Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Currents Update

Listening: Megan kitty growling at Pooh dog

Watching: nothing

Eating: waffle fries with cheese

Drinking: Diet Coke

Wearing:  shorts, tank top, slippers

Reading: historical romance on my Kindle

Weather: overcast, humid, occasional showers

Knitting: Buttercup Top, Toe Up Vanilla Socks

Spinning:  "Frosted Flowers" from Corgi Hill Farm on the Minstrel and some Fibers4Ewe on the Sonata

Wanting: a nap but it's too late in the day

Needing: to go to the market with my husband

Enjoying: the quiet now the animals have calmed down

Looking Forward: warping one of my looms this week

Wondering: if I can get the loom set up without messing it up this time

Friday, August 17, 2012

Goal Progress and Review

It's been a few months since my last review, so I decided to re-visit my New Year's 2012 goals.

1. Get healthier - after fighting a few months of dental infection issues and all the havoc that brought, I'm finally on the mend side, weight is coming down. :)

2.  Walking/Exercise - treadmill is still not set up, done some walking around in the yarn, playing with my dog, Pooh.

3. Spinning/Knitting Down Stash - extremely well with this. 
Fiber:  48.5 ounces added and 162.70 ounces spun.   
Knitting:   47 skeins added and 38.75 skeins used.  I'm working on a summer top that will use another 6 skeins when finished, as well as a pair of socks.  :) 

4.  Finish my 2009 sweater - Nothing happening yet.

5.  Finish spinning second sweater - Nothing happening here.  I spun another entire sweater/jacket instead.  (2000 yards of bulky yarn).

6.  Use handspun -  just the one shawl so far. The jacket with the bulky handspun is one of the projects up next on the needles.

7.  Use spindles - used one of them a little bit while my foot healed a few weeks ago.

8.  Use looms - nope.  nothing new yet.  I've been watching videos though and plan to warp the table loom this coming week.  Hopefully, I don't mess this try up like the last one. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Spinning Success and Knitting Slogging Along

I finished spinning the entire 2000 yards of bulky yarn for my Top Down Swing Coat.  Now I'm spinning an amazing fiber I've had in my stash for about 3 years.  It's Peruvian Alpaca and it's softer than cashmere.  Spinning this decadent fiber is such a tactile pleasure.  The person I bought this from can't get any more and is no longer living in my area.  All I can say is if you come across this stuff, don't hesitate to buy it.  The plan is to spin the multi colored braid of pink, blue, green, and purple and ply it with a semi-solid pink braid.  I have 4 ounces of each color so will have plenty to knit a luscious shawl.  The pattern is picked out if I get enough yardage.

The Buttercup Top has seen some progress.  There is one more skein to be re-knit plus the remainder of the unknit skein.  I'll try it on then and see how much more it needs.  I'm hoping to be close since the KAL ends August 15.  Apparently I have lofty aspirations to finish.  I highly doubt I'll make it, but will give it a good try.  If I hadn't had to re-knit it I would have finished last week. 

Foot issues have resolved themselves for the most part and my blood sugar readings are down a bit.  Yay! for feeling better.