Thursday, March 05, 2009

Snowy Days, Busy Hands, and Sock Woes

March definitely roared in like a lion this year. With the major snow storm last Sunday and Monday, the wheels and needles were very busy.

The Coopworth has almost all the singles spun. I'm finishing up bobbin 6 and don't think I have enough for a full bobbin 7. After switching to the jumbo flyer, I'll ply bobbins 1 and 4 together to see how much yardage I have and calculate how much more fiber i need to buy from Sandi. I'm estimating I should have about 1200 yards when these singles are all plyed. It might be enough for the sweater, but, I'm a plus size girl, so think I need a bit more.

Last Saturday was the monthly Spin In at Sue's shop. I decided to take Millie Minstrel for a change and worked on the Merino for the other sweater. That bobbin is now off the wheel and another started. At this rate I might have 2 sweater's worth of yarn before long. I'm not too worried about getting this one finished though. After all, I started spinning it in February 2008.

The hat is almost ready for decreasing and then that WIP will be an FO. It's coming out really nice. I like the way the natural shading of the fiber shows up in the knitting.

I have sad news to report. There are 2 wounded socks in my house. They are the first to need repair. I have a hole in one where it was caught on something. The other one has some stitches wearing thin and about to break. I made both pairs about 3 years ago, so I shouldn't be surprised they are showing some wear now. For now, they are in the mending basket waiting for me to salvage them.

The Dragon Scale Shawl has been calling to me to finish it. The mistake still looks wrong to me even though I pulled out 20 rows and put them back in. I need to pull them out again and knit it again. This is aggravating since I'm on the last of it. I just need to do the garter stitch rows and it's finished. But, it's calling me, so I guess I will be working on it again soon just to finish it.

The sun is shining even though it's cold. Enjoy the day and I'll post again soon.

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Donna said...

I can't stand the cold anymore. Thank goodness it is going to be warm this weekend!