Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sneaky Viruses....Computers and Cats....and KALs...Change of Destinations...

Recently, there was another crop of computer viruses making the rounds. I have my anti-virus set to scan and update once daily. Several knitting friends of Ravelry have been discussing this situation over on the Lime N Violet Group. When I heard about the influx, I started scanning in the morning and evening, plus the preset scanning time. My coverage caught one attempt and nothing has made it into my computer yet. Thank goodness.

I've not been so lucky with my cats. Buddy started sneezing on Tuesday. Wednesday morning, Tiger was coughing and by the afternoon, Katy had started to sneeze. I called and switched out Katy's appointment to get Buddy in since he was the start of it and seemed the worse. Tipper had a couple of sneezes in the late afternoon. Then Isabella started sneezing late last night. Five cats all with an upper respiratory problem ~ wonderful.

I took Buddy to the vet today and had it confirmed. Eye ointment for him because he has the runny eyes. Anyone else who starts with the eyes gets ointment too. All five of them are on amoxicillin for seven days. Thankfully, it's only one pill a day I have to battle down their throats. They all look so miserable. :(

I finished both Traveling Scarves square and plan to send one off tomorrow and the other off a few days later so they don't arrive together. I meant to send one yesterday and then again today, but didn't get to the post office in time to ship it out.

Right now, I am trying to start my Flutterby KAL socks for the DkKnits group on Ravelry, and my Swallowtail Shawl for the Fashionably Late KAL Blog.

As you all know, I recently got a bunch of fleeces which I shared with some friends. After this a decision was made. Instead of going to Rhinebeck, I'm going to the North East Handspinners Association "Gathering". Because the two events were only a few weeks apart, I didn't really want to be away from home that soon after Rhinebeck. I joined this association a few months ago. The Gathering is a bi-annual event and is hosted by a different state each time. There are classes where you can learn so much, and vendors to do more damage.....ummmm....I mean shop. There's also a spin-in every evening and I have been told the whole thing is a lot of fun. Hopefully, I will have my Sonata soon and can take it with me instead of the Minstrel.

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AnnaMarie said...

Now that sounds like a very fun gathering. I looked at their site and they meet about 2.5 miles from the town we are thinking about moving to at the old stone house museum. If the folks who are coming back to look at the house again tomorrow for the THIRD time actually make a reasonable offer I might even make the gathering!