Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mother Nature Needs an Attitude Adjustment

Today is not a good day, weather wise. The plan was to do laundry, and spend some time working in the dye room. Well, the laundry never happened. The working in the dye room did, but, not the work I planned.

Thanks to Mother Nature's cranky mood, she dumped lots of water on the New England coastline. Pat went to do a batch of laundry, and found some water. Thankfully, he checked the rest of the basement out. Yep, it was raining in. There's about 200 gallons at one end of the main room and it's going under the wall of my dye room. Luckily, it was heading toward the floor drain he used to connect my sink when he put it in. After disconnecting the sink, we started swishing water. The shop vac helped, but, not much. I moved the plastic bins of fiber and yarn to the dry side of the room. After inspecting the bottom bins, I was relieved to find everything was nice and dry inside. Yippee!! Nothing was lost. The little heater was sitting on the edge of the puddle so I'm not sure if it got wet. The wheel casters might have stopped the water from getting under it. We will plug it in outside later and see how it is. I just hope the stuff in the other room fairs as well. Most of it is in plastic bins as well, but some isn't.

Now if cranky Mother Nature could see her way to calming down, I would really appreciate it so my room can finish drying out. It's going to take us most of tomorrow to finish cleaning up the mess. The weather forecast is for a few days of dry and sunny weather. I hope so. The dehumidifier is also going to be working overtime afterwards. The big braided rug will probably be trashed too. :(

I'm going to make supper then knit or spin for a bit. Enjoy your night. Stay warm and dry.


bySarah said...

Hope you guys get dried out quickly!

judy said...

Sorry to hear that you are getting water. Hope everything can be saved.

Donna said...

Glad that the damage wasn't too bad. I was going to call you and check when I heard about all the flooding in Cranston.

We did fine - sump pump got stuck and the basement got a little flooded, but nothing to complain about. Especially since I wasn't the one who had to fix it!