Monday, June 11, 2012

Best Made Plans Can Go Awry....

I had my weekend planned out.  Everything was ready to get loaded in the car.  My back was bothering me, but I still wanted to go.  Several of my fiber friends were going to be there.  Always leave room for the unexpected/unintended to happen.

Friday found me at Eneri Knits for the monthly Sit and Knit.  My back had been yelping for a few days, but, I was trying to work through it.  This past weekend was the campout/retreat for my Happy Hands Fiber Group.  If it wasn't possible for me to tolerate the sleeping in my tent, meaning I had to drive home at night, at least I would be there for the 2 days of fun stuff.  Nope.  By the time I got home, I wasn't feel too good.  I think I caught a bug and spent Friday evening until Sunday evening home.  :(

I did do some knitting on my Boobalicious Tank Top.  It was progressing nicely. I say "was" because it's now a ball of yarn again.  Obviously, I can't count right.  I was short 10 stitches on one side of the front.  It's in timeout for now because I just can't deal with it right now. I'm going to watch a movie instead.

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Donna said...

Oh that just stinks. I hope you are feeling better.