Saturday, January 14, 2006

Lady Eleanor shawl is calling to me.

I went to the Fabric Place in Warwick today to pick up the Noro yarn I needed for the Lady Eleanor shawl, which is done in entrelac. Unfortunately, it is not available because the store has not been able to keep it in stock for the last few weeks. It just flies off the shelf as fast as it is replaced. It does not matter what color it is - every skein is going. I wonder if this has something to do with some of the other ladies from Knitter's Review who may be making the shawl.

I did manage to get a very nice variegated yarn at the suggestion of Cindy, the salesperson. She is wonderful at helping you figure out what will work as replacement yarns. The last time she helped me, I ended up with a beautiful sweater I knitted from the neck down. Anyway, this time she helped me to pick out a nice purple, teal,blue variegated yarn by Plymouth to make my Lady Eleanor in. She had suggested a green combo, but I prefer the jewel tones myself. Cindy also suggested making it on size 8 needles instead of the recommended size 10. This means my shawl will be a bit smaller, but still beautiful. There is a sample of an entrelac shawl on display in the store that Cindy knitted from an on line pattern. It's just gorgeous.

I also picked up some buttons made from stone that were 20% off. No set plans for these, but could not pass them up. Now I have an excuse to knit something that requires a closure.

My poor dog has been sick for a couple of days. She was falling over and leaning to the right. Her head kept tipping to the right and when you called her , she couldn't seem to locate you. The vet said it is either a very bad ear infection, which is treatable or a brain tumor, which is fatal. She is on prednisone right now and got a shot las night from the doctor. Today, she is moving around a bit better and eating small meals. She is acting a bit more like herself so we hope and pray it's the ear problem. It also happened to be her 15th birthday yesterday.

The Town and Country scarf gave me so much grief and aggravation, I had to restart it 11 times before it behaved. My friends all said give up on it. I refused to and now have about 5 inches intact. Only 55 inches more to go. It will not beat me. The Mary Jane Cardigan never saw the light of day thanks to the scarf taking so much of my time. Maybe this week after I start the Lady Eleanor. I also need to order more sock yarn from Knit Picks. I don't know what I was thinking, but I only ordered one skein each of the three colors I wanted to use. I need another skein of each for the second socks!