Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tour de Fleece, Ravelympics, Strange Weather

The Tour de Fleece finished on July 27th. I didn't get to spin all the silk to ply with the yellow fiber. I did meet my personal challenge though. Learning Navajo, (chain) plying, using a new to me fiber, Corriedale, and using the Sonata for this.

The latest fiber/yarn thing is over on Ravelry and is called Ravelympics. Of course, after some encouragement (not much needed) I have joined Team Splurk and am participating in three events. One is the Homespun Heptathalon where I spin fiber, the next is the Dyed Hurdles where I do some dyeing. The last is the easiest part. It's WIP Wrestling. Now, don't go thinking whipped cream. It's short for "Works in Progress". I plan to finish the Butterfly Socks and a couple of other projects. I won't even attempt to finish the Swallowtail in 17 days. During the Knitting Olympics I was ready to scream while I rushed to finish the Lady Eleanor. I made it with a day to spare.

Lately we have had severe thunderstorms, and even a couple of tornadoes. Did I mention I live in RI not in the Midwest? The sky has been getting this strange reddish orangey glow before the storms hit. Thankfully, nothing here has been damaged by the hail, lightning, downpours, and high winds. And the tornado wasn't close to me. It was about 30 miles away on the other end of my small state.


Beverly said...

Glad you are going to participate in the Ravelympics. I am anxiously awaiting the Ravelympics start too! Plurk ya later!

Plain Jane said...

Glad that the nasty weather wasn't close to you. Here in Michigan, the sky tends to turn a strange green before a really bad storm. That's when you head for the basement!

Iris said...

I actually kind of unofficially participated in Tour de Fleece - I finally finishing my singles of the alpaca I started in December and plying two skeins of it last night.

And I think I will unofficially take part in Ravelympics, too, doing the WIP wrestling - that would just be so cool to finally get some stuff finished.

Good luck with yours!