Saturday, January 27, 2007

My Yarn Diet Continues......

I am still not shopping for new yarn. I decided to work on de-stashing a bit before adding any new stuff. The exception is fiber, because there is not that much of that in the house. Also, I have joined Lime N Violet's knit from your sock yarn knit-a-long. I started late, but have done about a mile, which was my goal. Yarn purchases are allowed during the knit-a-long, which is a good thing.

The yarn diet co-incides with the food diet. Part of the deal is, no yarn can be purchased until I lose 25 more pounds. Then, I am allowing myself to buy yarn for one project only. Every 25 pounds earns me another project. Meantime, I continue with the stash. So far, I'm down 5 pounds and have 20 more to lose for the first reward.

Pooh is growing fast. Already he has learned to fetch and return his toy when I throw it. The barking is down to only when he thinks the other dogs have his toys or he wants them to play with him. Only a couple of piddling accidents, so the housebreaking is almost perfect. He cuddles up and sleeps with the older 2 all the time. Such a sweet picture. Two cats give him "kisses" now as well.

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