Monday, September 05, 2005

Happy Labor Day!!

The weather here on the east coast has been fantastic this weekend! Not too hot, no rain so far, nice breeze every now and then. My husband and I went to a flea market in New Hampshire yesterday, Sunday, and it was perfect to be out walking around. It feels good to open windows and let the fresh air inside for a change instead of air conditioning.

My second sleeve had moved from snail pace to turtle pace during the week. It suddenly took off at rabbit pace yesterday and all I need to do is finish the ribbing. Hope to get it done tonight. All I have left is the neck ribbing. I love knitting from the top down and plan to make more sweaters this way. It is intimidating when you first read the pattern, but as you work it out, it is easy to understand.

I have a friend at work who is attempting this sweater in the same size I did. I had her put it on when it had one sleeve to measure her. Since her arms are the same length as mine, I wrote all the decreases out for her to follow. She is still having a small problem getting used to the circulars. I hope she won't give up on it.

My four-legged kids are good. My cat Katy tried to smack Rosebud but, she felt the wrath of the squirt bottle. Now my poor Rosebud, is left to herself to relax. She is such a good and loving kitty.

All the kids are back to school and it is so quiet around here now. I have not seen much of them outside all weekend.

I am sending my prayers for everyone suffering from Katrina and hope they are safe.

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