Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Finished Experiment

I took the photos of the alpaca batt now that it is dry.

Alpaca Batt 1 Alpaca Batt 3

Alpaca Batt 2

The color is more purple than it looks in the pictures. The flash made it look pink. The third picture is closest to the real color. You can see the original color of the fiber near the long end of the batt in the first and third photos. The batt isn't felted or flat as it looks in the pictures. If you pick it up, it's nice and fluffy. I tested a corner to see if it would draft easy and it does. There are 2 layers so I can get nice long color repeats. The plan is to spin each layer seperately nice and thin. The ply will either be Navajo or 2 ply to maintain the colors. It's already telling me it wants to be something lacy.

Also included is a photo of the Border Leicester locks you can see peaking out at the top of the second photo above

Border Leicester locks

This experiment was a lot of fun and I plan to dye some more of the batts at a later time. Right now, I'm in the mood to dye some Halloween colored yarn or fiber.


~ Phyllis ~ said...

That Alpaca looks yummy as do the locks. Such pretty colors. You have done a wonderful job with the dyeing.

bySarah said...