Sunday, April 16, 2017

Part Butterfly

I must have become part butterfly because I'm flitting from project to project and not finishing anything this month so far.  There's the hand spun Tappan Zee sweater, felted clogs, two different fibers on two wheels, a crochet mitt and cowl set, a pair of socks, and Vivid blanket squares all in progress.  

My foot is doing well as you can see from the spinning mentioned above.  The blue sparkle fiber is half way through the second braid on the Minstrel.  The little mat my husband picked up for me works great for keeping my wheel from "walking" away from me.  My Hansen spinner has some beautiful Rambouillet and silk blend on it.  I'm debating about spinning a similar color and plying them together. Both have grays, pinks, and a peachy shade. They are the same blend and from the same dyer. What do you think?

I did manage to finish my Garter Path Shawl and love it.  Two more Vivid squares are finished and a final decision made regarding the placement of them when it's time to attach them together.  All the pictures are unblocked items. The yarn pic is before I gave it a soak and set the twist.



Here are pictures of the latest completed projects:
Kindness KAL Shawl, Oceanbound Shawl, Rippling River Cowl, and the Raspberry sparkle yarn.


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