Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Spinning Like a Dervish ... Knitting Progress... New Computer

 The first thing that happened in July, was a new computer.  I'm still learning it's quirks, but I love it.  My old computer files are on an external hard  drive and I still need to upload the ones I want to keep onto the new computer.

July also saw me constantly at the wheels - Minstrel, Sonata, and Hansen.   So, in order not to put too much pressure on my sensitive foot, I alternated between a treadle wheel and the mini-spinner.  I have taken a break since Tour de Fleece, but, think I will pull some fiber out soon.  Here's a couple pics of the finished yarns.

With all the spinning, there was still some knitting accomplished.  I've finished the body and just have the sleeves left to do on my Harvest.  I also knit a Decemberist Shawl.  I used a thinner yarn and have decided to add more to it to make it a little bigger.  I also started my Sorrento Shawl in two shades of teal and a variegated yarn.  I'm also thinking of starting a Free Your Fade with the other three skeins shown below, but want to finish my other shawls first.