Tuesday, July 07, 2009

First Garden Tomatoes and Tour de Fleece Spinning

I picked 4 cherry tomatoes from my garden Saturday. First Garden Harvest 2009
We washed them and just ate them still warm from the sunshine.

I've decided to spin for the Tour de Fleece again this year. I think I might have over extended myself with my project. I have a pound of "Cabot" Seawool from Creatively Dyed Yarns. So far, I've only managed to spin one ounce. It's definitely a challenge due to it's slipperiness and fluffiness. It tends to drift apart if you don't put extra twist in it. I'm using the smallest whorl on my Sonata for this. Here's a photo of how far I've got on Day 3 of TdF:

Tour de Fleece 2009 spinning seacell day 3

and a close up: Tour de Fleece 2009 spinning seawool day 3 close up

The original plan was to also finish some spinning WIPs on the Minstrel. I managed to finish the last of 4 ounces of Falkland from Into the Whirled. I think the seawool take precedence over any other spinning for this. Wish me good luck to get the whole pound spun. Tonight will be devoted to at least another ounce. I'll be spinning next to Pat who had rotator surgery today and is feeling no pain at this time. He is still medicated from the nerve block they gave him, and has pain medicine for later. Now starts the tough part for him - the recovery and not doing everything he usually does.


bySarah said...

I cant believe you guys have ripe tomatoes already - I hadly have any green ones yet on like 12 plants!!

I like the seawool - it looks really pretty and I cant wait to see it in person.

cindy said...

Ripe tomatoes!!! I've got flowers but that's it.

The seawool is spinning up nicely. How will you ply it?

Hope Pat's recovery is coming along.