Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fiber Festivals Plans, Lastest Purchases, Bad Pooh Puppy....

Well, I'll start with the bad Pooh puppy first. He is now over a year old and hasn't been chewing on anything. All of a sudden, he's after the kitchen cabinet door trim. Pat had to block it for now with a long board to keep him away from it. I picked up a package of four rawhide bagel chewies that will hopefully deter him from the cabinets. He won't share with Hanna and Babs, so only one is given at a time. He will just keep taking them away from the others if they have them and sit with a pile in front of himselt. Greedy little munchkin.

I stopped by Yarns at Lace Wings just to see what was on sale, if anything. I came out with enough Cascade 220, not on sale, for another sweater. Now, I have no pattern in mind at this time. The color just called to me. It's a shade of blue with a subtle hint of green if you are in the right light. While I don't usually like greens on me, this one was too pretty to pass up. I bought 10 skeins. I know I don't need that much, but don't want to be short when I get to the end of a sleeve or the neck edges. If I have full skeins left, I will probably use them for a mittens and hat set. The excess will probably go in a pile with some other yarns. I'm playing with the idea of crocheting a blanket from scraps and left overs. That's all I bought.

Now, for the festival part. I'm planning on attending the CT Festival at the end of April. I would like to go to the NH Festival on Mother's Day weekend, as well, but don't know if I can due to other commitments. The Annual Pottowamut Family Yard Sale is the same weekend and so is my spinning guild meeting which is also being held at a sheep shearing at Watson Farm in Jamestown. The following Saturday, May 17th, is the 2nd RI Annual Wool and Fiber Festival held at Coggeshall Farm in Bristol, RI. My wheel and I are participating as well as attending that one.

Other exciting things are in the works as well, but until something definite is planned, I won't post about them here.

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Hi, Debbie - I tagged you for a Meme. This was the first one I've been tagged for and I hope I did it right.