Sunday, December 06, 2009

A-Humming We Will Go....

What has a long neck, big soulful eyes, a perpetual smile, fluffy dreadlock bangs and beautiful fiber, four legs and hums to talk to you? If you said an alpaca, you are right. I really love these animals.

Last Sunday was spent visiting and spinning at a local alpaca farm, Paradise Farm Alpacas. Ice Pond Farm, and, Rocky Ridge Farm were also there. As you looked around, you saw several areas with these sweet animals in them. Some of these lovely creatures were in the paddock behind our tent. We could watch them as we were spinning. Since we were at an alpaca farm, it was decided we would spin something with that animal's fiber. Some of us spun dyed blends and some natural fiber. I think my favorite part of the day was watching the children leading the young (1 to 2 year old) alpacas through the obstacle course. Sometimes it would be a contest of wills as to if the animal would keep moving at the guidance of the young lady or man. Every now and then the family pet turkey would gobble at us. The farm cats also made friends with everyone.

It was a bit cold as the day wore on. I finally gave in and bought a pair of nice warm alpaca socks. My toes were very happy to have these covering them within a few minutes.

My sweater is growing a little bit at a time. The first sleeve is ready to be attached, and the second one has progressed to the second increase.

Today, I dropped off a couple of fleeces to be processed at Fibers4Ewe Mill. I'm having the Kid Mohair I bought at Rhinebeck blended into one of them. That will be nice to spin. Tonight, will be devoted to laundry and maybe some dyeing.

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