Monday, January 08, 2007

pooh puppy 8 weeks old first visit to house 004
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We have a new addition to our household. He came to be introduced to the two older Pekes last Tues, Jan.2, when we took this pic. He came home to stay this past Sat, Jan 6. The old dog has adopted him and treats him like he is her own puppy, instead of her nephew. His grandma and my oldest dog were sisters.

Pooh is a sweetheart, but a bundle of energy, as well as still young and needs a lot of training. He is learning although he does not like his crate at this time. He wants to be with you constantly, because his original human was always holding him or his brother.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness what a darling puppy!

I wanted to tell you how we trained our tiny toy poodle puppy to settle down about being left alone when we went to bed. DH dangled his hand into the big box by the side of our bed and jasper settled down and went to sleep. If Jazz woke up we took him outside for a peedle. He was 10 weeks old when we got him. He was already house trained so can't help you with that one. Best Wishes with your new sweetie!