Sunday, April 23, 2006

Time to catch up with my world here.

I have been busy with many different things the last couple of months and have ignored this poor blog.

I have finished a few knitting projects and am now working on several that are more involved. I have the shawl with the bobbles and reverse stockinette stitch to finish (about 1/4 done). My Mary Jane Cardigan is languishing on the needles. I haven't even looked at it. One pair of socks is done, while another is waiting to be cast on. I also have the Felted Booties from KnitPicks calling my name so they can be cast on. The Danica scarf is finished, although I changed the pattern a little bit. I added a single crochet around the outside and nice fringe just to trim it up a bit.

My main project on the knitting needles right now is an intarsia sweater I fell in love with. My boss brought this pattern to work to show me along with the yarn of her choice. This was before I started my Bobble Shawl in February. I had to go to the Fabric Place for a longer size 13 circular needle for the shawl and saw the original sample of the sweater on display. Well, let me just say this. The sample was done up in the yarn the pattern called for and looked totally different from what she was making. Not to say I don't like hers, but this is nicer. I fell in love with it and had to make it. I bought the yarn, Fusion, which is a mohair blend. I didn't like the earth tones too much, so I chose the purple-green variegation and a multi-green variegation for the other color. This pattern is worked in diagonals up the body and sleeves. It is done up in stockinette stitch and has a simple rounded neck and has drop sleeves and ribbed trim. I think this makes it a great sweater to learn intarsia. I have the back and about 1/4 of the front finished.

I also got an Ott Lamp to work by. I have the floor model with the neck you can bend to adjust for your needs. The colors and clarity of the yarns are great and I can see the stitches much better now. Also my DH can watch t.v. without a glaring light on in the room.

I am planning on learning how to spin yarn soon. I discovered a wonderful little shop in Warwick, near the Mall and Pontiac Mills called "Manmade by Jonne". I had a very interesting conversation with Jonne, the owner, about what was involved and need to set up my first lesson soon. I just want to finish up a few of these projects first. Probably will start the lessons in May. There is a fiber show locally on May 21st I really want to go to also. He has it listed on his site.

The kittens are doing great and getting really big now. All three plus Katy were spayed or neutered and had all their shots.