Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Busy Fiber Filled Month

I finally took pictures of the rest of my knitting and spinning items which were part of The Knit Girllls 5K Stash Dash 2011.  Besides the Evenstar Shawl, the re-constructed Dragon Scale Shawl, and Flutter-By Socks, I knit a sweater for my soon to arrive little cousin.  I'll talk more about that after I send it to his mommy and he's born.  I will say it came out cute.  I did send a picture of the yarn and buttons to my cousin to make sure she liked them, so I can post that here.   I was concerned about the little bit of pink, but she was fine with it since the yarn is mostly gold, orange, and a bit of purple.  The lion buttons match perfectly. Everyone I asked said the yarn is fine for a boy.

The rest of my Stash Dash was spinning.  The previously mentioned "Carnival Glass", "Honey Cinnamon", "Lavander Vanilla" Alpaca, and DyakCraft a/k/a Grafton Fibers "May 2009" club batt all counted toward the yardage.Also spun up were 8 ounces each of Crown Mountain Corridale in "Ishkur" and "Mea Culpa" and "Jezebelle" from CJKopec.  My total yardage was 6287.5 !! 

All the spinning also counted toward my Spin Your Stash Equinox total.  My goal was to spin 5 pounds from Spring to Autumn Equinox.  I'm currently at 81.5 ounces and have 8 ounces in process on my Sonata which will be added soon. Four ounces of that counts for my August Project Stash Buster.  I need to get busy and get that spun since I only have 15 days left in the month.

Here's a mosaic of my Stash Dash items.  I've included a picture of the current August fiber as well since it was started during SD, even though I didn't count the yardage in the total.  I've got about a half bobbin full. 

My current knitting is another shawl.  I finally cast on and started my Mystic Midsummer Wreath Shawl by Anna Dalvi.  There is a skein of yarn waiting woefully on my desk with it's needles.  It's for a pair of socks from a Mystery Sock KAL.  Clue 3 will be out soon and I haven't even started yet.  I keep saying I'm starting but just haven't found the time.  Bad, bad, bad on my part.  Here's a picture of the yarn I'm using for the MMW Shawl.  It's the same yarn and color the designer used.  I just fell in love with it and decided to do the same one:

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