Friday, July 23, 2010

The Gremlins Attack Again

Yesterday was the Challenge Day for Tour de Fleece. I've been busy spinning my "Junebug" Coopworth fleece. A few other batts were spun or plied in between just to break up spinning the same project.
My decision, at the beginning of TdF, was to ply my Coop singles with my jumbo flyer on my Sonata wheel. After searching for two days, I had decided the Gremlins had hidden it on me. Bins and tote bags were looked in over and over again. I know I looked in a certain bin and it wasn't there. Then I happened to look over at this bin and there it was right at the top.

The flyer is on my wheel and I'm going to ply now. The plan is to ply as many of the 8 bobbins as I can tonight. There are only tonight, Saturday, and Sunday left for me to finish them in.

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