Friday, June 01, 2018

Crochet Sweater Frogged .... A new Project Starting

After fighting with my crocheted Lost in Paris Sweater, I've decided to frog it.  After doing a 24 stitches decrease, it's still too big.  I had most of the body done, but its not worth continuing if I'm not going to wear it.  The yarn will go back in stash and become another sweater in the future.  

Plans are to start Sipila by Caitlin Hunter now.  The main color will be this tonal pink.  I need to decide on the sparkly pale pink for speckled for the color work.  I'm leaning toward the speckled one.


Winning Prizes and Slow Craft Progress

The past month has seen me mostly staying home again.  There was a trip to Mermaid's Purl for a trunk show and book signing with Bristol Ivy.  A copy of her book and two skeins of yarn were purchased.  The drive home was a tough one since my back was acting up and it caused a lot of pain in my right side and leg.  The next day was knit group and I had to skip the tea room luncheon.  There was no way I could drive over an hour each way.

The Friday of Memorial Day weekend was our cemetery visitation day.  Pat drove me to Driftwood Yarns in Groton first.  I got to see Cindy who used to go to Happy Hands with me.  Four more skeins came home.  Two to go with previous projects and two for a new one.  

There was also a couple of online orders which I'm not going to list here.  About five sweaters worth have come into the stash as well as a few other projects.  

There was a skein of yarn and three patterns won between April and May.  This encouraged me to buy a couple of Powerball tickets but I didn't win anything - lol.

Photos are in the process of being taken to update my stash.  I'm trying to do as many missing ones as possible.

May was not a very productive month for me as far as crafting is concerned.  I did finish my Hemiphere half pi shawl at the beginning of the month.  I've been busy crocheting on my  "Lost in Paris" sweater.  It's had some sizing issues and been ripped back a few times.  

Only about an ounce of fiber has gotten spun.  It's a BFL/Silk blend that's spinning super fine and taking longer.  

My goal is to finish both these projects in June.  Tour de Fleece is in July and I have plans to spin for that.  My first fiber for that will be Corgi Hill Farm's Oil Slick.  (I still need a pic of my braid).  There's a couple other braids picked out to follow up with as well.