Wednesday, September 14, 2005

It's finished!!!!!!!

My sweater is finally finished!!! It came out just right. I was thinking of possibly giving it to a friend for Christmas, but, found out she hates sweaters! Oh well, I guess it's gonna become mine after all. lol

I have another knitting project in my head for my dear friend anyway. She loved the scarfs I made her last year as part of her gift pack.

The socks are unfortunately another story. I have no one who can help me in person with the 2 circ method since no one I know has made socks before. I bought some larger circs today and cheap acrylic yarn to practice with tonight. I am determined to get past the cast on if it kills me. I really want to master this item since I don't think it should be this difficult to do. I think the brain cells may have gone on vacation for this one for some unknown reason. I hope it's short term.

The gift exchange on Knitter's Review is a cool idea and I am very glad to have signed up to be part of it. I already bought a couple of items for my "elf partner" and plan to pick up some more items this week. I am also tossing around the idea to include something that is a bit different, but still knitting related.

I am having a problem with my eyes and can't knit or do any craft for a long time. My right eye is getting blurry for some reason. It feels like a film is over my eye, distorting the edges of everything slightly. Long distance and close up are both effected. I noticed the difference in my vision on Monday and thought my eyes were just tired, but it has gotten worse as the week goes by. My opthomologist fit me in for an emergency visit tomorrow. I hope it is just my eyes getting older and not my diabetes acting up. The numbers have been good lately. I told my husband and now he is worried. Maybe I should have waited until seeing the doctor tomorrow before saying anything to him. The thing is, I may need a ride home if my eyes are dilated. I hope the doc uses the fast acting drops if he does dilate them. That way, I can work on something tomorrow night for a little while. I also think the pressure in the head and vertigo I have been experiencing recently may be related to the vision problem.

If Laurie has a class tomorrow night and I can see to drive, I plan to stop by and make up my Monday class which was cancelled due to a power outage. I need advice on the patina of the seascape since I forgot to put it on before glueing some piece at the end of the project. In the immortal words of Fred Sanford -- "Dummy!!"
I also have a new project in mind that I really want to start. Plus I really need to finish my window!!


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