Sunday, April 23, 2017

Keeping the Carrot in Sight

I've been monogamous in my project this past week.  The crochet bug bit me and I've finished with the mitts and working on the matching cowl of my Maniac Fingerless Gloves and Cowl set.  It's a free pattern on Ravelry.  I'm using Ella Rae Lace Merino DK but the yarn is more of a sport weight.  My set will just be a bit lacier.

The carrot reference is in regards to my current project.  The carrot is my Tappan Zee sweater.  I will return to knitting on it only after finishing a project, since April hasn't seen many items leave the WIP pile - only two squares for my blanket.

My back is messed up again so the regular wheel spinning is on hold.  Treadling pulls on my right side, causing pain.  Thankfully, I can sit and use the Hansen.  Plans are to finish the cowl and spin some later tonight.

My oldest WIP is  Swan Lake/Mystery Stole 3 and is 10 years old.  While looking at some of my hibernated projects today, I fell in love with this pattern all over again.   I think Ravelry started about the same time as I found this through a Knitter's Review (no longer available) post.  The KAL was hosted through a Yahoo group.  It was my first project involving charts, beads, lace, and a mystery.  I jumped into it with both feet.  lol   It's being frogged and re-started since my gauge is so different now. 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Part Butterfly

I must have become part butterfly because I'm flitting from project to project and not finishing anything this month so far.  There's the hand spun Tappan Zee sweater, felted clogs, two different fibers on two wheels, a crochet mitt and cowl set, a pair of socks, and Vivid blanket squares all in progress.  

My foot is doing well as you can see from the spinning mentioned above.  The blue sparkle fiber is half way through the second braid on the Minstrel.  The little mat my husband picked up for me works great for keeping my wheel from "walking" away from me.  My Hansen spinner has some beautiful Rambouillet and silk blend on it.  I'm debating about spinning a similar color and plying them together. Both have grays, pinks, and a peachy shade. They are the same blend and from the same dyer. What do you think?

I did manage to finish my Garter Path Shawl and love it.  Two more Vivid squares are finished and a final decision made regarding the placement of them when it's time to attach them together.  All the pictures are unblocked items. The yarn pic is before I gave it a soak and set the twist.



Here are pictures of the latest completed projects:
Kindness KAL Shawl, Oceanbound Shawl, Rippling River Cowl, and the Raspberry sparkle yarn.


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Healed Foot, Wheel Spinning, Flying Needles

February and March have been eventful months for me. 

I did take some time off from spinning waiting to hear if my foot was healed and I could use my Minstrel and Sonata wheels. That happened at my March 7th appointment.  I'm taking it slow so as no to irritate the foot but have spun about 3 of 4 ounces of a Fiber Stash Merino and Twinkle braid in Raspberry.  I bought this at NEFF last November.  Plans are to finish it over the next day or so and ply it on the weekend.  The only problem is that my wheel slides on the wood floor.  I'm sitting in my recliner with it raised a bit so my feet can reach the treadles.  Pat picked up an area rug with a rubber backing for me to try with it.  That should solve the problem.  Here's a pic of the fiber.

My Oceanbound Shawl, Kindness KAL Shawl, and Rippling Rivers Cowl are all finished.  There's also been a Vivid blanket square completed.   I just need to block them all. (I've been trying to do Oceanbound for three weeks now)  The Kindness has an extra two repeats of lace because I had more than enough yarn and wanted the darkest shade of the gradient in it.  I had about 2 yards left after binding off.

Currently, I've pulled my Garter Path Shawl back out and am working on that.  This is also going to be much larger than the original because I have the second skein of yarn.  As I said before, it blends and continues perfectly where the first one ended.   My tote bag of yarn for my Vivid blanket squares is next to my chair on the end table so I can work on them as well if I want to switch it up a bit.  My next project is a Tappan Zee Sweater and maybe a pair of socks.

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Slow Progress and Monogomous Knitting

January was a slow month for me.  I managed to finish both fibers I was spinning, and am quite happy with the results. 17.5 ounces and 811 yards was the total of them.  My Oceanbound Shawl has about 30 rows to go and that will be off the needles.  I knew it wasn't going to be finished in January.

My next spinning project has been chosen, but I'm thinking of waiting until I have my follow up with the podiatrist. My foot was declared healed and I was fitted with my custom orthotics at my January 31 visit. Lots of lotion is being applied to the dry skin now. Wearing socks all the time has become second nature to me.  I want to be cleared to use my regular wheels again.  I miss the meditative feeling from treadling. 

My Kindness KAL Shawl is sitting next to my chair and is ready to be cast on.  One of the ladies brought her finished on to knitting guild last night and it was very pretty.  She had to shorten it a bit because she didn't have quite enough yarn.

It's hard to be monogamous in my knitting, but I'm trying. Vivid squares are calling to me as well.  The corner2corner afghan is also whispering and tempting me.  I do still have a cowl I need to finish. One of these projects may become my 'group' knitting for when I get together with others.

Still no new yarn/fiber purchases since December 29th.  :)

Monday, January 23, 2017

A Question of Want or Need

I am participating in The Fiber Pusher Podcast Biggest Loser Stash Down, as I mentioned before.  So far, I'm doing well with no new yarn or fiber purchases since my last Knit Picks order on December 29.  It arrived in January but counts as December since that's when it was paid for.

Now, this has me being mindful of future fiber/yarn purchases.  I plan to ask myself "Do I need or want that?"  If the answer is "need" I can buy it.  If the answer is "want" I have to justify it to myself and have a project planned for it.  I have a gift certificate to a LYS to use and there's a planned festival (possibly 2) for later in the year.  Plans are to only purchase at those times.  It does help to close yarn websites and delete their emails for now.

So far I've finished 9.15 ounces of a spinning project, and have about 75% of a shawl done.  My January goal is to finish the shawl and get a square done on that Vivid blanket that seems to never grow.  Maybe, if there's time I can finish the second 4 ounce bag of Loop "Nebula", and get it plied.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Things are Looking Up

There's been many good things happening this week.  
1.  My foot is almost healed.  My next  appointment in a little over a week and it should be healed.  Until then, I'm in the boot.
2.  My first spin project of the year is done.  It was Spinner's Hill BFL/Silk in a pretty rusty red with gold and orange in it.  I did it as a 2-ply and got 461 yards from 9.15 ounces.  Here's a pic of the fiber.  I still need to get one of the yarn.  My current spinning project is a Spontaneous Cloud from Loop in "Nebula".  It's the blue pic below.  Both of these were purchased from the New England Fiber Festival last November.  I also bought a second 4 ounces of the "Nebula" from Loop's shop when I decided the original 4 ounces was not going to be enough.


3. Both my custom orthotic shoe inserts and my diabetes supplies are shipped and should be here shortly.
4.  My Outbound Shawl is about 60% done.  There's just one and a half repeats left before the final bigger lace portion.
5.  Chair yoga and other chair exercises has been getting done. 

The only "not good" thing is my back is acting up.  I'm not sure if it's from my walking gait being off due to the boot or the weather we are going to get.  I'm thinking it's a combo.  My "backometer" is usually pretty accurate.  I stayed home from knitting group today because driving for an hour in pain was not a good idea.  Hopefully, I can go again soon.

Friday, January 13, 2017

3 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back

It's only the 13th of January and already the year has had highs and lows.  

My appointment with my diabetes doctor was mixed.  The A1C number is down almost 2 whole points, but my thyroid med had to be increased as well as my insulin.

My foot ulcer was declared healed on December 19th.  It then re-opened a tiny bit on December 31.  So I'm back to the medication, dressing, boot and cane.  I was so looking forward to using my regular spinning wheels as soon as the spot had "toughened up" a bit more.  

This set off an emotional eating episode.  It got ugly.  I had my appointment yesterday with my nutritionist and was up 3 pounds in a month.  Yeah, not good.  

I had a hard talk with myself a couple days before the appointment, and have re-set my program. As she told me, I've gone 3 steps forward and 1 step back.   The chair yoga and modified chair exercises are getting done, every bite is written in my journal, and I'm offloading weight on that foot again.  Sleep is still an issue but I'm working on changing my routine to improve that too. This is steps forward.  :)

The final step back was the passing of someone I met through my job and I've known for over 30 years. He was very sick with cancer and is now at peace.  My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

2016 Project Tally and 2017 Projections

 The end of 2016 project tally is not bad.  Most of the year was spent concentrating on socks, but there were a few larger projects knit as well.  
Here's how the numbers look:
Socks - 16 pairs
Sweater- 1
Hats - 2
Shawls - 3 (2 huge and  1 regular sized)
Cowl - 1
Total = 26 projects and a few Vivid Squares for my blanket.
Spinning - I squeaked in 6 of the 10 pound goal.  (foot issues slowed this down some)

My 2017 project projections (subject to change) are: 
Current Projects
Outbound Shawl (in progress) 
Rippling River Cowl  (in progress)
Kindness KAL Shawl (waiting)
Garter Path Shawl  (in progress and making it larger so it's worked on sporadically)

 Also on the list are
Tappan Zee Sweater in Handspun (waiting)
Felted Clog Slippers 
Winter Waves Swirl Sweater
Flax Sweater
Vivid Squares  (on-going project)

Socks will also be added in between because I want to finish the yarns left in my YOSSRATS2016 bin. For now, the Outbound is a good 'group' project if I'm in the garter stitch part.  Otherwise, I take the Rippling River Cowl to knitting.  

Here's a picture of my last pair of socks which were finished at 11:58pm on December 31.  The picture of the two skeins is my Outbound Shawl and the one of the caked skein is my Kindness KAL Shawl.


Happy 2017 -- New Years Goals/Intentions

Happy New Year folks.  I hope 2017 is going to be a good year for everyone.

My intentions for this year are not as specific as I usually make them.  No number of items list this time.

Craft ones are:
Work down my yarn stash, spin 6 pounds of fiber, don't add anything to the stashes (New England Fiber Festival is the only exemption to this). 
Use my craft books.
Get back to languishing stained glass projects.

Life ones are:
Do my chair yoga video 3 or 4 times a week, do other chair exercises, walk once the foot is healed,  stay on my diet plan, (as per my nutritionist)

Re-organize my craft rooms again.  The basement one has to wait until I can manage the stairs safely. The main one was partially done when we put the book case in the room. 

I really want to do some house stuff too.  Paint the kitchen, put the rail on the back yard's deck. The Sunsetter Awning has to be put back up too.  It was taken down during a predicted high wind storm and never got put back up. (If I "start" these I know Pat will take over.  lol He doesn't let me do home repairs/renovations.)