Friday, May 02, 2008

CT Festival, Wrist Woes, and No Purl Monkeys Socks....

I had a great time at the festival. I was truly conservative and only bought one Merino Lamb Fleece, which was promptly and immediately brought to the booth of Sandi and Liz from the Fibers4Ewe Mill to be processed. They had some gorgeous pink fiber, "Lips of an Angel" which kind of jumped into my arms and cried to come home with me, not once but twice. I ended up with 8 ounces. Rock Us Roving Lips of an Angel

My only other purchase was a pretty shawl pin to hold my Lady Eleanor up. It kept slipping and really needed that pin to hold it. Since it was a bit chilly, I was very glad I brought it along to snuggle up in. After a while, I had to take it off because it got too warm. There was so much to see and buy, but, I plan to go to NH's festival on Mother's Day, so saved some choices for there. Fleece for sale red barn My fleece was in here, and then,
I did meet these guys
alpaca 2

While at therapy Tuesday, my wrist did it's click click dance when my therapist was holding my hand stretching the thumb. She stopped working on me and asked what that sensation was. I explained that is what has been happening since the brace came off. I was told to rest my hand, keep the brace on and just wait until I saw the doctor. My ortho doctor decided to give me a second cortisone shot in the wrist Thursday. The follow up therapy was very limited and I am in the brace again. This is causing me much anguish since I can't spin or really knit. The knitting is very slow with this hard plastic thing on my wrist.

I have managed to finish the No Purl Monkey Sock for the KAL over on Ravelry in the DkKnits group. Just need to kitchener the toe up and it's ready for it's photo shoot tomorrow.

Well, that's all for now. This one is short and sweet......

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Anonymous said...

I envy you the festival, and ehug you for the wrist. [hug]