Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Spinning, Knitting, and a Sore Mouth

The wheels have been busy spinning away as usual. The 2 ounces of pink Merino/Angora and 2 ounces of a multi Merino/Alpaca/Silk are both plied and now waiting for their bath and will become a scarf of alternating stripes. Both fibers are from the dye workshop with the Painted Sheep last June. All 8 ounces of the "Holly Berry" from CJKopec is spun up as singles right now and waiting for plying which I will be doing some of in a little bit tonight. The purple Rambouillet from Rhinebeck is getting there too.

The second sleeve of my Ditto sweater is about 10 rows from being finished. Then it's on to the yoke.

Sadly, I had to miss Knit Night last night due to a sore mouth. I started having a problem last Thursday. By Tuesday morning, I couldn't take the pain anymore and called the dentist. I was in the office less than 2 hours later, having gum surgery. The painkillers are wonderful things. I can take one every 8 hours as needed. Today, I managed to stretch it to about 10 hours, so maybe tomorrow I will only need one pill. Anyway due to this little hiccup in my daily fiber plans, I've been a bit behind on stuff.

Pat is back to work after his 2 shoulder surgeries, so the house is extremely quiet with no t.v. playing. Even the animals are quiet except for an occasional snore from Hanna the dog.

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