Friday, April 25, 2008

Springtime, Cats, Meetups, and Swollen Feet.....

Well, the birds are chirping, bees are buzzing, grass is greening up, flowers are starting to poke their heads out and reach for the sunshine and warmth, and my cats are looking out the window at it all trying to figure it out.

I love the springtime when everything comes back to life and it's still cool enough to need a sweater in some days or most evenings. My only problem is that along with all the good things about this time of year comes one bad thing. My ankles and feet start swelling as the temperature rises. My doctor told me to elevate my legs, which I do try to do as often as I can. Sometimes, I put in a movie, climb up on the bed, prop my legs up on pillows, grab my knitting and plant myself for a couple of hours. It works. I get three things done at once ~ legs elevated, movie watched, and knitting done.

Wednesday was the weekly meetup at Panera. It was nice to see Donna again, along with Marva. We laughed over my yarn acquisitions from DkKnits because I've been so busy ordering, I forgot what I ordered and thought these were another group. We also discussed the best way to spin some fibers, and how to tie certain knots for drive bands on spinning wheels. Marva was working on the pink sweater, Donna on a sock, and myself on the No Purl Monkey socks. I messed up a pattern repeat and had to rip out about 7 rows. I'm trying to finish this thing by tomorrow.

The black fleece is completely washed and is now drying in the shed. I promise to take pictures of it when it is weighed and ready to be packed in it's new clear plastic bin with all the accompanying critter preventions. (Eucalyptus leaves, a bar of Irish Spring).

Well, I'm off to get ready for tomorrow's festival.......

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Donna said...

Show was fun, yes?? I will bring my aquisitions on Wednesday for show and tell. I was pretty good.

You don't have to worry about your feet this week - it's supposed to be pretty cold and rainy for a few days.

See ya Weds!