" Rainbow-along.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Project Plans for Starting 2016

I've joined a few year-long knit and spin a-longs on Ravelry.  One is in the YOSS group. The challenge/KAL is called RATS2016 and means "Rock Around the Socks".  I had to pick 24 skeins of sock yarn from my stash and list them in the thread in my "shop", along with links to them in my stash. There are points earned for prizes along the way.

Another A-long is for spinning.  It's in the Caffeinated Knitting Podcast group.  I am suppose to spin at least 4 ounces a month for a total of 12 bumps of fiber in 2016.  This fits with my goal of spinning 10 pounds in 2016 so should be very manageable for me to do.

Sillyfru of the SassyPantsKnitter Podcast is having two a-longs.  First is her "Don't Hoard the Precious" in which you use a fiber or yarn you have in your stash you consider too special to use.   Her second a-long is "Knit Your Bawls" in which you knit/crochet some of your older yarns you have caked up.  She is very lax in the rules and it's o.k. to ball up yarn now and use it. 

My main goals/intentions for the upcoming year are:

1. Knit 12 pairs of socks.  (YOSSRATS2016 will help cover this)
2. Use my pattern books more.
3. Spin 10 pounds of fiber.
4. Knit myself 2 sweaters. 
5. Use 40 skeins from stash.
6. No additional yarn/fiber purchases until my knit retreat in April. (I  had placed 2 orders from Knit Picks so this started 1/18)
7. Knit more Vivid Blanket squares.  (I need 42 more)

Here's a few pics of in knitting and spinning in progress:

Craft Review of 2015

The end of 2015 found me finishing a few more knitting and spinning projects.  Here's my final list for the year.  The numbers are written as "goal/finished". :

1. Sweaters - 2/1 
2. Socks - 6/7
3. Scarves or cowls - 4/5
4. Shawls - 3/3
5. Mitts and mittens  (one of each) 2/2 
6. Hats - 4/4
7. Vivid Blanket Squares (for a queen size bed) 14 of 56 completed
8. Spin 10 pounds of fiber - just made this one

Here's few pics of items finished last year.  

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Project Picture Catch-Up

The last few days have been spent taking pictures of some of my finished projects.  I finally got one of my crocheted Over the Willamette Shawl.  Blocking didn't happen.  When I spread it out and realized how big it already was, I didn't want it to stretch any larger.  It's 80 inches wide by 40 inches down the center spine already. 

The other two pictures are my Raspberry Vanilla self striping socks I dyed the yarn for,  and Tulip Rib socks for the summer KALs. 

The Firework Vanilla socks picture has disappeared from my files, but it's in my project page.


Sunday, August 23, 2015

Socks, Vivid Blanket Squares, and Tour de Fleece Spinning

I'm participating in two sock KALs this summer.  One is "Sockapalooza" with "Sockbunny Knit and Fit".  The other is "Sock It to Summer" with Amanda of "Knot a Podcast". Both ladies allowed in progress socks that were 50% or less knit.  This worked out great for me since I had three pairs that met that requirement.  Two were in Cascade Heritage Prints self striping, and one was in Haute Knit Yarns "Fireworks" colorway.  Those are all finished and I'm almost done with a fourth pair I started in some yarn I had dyed a while ago.  The pattern is "Tulip Rib Socks ".  My yarn is a tonal pale lilac color.  I just need to knit the foot of sock 2.  Both the KALs end on August 31 so I hope I can get it done in time. Here's a couple pictures of the two self striping pairs.  The two skeins are the yarns from the other two pairs.  I don't have pics of them yet.

The Vivid blanket has six squares finished now.  It's in time out right now so I can finish that sock.  Here's a pic of the yarn. One shade is missing since I bought it at a later date.

July was Tour de Fleece so knitting time was limited due to all the spinning I did.  My total spun was 23.45 ounces all in 2-ply.  The last two pictures are of a batt I made on my drumcarder and the yarn I got from it.

Right now, the wheels are taking a rest until next weekend's monthly spin in at my friend Sue's shop.