Sunday, November 12, 2006

Spinning issues solved

I couldn't figure out why I was having a problem with drafting the fiber for spinning on the wheel. The first yarn looked pretty sad. It's destined to become a small felted project in the near future.

I went to see Jonne at the shop and pick up my Niddy Noddy as well as some different fiber to try. I got some natural fiber I think he said was coopworth or something like that. While talking to him, I told him the other fiber I had tried was actually Merino which had been dyed a nice blend of pinks. This explained the problem with the drafting. I should have been drafting that from the fold, not the end. Tonight, the spinning will commence again, hopefully correctly with this fiber.

Socks are still the WIPs at the moment, especially with the need of the white ones. I did manage to locate some white yarn at the local Fabric Place store. It's a cotton/nylon blend in pure white. That should please the people at work. I went back to work this past Wednesday, after being home for a whole month with my knee. The first thing I see when walking into the building???? TWO people wearing colored socks!!! How dare they wear them after what I have been through over this! Obviously, the new rule is not being enforced fully at this time. I wonder if I can sneak a pair of dark blue variegated socks under dark blue pants in this week? A girl has to try. Hee-hee.

I did copy a drawing of a spinning wheel while at the library the other day. I now need to trace it onto copy paper and figure out exactly how to make it work as a pattern. The drawing has several sections to it, so I don't think I will need to adjust it too much. I will have to scan it and send a copy to Laurie in Florida and see if she has any advise to improve my design plan. Then I need to enlarge it at the copy store. They are very strict about copyright, although I don't think there should be any problem if I change the drawing to accomodate me. Then it is my creation.

The original drawing also has a sheep in back of the wheel which I want to use in another glass project. I am thinking of putting together a panel with all fiber animals -- a sheep, a rabbit, an alpaca, and a goat -- in a pasture or field background. I have the alpaca and rabbit patterns already. Just need the goat picture to get it started.

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