Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Visiting Yarn Shops

Last Friday, several of my knitting friends decided to visit Mermaid's Purl in Wickford, RI  for her new shop opening.  She moved over one street to a much bigger shop.  There's lots to choose from, but, I couldn't really look around too much due to the crutches.  This is a shop I didn't usually go to, but, plan to visit again in the future.  

I've been seeing the Three Color Cashmere Shawl  being shown on podcasts for a while and it just didn't really appeal to me.  There was one on display in this shop.  I loved it and bought the yarn in the same colors it was knit in - pale pink, silver, and dark gray.  No set plans are in place as to when this will get cast on, but, I had to buy it.  :)

Right now, I need to finish "Sail", and start two sweaters.  Indigopie and Tappan Zee are both bagged and waiting.  Of course, there's two November socks planned as well.  One is plain vanilla and one patterned.

Another visit to Driftwood Yarns in Mystic is also in the very near future.  Right now, I don't plan to go to the New England Fiber Festival.  If my foot and back are doing good, those plans might change.  It's two weeks away. 

Halloween Socks, "Sail"ing, Birthday Yarn, and Foot Issues

It's been a tough month with a foot problem.  At the end of September, I thought I had a blister on the side of my foot and it turned out to be the beginning of an ulcer on the ball of my foot.  Not walking on that foot was mandatory for it's healing.  I've been in a special boot, applying a special medication,  and using crutches for most of the month.  It has worked and I got the clearance to go back to my regular shoe as of yesterday's appointment.  There's a small spot still which has to have the med and bandage on it, but I don't need to use the crutches.  

I also saw my diabetes doctor and made an appointment with his nutritionist the same day as the foot issue started. Well, I'm doing great with my new plan.  I'm down 10 pounds and my glucose has dropped between 70 and 100 points (now between 70 and 160s instead of in the 200s).  It definitely helped the foot problem.  And, that's without walking and just doing "chair" type exercises. Arm and upper body movements in the chair and leg lifts laying on the bed.   I liked Weight Watchers but need a more structured, less flexible, food plan.  Set carb amounts works best for me.  

Since I was chair bound, I managed to finish my Halloween socks knit in Fishknit's "Count Sheepula" colorway.  They look like velour. My "Sail" Shawl is almost two thirds done.  The second skein is almost done. It's so soft and squishy.  It's also perfect for group knitting since you only have the one increase and attached I-cord to remember.  I'm hoping to get to the purple yarn for the edging by this weekend. The picture is at the end of the first skein.


 Expression Fiber Arts had some gorgeous yarn for October in the "Tourmaline" colorway.  I got two skeins, and a semi-solid of the matching pink.  That's 1500 yards of fingering weight. I need to find a pattern for it. 

No spinning happened.  I had my husband set up the big card table so I can put my Hansen on it, but just never did.  That will happen this week.  

Monday, October 03, 2016

In The Mood For Mauve

It seems I've been in the mood to use a particular shade of mauve in my projects lately.  My Big Island Wrapper and Spring Forward socks both have this color in them.


I developed a small ulcer on the bottom of my foot so spinning on the Minstrel is limited for now.  My other foot gets tired from doing all the treadling. Because of this, I haven't finished the last ounce of my Blackberry Ice Cream colorway singles yet.  (It's almost the same shade of mauve).  Plans are to ply it all on the Hansen as soon as I can. 


Since I'm not suppose to walk on my foot, I have lots of time at the desk or in the recliner with the feet up.  This lends itself to lots of knitting time.  Besides the above two projects, and some more Vivid squares being finished, I cast on two more projects.  Sail is a garter stitch asymmetrical shawl with attached I-cord.  My October YOSSRATS2016 socks are French Vanilla Cappuccino by C.C. Almon.  The shawl yarn is from June Pryce Fiber Arts  Beavertail DK in "Ziggy Stardust".  The socks yarn is Fishknits "Count Sheepula" which is a perfect name for Halloween time.  It's self-striping dark purple, black, burgundy, and olive green.


Before the foot issue, I spent a lovely afternoon in Mystic at Driftwood Yarns in September.  There was quite a bit of stash acquisitions purchased.  There was some lovely fiber near the counter that called my name.  It's from Groton Family Farm's Shetland sheep.  Sadly, the farm is now closed and this fiber is no longer available.  So of course I had to buy some.  :)  I plan to knit an Indigopie so a sweater quantity of Encore Chunky.  Two skeins of Happy Feet 100 Splash sock yarn  and one of Cascade Heritage Prints also found their way home with me as well.