Sunday, February 26, 2006

Lady Eleanor is done!!!!!

Hand me a medal please! My Lady E is done after a major snafu last weekend. She was moving right along when I decided to count the tiers. On one edge, I had 21 and on the other, I had only 19. Half way across tier 15, I had put her down to go do something and when I came back, I knit in the wrong direction. Happily knitting along, never realizing what I had done, I finished 5 more tiers. It was 2 a.m. on a Saturday night when I had this reality check.

I could not leave this blatant error glaring at me. Frogging 5 tiers, with tears not far away, I felt doomed to not finish. Sunday was make up day instead of progress day. All 5 tiers were back in place properly before bedtime Sunday.

My stained glass class was cancelled on Monday, thus I had one more day to make up the lost time from the weekend goof. Knitting every minute I could, she is done and looks beautiful. I need to get pics to post. I am still not very good at that.

Today, my house will appreciate my attention, the laundry will be finished, ironing done, and supper cooked. I have been neglecting it all for this. The dust bunnies are being chased by the kittens. Laundry has been languishing with only a load done now and then. All will be better today. lol

I now need to finish the training project, Danica, so I can wear that in this cold weather we are having.

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