Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fleeces are Here!!!!!!!

I picked up my fleeces last week after a visit to the foot doctor for a sore toe. (The toe is fine now.) There are 4 black ones from the ewes and 1 white one from the ram. I have had enormous amounts of help from Ravelry members on how to prepare them, especially the ram's. Also, Jonne helped me a great deal with some advise. I also ordered some supplies for carding my new fiber.

Today, my husband, Pat, and I did the first one. It's so soft and fluffy. Since these are Romney sheep they don't have as much lanolin as some other breeds. It was a lot of work, but, it's drying in the back yard now. I have to check it soon and see how it's doing. I went with the mesh bag in the buckets method. Then dried it on screens covered with a shear curtain, which was held down by bricks to prevent losing it to the wind or any stray varmits.....a/k/a squirrels and birds. I read on the Yarn Harlot's blog about her dilemma with that pesky fiber stealing creature and tried to protect myself accordingly.

The knitting has progress slowly due to added cast ons. I have made a few charity hats from Sheelagh's stash and am in a few KAL now. The Second Clapotis KAL has started as well as the secret of chrysopolis, and next week the secret of the stole starts.

I've been back to Fabric Place a couple of times and found a few more items to buy. Discount is now at 25%.

Well, gotta go check the fleece and run to the store...........

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