Monday, May 09, 2011

Spending The Day With Fiber Pals.....A Sick Kitty

Firstly, let me wish all the moms a belated Happy Mother's Day. 

I spent it with some of my Happy Hands friends at our monthly gathering.

My Project Stash Buster fiber for May, "Autumn Rainbow" in Polwarth by CJKopec, (top picture) was started.  But, first, I decided to spin some of my friend Sandi's latest special blend (bottom picture).  It's Baby Coopworth, Cria Alpaca, Angora Bunny, and a touch of Firestar.  The processing and blending was done by Fibers4Ewe Mill in Putnam.  It drafts with little effort and spins like a dream.  After spinning the Rambouillett and Shetland at lace weight, and the "Stormy Seas" at a fingering, I decided to spin both these a bit thicker.

We had a tough weekend with my cat Tiger.  He started throwing up on Friday night.  We called and got him into the vet on Saturday morning.  After an exam and an x-ray, the doctor determined he just had an upset tummy.  We spent two more days of watching and trying to get him to drink and eat.  Today was the breakthrough with him eating and drinking a little bit on his own.  He also finally went to the bathroom.  Tonight, he was sitting in the window watching the activity and birds.  Now, he's sleeping.  I'm glad he feels better and is on the mend.

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