Saturday, May 22, 2010

Knitting Outdoors .... Shearing Day Rewards

I have a lovely new spot in my backyard. It's a two-seat swing and it's the perfect spot to sit, swing, and knit while listening to the birds chirp away. The swing has a drink holder built in under the arm rest and an awning to keep the sun off. Without the awning, I turn quickly into a tomato. I need to pick up a couple of cushions for it though. The metal back starts to be uncomfortable after a while. This afternoon was the perfect time to sit for a bit with my knitting and enjoy the quiet. Well, sort of quiet. Pooh didn't like being ignored and let me know this.

The last two Mondays have been Shearing Day at my friend Sandi's farm. The first Monday saw 16 sheep sheared, and this last Monday saw the additional 18 done. Sandi insisted on giving the three of us each a fleece for helping. I fell in love the the one from "Cream", who is a Coopworth/BFL cross. It's her hogget fleece and so pretty. Photos are : (left top) the fleece; (right top) closeup; (left bottom) crimp shot; (right bottom) lock length.

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Sandi said...

You girls worked your butts off and I was happy to give you the fleece...I'm sure it will become beautiful dyed fiber or yarn. are becoming an expert sorter and I hope to have you with me at the barn on shearing day for many years to come!