Thursday, April 05, 2018

Knitting Finishes and Some Health Woes

Most of February and March found me settling in to staying at home most of the time since I had some health issues requiring me to stay calm and quiet.  I'm feeling better but still have stuff to deal with.  I only went to the yarn shop a couple of times because I needed something.  Otherwise, it's been mostly short, quick trips to the market or store and back home.

All this staying home means more time for crafting.  Here's a picture of my Corner2Corner Afghan I finished in the middle of February.   After finishing that, I started and finished a Basic Boomerang Shawl.  Then it was back to my Easy All Year Cardigan I knit with handspun.  It's big and comfy, with three quarter sleeves. The sweater and shawl pics are not blocked items.  After posting the pictures, I realized I must be in a "blue" mood.  My next project is pink, purple, and blue.  :)

I'm sort of in a monogamous knit mode right now.  My current project is the Hemisphere Shawl.  It's a half pi design and I'm loving how it's coming out.  I'm using the yarn called for from Craftsy in a sport weight superwash alpaca blend.  I just started Ring 6 so it doubled in size again. I have that, Ring 7 and the applied border left to do.  

My spinning has been almost non existent right now with just the singles finished from the second braid of Panda blend "Let Love In" from Spunky Eclectic.  I haven't felt like getting the Hansen out of it's bag to ply it yet.  I did buy a new tote bag in a Cheetah print for the mini spinner.  It's actually a sewing machine rolling cart, but works great for the spinner and all the paraphernalia I need to carry with it.  The Craftsman bag worked well too, but I am having problems carrying items long distance.  My back doesn't like it.  I found the new tote on Amazon, but I know Walmart has a black quilted version.  I still need to use a table since the top of the bag is not firm enough to support resting the spinner on it.