Saturday, November 12, 2016

Knitting Calms My Nerves ... A Fiber Festival

It seems it doesn't take much to set me off lately.  I'm not sure why.  I guess dealing with the foot issue is wearing on my nerves and stressing me out.  I did have a great visit with the nutritionist last week.  My weight and blood sugar numbers are both down.  I see her in four weeks for a follow up. 

There's been much knitting progress.  The Sail Shawl is finished, and my Indigopie sweater is about 70 percent done.  I think I might be playing yarn chicken at the end of it.  The shop only had just enough skeins for my size so I couldn't buy the extra one like I always do.  My November socks for YOSS still need to be knit as well.  I can't use my wheels and just haven't felt like setting up the Hansen, so there's been no spinning lately.  I was thinking about it so maybe tonight or tomorrow will see something on a bobbin.

 Last weekend was the New England Fiber Festival.  Pat and I decided to go on Saturday.  He did the driving and I helped navigate. For some reason, I was getting car sick so there was only a tiny bit of knitting accomplished.  

I had made a list of "must visit" vendors,and mostly stuck to it.    I also got to meet Jen from The Uncreative Crafter Podcast, and The After Hours Podcast.  She was vending for Fiber Stash where I bought some Merino Twinkle fiber to spin.  I did see several spinning and knitting friends, some who I hadn't seen in over a year. 

We also took a quick drive up to WEBS where I only got the yarn for the one project I had in mind - a poncho.  After a quick meal at Wendy's we headed for home.  

Here's a picture of my newest acquisitions.