Friday, December 26, 2008

Me, My Wheel, and the Same Old Fiber

Christmas is over for this year. I'm kind of glad since I really had a hard time having the holiday spirit this year. The tree never got put up over here even though it usually travels back and forth to the front hall to be safe from the felines when unattended.

After dishes were put in the dishwasher and food was put away, I asked Pat to do a bit of an adjustment, on my Sonata wheel, to my footman where it kept hitting. We think we figured out what is wrong, but if it doesn't work, I'll have to contact New Voyager since the problem started being persistent about 2 months after I had the wheel.

My plan was to knit on my shawl after dinner. I started spinning on the Sonata, to see if the adjustment was right. Well, I decided to try to finish the Rambouillet I've been spinning since September. I had 2 braids and it wants to be lace weight. Around 5 p.m. I started spinning. I took a couple of breaks, had a snack, checked the Internet, moved the wheel into the living room and watched a t.v. show with Pat while spinning.

Pat went to bed over an hour ago. I'm just finishing up now. It's now 2 a.m. and the bobbin is finally full enough. The first skein has been done for a while. I plyed it as a center pull bobbin. I have more to put on another bobbin, but, that is my plan for tomorrow night. I plan to do these 2 as a regular ply. I want to start a new fiber and refuse to until this is finished. Maybe I can finish the second bobbin by Saturday and put it aside to "rest" a few days.

Of course, I want to be able to add this to my finished UFOs for the year too. Maybe even the last of the "Mandy" from Spunky will make it off the wheel by December 31st.

Well, I'm tired, so goodnight everyone.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays To Everyone

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season and I wish you all a Happy New Year with lots of good blessings.

Pat and I did our gift exchange last night. I told him not to give me anything else since he already gave me my gifts earlier this month. He got me a nice card and there was cash inside. :) It's going toward some of the fiber I just bought.

Dinner was simple at my house. Roast Pork, mashed potatoes made with "Klondike Rose" potatoes which are a cross between Yukon Gold and Red Skinned one. Delicious. There was also gravy for the meat and taters as well as yellow squash, rolls, homemade cranberry sauce, ice cream with apple pie or apple/cranberry/raisin compote and soda and coffee. I made the compote so Pat would have a nice dessert and all three of us liked it. I didn't over eat, had some of the compote, but no coffee. Pat helped me with the prep and cleanup. The dishwasher has finished, I've been spinning some more of my Rambouillet trying to finish that, and now want a nap.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow, Snow, and More Snow.......

If I look out my window I will see snow lit by the night sky, still white, sparkly, and pure. No footprints or snow blower tracks, except where the sidewalks and drives were cleared. There's about a foot of snow blanketing the cold frozen ground. I love the peacefulness of the time after the snowstorm has stopped and people haven't really touched the scenery yet. Tomorrow, the kids will be sliding and playing in it. Cars will be getting it dirty from their exhaust, and dogs will be giving it the golden glow you don't want to touch.

Last winter I loved not having to go out in the morning and worrying about getting home in the afternoon due to bad weather. Now, I look out the window and go back to bed to sleep. When it snows, I don't leave the house if I don't have to. The idea of driving in it terrifies me.

This is perfect weather to snuggle up on the couch or your favorite chair with some knitting, a cup of tea, and a good movie playing. You could also sit and spin for a bit. That's my plan for tomorrow night after I go get my Christmas dinner items. I'll be on the sofa with my Dragon Scale Shawl, tea, and maybe "Northanger Abbey" in the DVD player. That's a lovely way to spend my evening.

Happy Hanakah everyone.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Night Of "Firsts"

Tonight was a lot of fun. Instead of going to our usual Wednesday night at Panera's, Marva and I joined Sarah at the Providence group at Reflections Coffee Shop.

Before we headed over there, the three of us went for supper. It had been decided by Sarah and Marva the menu was to be sushi. Now, I've never had sushi. I don't think I could deal with the raw fish aspect. Luckily for me, there was also cooked food on the menu. I ended up with a seafood and veggie Tempura platter that was absolutely delicious. The batter was not the usual heavy thick breaded kind. It was light and not greasy at all. I'm glad I didn't choose the meal because I couldn't finish the a la carte selection. I brought most of the veggies home. I did try a piece of Sarah's cooked sushi and liked it very much. There was no fork on the table, just chopsticks. Marva told me they would bring me a fork if I wanted one, but I wanted to try using the chopsticks.

So that's three "firsts" for me: meeting a new knitting/craft group, eating sushi, and learning to use chopsticks. By the way, I didn't do too bad using the chopsticks.

One of the traveling scarves was worked on while sipping coffee at the shop and will be heading out tomorrow if I can get to the Post Office. Friday is suppose to be a snowy day with 4 to 8 inches projected overnight into Saturday morning. Brrr. Winter is here.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Post Office Package Pick Up...

In response to the inquiries in the comments.....Yes there was goodies at the Post Office for me. I got my monthly fiber club from CJKopec and a skein of yarn I had bought from a destash on Ravelry. That's it. As for yesterday and today....Nothing.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Parties and Plays, Nanner Socks, Crochet Scarves, Dragon Shawls.....

Thursday night was my Knitting/Crochet guild party. We had a Yankee Swap and I got a couple of nice cutting boards I really needed. My other two glass ones do double duty as hot plates on the table. We had some wonderful fun and laughs during the swap and the munchies were delicious.

Saturday was my Spinners guild party. We had an ornament swap, bazaar, and lots of food and fun. The ornaments are put on the tree with a number then a box was passed around and you chose a number. You got the matching ornament. I got an adorable miniature sweater and hanger. It's so cute. It may have to sit on my desk with a few other creatures and items after the holidays. I made the sausage, potato, peppers and onion dish and everyone liked it. I make it often since it's so easy to make and Pat always likes it. I'm still spinning the second braid of the same fiber I started in September. I think it's going to get finished at home before January's meeting. I'm getting tired of looking at it every time I pull out the wheel. I started this at Slater Mill during a demo. It is spinning lace weight so that could be why it's taking so long. After the party, several of us went to see "A Christmas Carol" performed in Foster. It was a wonderful rendition of the story with several funny parts.

Well, the Nanner Socks are finally finished on Sunday! When I put them on again, they are about a half inch or so longer at the toe than I need, but that's o.k. since I don't like my toes squished. Now I need to make a pair of socks for a friend who only wears a size 5 1/2. Should go quickly compared to my size 10s.

I've also got 2 scarves here I need to crochet on, but my hands have been bothering me a bit the last couple of days. Crocheting increases the discomfort so I have been holding back on the scarves. I will at least put the yarn with each scarf so it will be ready when my hands co-operate a bit better.

Meanwhile, the Dragon Shawl is now my priority project to finish. I don't do well in public knitting with this since it is lace and I tend to lose my place in the pattern if I don't concentrate on it.

I'm off to pick up some packages I hope are at the Post Office. Then I have a few items for the market that Pat has asked me to grab for him. Have a great night............

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

First Snow, Spinning and Knitting, More Shopping

We had the first snow of the season. It didn't quite cover the ground. The grass was still peeking out from underneath. More is projected for this weekend. I hope not because I have plans for Saturday to go to the Spinners Guild meeting/party and then a play that evening. I'm planning to bring the sausage, potato, peppers and onions casserole Pat loves so much. Of course, I have to make him some too.

I've been hand carding, spinning, and getting ready to knit some of the fiber for the charity hats. I hope to finish it in time for Saturday when I can give it to Jean for the collection. If I don't quite make it, I know I can give it to her later. Also the Nanner Socks are just about at the rib. I just need to finish the last repeat of the pattern. My Group 9 Traveling Scarves are finished. Mine returned home a little over a week ago. It's very nice and I'll post a picture as soon as I can get one. My Group 38 Crochet Sideways scarves are moving again. I have 2 on the way here. I need to run by the Post Office anyway and maybe they are waiting for me today. That would be good so I can hopefully get them out to the next person by next week.

I've been shopping some more. My Copperpot Woolies order came in the same time as my CJKopec order did. I have another order coming from Loop as well as The Loopy Ewe.

Christmas shopping is almost finished. I just need to take care of my husband's gift. He keeps telling me not to get him anything. Just a card. We go through this every year, and I never listen. Usually, I get him gift certificates that I know he will use. The funny thing is, he has one he can't find. It's for Back to Basics for his special foods. I think it was a good one because he can get a lot of gluten free foods there.

Well, I need to get ready to go out and do some more errands. Tonight is Knit Night at Sue's shop. Marva and I are planning to head up there and I need to pick her up at 5:30 from work. See ya later.......