Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!! 

I hope everyone's day was wonderful with lots of yummy food, good company, and lovely presents shared among all.  I wish everyone a peaceful, and, joyous holiday.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

2013 Craft Project Tally and Other Stuff

I finished my handspun socks and really like the way they fit.  I just made up my own recipe instead of using a pattern.  They are toe up fraternal twins.  There was no way I could match the handspun, but I love the color transitions in it.  There's blue to green with a hint of purple near the blue.  I've also been on a hat knitting kick lately.  Usually I'm not one to wear hats, but lately have been gravitating to them.  It must be me getting older and wanting a warm head.  lol 

Today found me taking a look at what projects I had accomplished in 2013, even though there are still two weeks left in the year. 

Completed knitting projects were: 
Hats - 6
Scarf/Shawls - 8
Socks - 6 pairs
Sweaters - 2

Completed spinning was just shy of 16 pounds.
Used skeins of yarn was 45.5.
Weaving saw no completed items, but there were a couple of projects that had ended with a snafu and got tossed.

There's a half finished hat, a pair of socks just needing toe decreases and kitchenering, and a shawl needing the last chart knit.  Two bobbins, (different colors and fibers) are also waiting for plying.  I had Pat set my Sonata up for me since I still have a weight lifting restriction.  It's ready with the jumbo flyer on it.  :)  I think I can finish it all before New Year's. If so, I will have over 16 pounds spun, and 25 completed projects.   

As for other craft stuff, there's been a small amount of activity.  Stained glass projects have not been completed, but a couple have been started.  I've got the patterns numbered and prepped, and glass all set to go.  Sadly, this happened after Rosebud kitty crossed Rainbow Bridge and I no longer have to worry about glass fragments/shards that can hurt her paws. 

The sewing machine is in the livingroom and will be traveling to the kitchen table after Christmas.  There's a small pile of mending to be done.  I'm also thinking of making a couple pairs of pj pants to wear when I am home for the night.

As soon as I can lift/move stuff without a restriction, I plan to tear my craft room apart and completely re-arrange it to be more functional.  This may include requesting my dear husband to make me some more heavy duty shelving.... (hint, hint, hint)  lol 

O.K. folks. It's time to head back over to the hat and try and finish the main body.  The whole thing might get done before I quit tonight.  I'm just waiting for Pat to get home so we can have supper.  He's on vacation this week and I'm enjoying having him around in the evenings. :)